Kumkum Bhagya 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 20th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi taking Dadi to his room. Dadi asks why did you bring me here. Abhi tells her that Pragya has locked herself. Dadi asks what did you tell her. Abhi says I will tell later. Dadi asks him to stand behind and asks Pragya to open the door. Abhi asks her to scold him, and come out. Pragya asks them to leave her alone for sometime. Dadi asks her to come and talk to her. Abhi says if you are enjoying troubling everyone and asks her to come. Tanu’s mum comes and asks him to come for shagun rasam. Abhi says okay. She asks him to come fast. Abhi asks Dadi to make her come out of bathroom and goes. Dadi blames herself and thinks don’t know until when she will be pained. Abhi comes in the hall. Tanu’s father makes him sit. Tanu’s mum tells that it is a ritual in our family and says we give gifts to damad.

Shonali says there is a twist and asks him to answer truly else he will be caught. Tanu’s mum gives gift to Abhi. Shonali asks how did you propose Tanu. Abhi is shocked and says like everyone do. Shonali teases him. Mr. Mehta gives him gift and asks what you will give to Tanu after your marriage, and asks about her share. Abhi looks on shocked. Mr. Mehta says he is joking. Shonali asks how much you love Tanu. Abhi is silent. A lady asks Abhi where you are going for honeymoon. Abhi is silent and thinks how to find out if Pragya came out from bathroom or not. Abhi gets up and asks Purab to go and check how is Pragya. Aaliya hears him. Abhi asks Purab to go and convince Pragya to come out. Purab says how much you will hurt him. Aaliya thinks she has to keep Pragya away from Abhi, else his mind will be brain washed by them. She takes Abhi with her.

Nikhil comes to meet Tanu. Tanu says I called you here as my marriage is in danger. Nikhil asks what is the danger? You will marry in few hours. Tanu says I can’t take risk and keep them together. Nikhil asks what is the problem. Tanu says Aaliya. She says her mum wants to keep Pragya away, but Aaliya is bringing them closer so that she can see her getting tortured. She says she is not listening to me. Nikhil says she don’t listen to anyone. Tanu says she trusts him much than she trusts Aaliya. She asks him to keep eye on Purab and says they will try to stop my marriage. She asks him to make sure that nobody comes in between Abhi and her, and says you can do anything. She asks him to make sure that Pragya don’t meet Abhi or come near the mandap. Nikhil says okay. Aaliya comes and asks who called him here?

Tanu says she called him here for help, so that her marriage happens smoothly. Nikhil gets angry. Aaliya asks Tanu to kick him out. Tanu says he came to help me. Aaliya asks her to think again and says he does wrong work always. Nikhil asks if whatever you have done is right. Aaliya says you are standing in my house and questioning me. Tanu asks them not to fight and says he will help me, and asks him to keep eye on everyone, and says he will not do anything else. Dadi asks pragya not to come out and make her guilty. She says I will punish myself and says I will sit here and will not go out. Pragya gets affected by her words. Dadi cries and asks her to leave her.

Pragya comes out and hugs Dadi cryingly. Dadi apologizes to her and blames herself responsible and says the work for which I called you here didn’t happened? Pragya asks her not to apologize to her. Purab says this is what left in our lives, wiping each other tears. He asks Pragya to get ready and says we have decided to get you married to Abhi today itself. Pragya asks what you are saying? Dadi says he said right, whatever will happen is right. He says we will take any means to get justice and will not let that cheap girl Tanu marry Abhi. She says they have betrayed you and snatched your husband, but now they will be betrayed by us, and you will marry Abhi without telling Abhi. Pragya is tensed. Dadi says time is running fast, but we can’t let Abhi go from our hands. She says we will snatch Abhi from her.

Purab tells Pragya that it is not wrong and asks her to think it as a favor on Abhi. Pragya looks on. Dadi asks her to go with the flow. Nikhil comes there.

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  2. Why make this story so..boring.why not make fast that is tanu will marry to tanu or not

  3. Pure utter rubbish. Married man marrying again. This is bizarre. He remembers everyone except his wife and her family. This serial has insulted Indian valves, scaredness of marriage vows and medicine. We Indians are really dumb asses to still follow this serial.

    1. this movie isn’t interesting at all
      I even stopped watching

  4. I read that instead of Nikhill kidnapping Pragya, he will mistakenly kidnap Tanu and then Pragya will end up marrying Abhi.
    Don’t know how true this is though. I just hope kumkum bhagya comes to an end, and that too very soon. It has just become too boring and heart breaking.

  5. Nahi di, let him be..he didn’t think abt u and just want to fulfill promise made with Tanu only..don’t forgive him..he was so mean by saying not to meet anymore after married.how can he say such thing..didn’t he feel that he’s hurt you badly..

  6. This doesn’t make sense, you want to trick him into marrying Pragya.. But can’t tell him he was married to her before. What explanation will you give him? Someone who is willing to give up love with Pragya to marry Tanu for integrity! Thus writers are just impossible…i am not Indian but is this how directors are producers don’t care about viewers opinions? I have stopped watching just read the updates and getting to the point I will stop reading those too.

  7. until monday mrg will not take place they will telecast any new promo then on;y they do this mrg

  8. okay I’m fed up…..bye kkb…..I’ll come back after a month. then also the crap will remain the same.

  9. I am totally fed up
    Always pragya has to do something for abhi for his goodness only by cheating him
    And as usual abhi will think pragya has cheated him
    And he needs someone to guide him
    And when he comes to know the truth
    something will happen and they will drag
    Why can’t these directors just unite abhigya and end the serial
    I have a doubt whether these directors are reading our comments

  10. what is this nonsens!!!they are dragging way too much…..unbelievable

  11. Shrilatha

    I will be very happy if abhigya r married but it should be with love I don’t want to start from first again….where Abhi the dumb will hate her….

  12. As usual dumb pragya, ” nahi Dadi ye galat h” and all bullshit

  13. Shrilatha

    Abhi is a rockstar right…obviously everyone know he was married earlier to pragya…how come no one mention this to him….where is this stupid media…they elaborate every stuff why can’t they show this that a rockstar is getting married twice that too infront of his first wife…pragya’s video they were showing thousand times on tv

  14. Anyways Abhi got ready to marry tanu and move on with his life.. Damn..what’s d point now in pragya marrying him through fake means.. Sick…

  15. I feel pity for pragya she always fight for abhi but not once has he fight for her,everyday marriage but uptill now no marriage yet an fed up with this kumkum bhagya Alia is the worst sister in this world.why did abhi lost his memory an forget about only pragya that is nonsense this movie should have end by now.

  16. Already told this rubbish story don’t have stuff so, don’t watch and don’t get tensed.these idiotic story thought everyone wish to see eagerly we wl drag this story without matter.

    This much foolishness behind this story…wants to drag until 1000 episodes but not to touch the peoples heart.

  17. Just stopped watching because of this dragging of marriage for weeks together and only reading the written updates

  18. It is confirmed that pragya marry to abhi n nikhil kidnap tanu instead of pragya because of same outfit of pragya n tanu which him confuse

  19. am short of words i dnt knw wat 2 say we’ve been reapting dsame tin ev’ry day am even tired of dis trash dey call film

  20. I can’t understand y these directors are making abhi as a villain in the eyes of audience by making him to hurt pragya
    And pragya as weak
    Y can’t they just bring abhi’s memory back and unite them
    Y they are not listening to audience comments
    Instead they are only planning to drag the serial till 1000
    Idiotic directors

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