My Brother- Os by Hinata

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Hey guys it’s Hinata. I’m here with an os. It’s a bit different. Hope u guys enjoy it.
And all the readers plz do comment.

I’m writing this story as a 3rd person pov.


A beautiful house can be seen where there’s a lot of hustle bustle.
It’s stocked wid lots of people. The house is decorated beautifully with lots of roses and balloons. Looks like some important function is taking place.

After sometime a girl comes from the stairs wearing a beautiful lehenga looking absolutely stunning. She’s having a small baby bump. A lady calls her and asks her to sit on the special chair arranged for her the lady is revealed to be Ap and the girl is Ragini.
Ap: Ragini beta be careful…its ur 7th month
Ragu: Ya mom…
She slowly comes and sits on her chair.
After sometime a handsome boy comes there holding a glass of milk. He starts scolding Ragini.
Boy: Ragini how many tyms should I tell u….drink the milk fast…
Ragini: Nahi laksh ji…I don’t wanna drink it….
(Guys the boy is our dear Laksh…Ragini’s husband and the function going on is Ragini’s godh bharai)

Laksh: But y aren’t u drinking it….first u itself told u love wat happen??
Ragini: Laksh ji it tastes yuck….(makes faces)
Laksh: But u said ystrdy u love milk…now wat happen??
Ragu: I loved milk ystrdy….nw I don’t
All the persons start laughing seeing Ragini’s cute mood swings and laksh’s shocked expressions.
Then suddenly we hear a voice from behind.
Voice: Hello…evry1 Namastey (nervously)
All turn towards the direction of the voice
Laksh/Ragini: Shona…(happily)
(Yes guys its our Swara.. Laksh’s cousin but he loves her lyk her own sister. Swara has just cmpltd her 2nd puc n both Laksh n Ragini are engineers. Swara is meeting Laksh after almost 8 years so she’s feeling nervous n shy)
Swara smiles nervously n take blessings of all the elders.
(Swara’s family lives in Kolkata n nw she has come to Bangalore to take admission in a medical clg n most importantly to meet her Bhai n Bhabhi)

Swara goes near Ragini n hugs her. Laksh comes there and hugs Swara.
Laksh: Wow Swara…u have really grown up..Not even changed a bit..just increase in height..n always shy..
Ragini: Swara Laksh ji always speaks about u…shona is lyk this..shona is lyk tat..nw I’m happy tat atlast I have met u…
(Guys Laksh has recently shifted to Bangalore… From past 8 years he was in london …met Ragini there n married her 3 years ago…so its Swara n ragini’s first meeting)
Swara feels nervous but in smtym she mingles with all of them especially Ragini.
Laksh smiles seeing the bonding between Swaragini.
Ap: Kk…evry1 nw tym for the function..
(Guys I don’t know the proper procedures of the ritual so I’m skipping it)
Everyone gathers around Ragini and completes the function.
All the guests have their dinner n leave. Now its tym to sleep.
(Swara is staying in Laksh’s home as she has come alone from Kolkata)

In Swara’s room

Swara comes out of the washroom n sits on the bed resting her head on the headboard.

Just then someone knocks on the door.
Swara(to herself): who will come to my room so late at night…
She goes to the door and opens it.
She sees Laksh on the door.
Swara: Laksh Bhai aap….koyi problem hai kya…did anything happen to Ragini she fine( she blabbers all these like an express train)
Laksh just smiles looking at her.
Swara: Bhai..wat happen…y are u smiling?? (Confused)
Laksh while entering the room.
Laksh: Vo actually..I was observing u…u haven’t changed a bit…
Swara comes n sits beside Laksh.
Swara: ( still confused) wat r u saying Bhai..I didn’t get u?
Laksh: Uff…..I meant ur still a rajdhani express… Continuously speaking.(while laughing)
Swara’s jaws drop in O shape n she turns her face.
Just then Ragini enters the room
Ragu: May I join u guys??
Laksh n Swara smile.
Swara goes to Ragini n makes her sit on bed n she sits beside her.
Swara: Bhabhi dekho na …Bhai is teasing me..(makes a cute pout)
Ragini looks towards Laksh with full anger
Ragu: Laksh ji…wats this y r teasing her??
Laksh: I didn’t tease her…I just said her Rajdhani express n again laughs
Swara fake cries n Ragini beats Laksh on his shoulders.
Laksh: kk … I’m really Sry nw I’ll not tease u…happy…Na stop beating me.
Swaragini n Laksh smiles.
Then they chit chat for smtym n Ragini leaves for her room…Laksh speaks to Swara for some more tym then he too leaves.

Nxt day

Swara wakes up n starts getting ready as today she should go to medical college to get her admission form. Swara hurriedly eats her breakfast.
Laksh: wat happen shona…r u alright…y r u eating food so hurriedly
Swara(while hvng food): vo Bhai…I have to go to xyz medical clg to bring form as today is last day..
Laksh: Kk….u eat peacefully.. I’ll come with u
Swara nods her heads n eats her breakfast.
After finishing their breakfast both go to xyz medical college.
Xyz medical college is a really very big campus. Swara becomes amazed to see this.
Swara n Laksh goes to the office and take the form…while taking the form a lone tear escapes from Swara’s eye… She quickly wipes her tear n takes the form.Laksh notices it but doesn’t question Swara.
Later both of them take a view of the whole campus.
Laksh drops Swara back to home n goes to his office.
In office Laksh is not able to concentrate on his work…he keeps on thinking about Swara..
Just then his phone rings. He sees the caller id it’s ragini. He composes himself n speaks to her.
Laksh: Hi Ragini…wat r u dng jaan
Ragini: Laksh ji where
r u n Swara??
Laksh: Swara….I dropped her home n cm to my office.
Ragini: wat…but Swara isn’t here
Laksh: Ragini see properly she maybe in terrace or garden.
Ragini: Laksh ji I’hv searched the whole house including garden…but I’m unable to find her.
Laksh: Wat……he becomes shocked
Laksh(to himself): where did Swara go??she’s new here??how will I find her??
Suddenly he hears Ragini calling him on phone.
Ragu: Laksh ji…Laksh ji..r u there(worried)
Laksh: ya..ya..u don’t worry I’ll find her.
Ragini:Kk..but plz keep informing me..
Laksh: Kk bye take care
Ragu: u too
Laksh cuts the call n without a thought goes out of office n takes his car.
He drives his car to the clg n so many places…but still she is nowhere to be found..
Later he drives back to home n on the way there is a park…he sees a girl wearing the same dress as Swara and goes there.
He walks to the place m sees a girl sitting on the bench.
Laksh keeps hand on the girl’s shoulder n says Swara…
The girl turns and is revealed to be swara .
Laksh sees her n gets teary eyed.
Laksh immediately hugs her n scolds her
Laksh: Swara y didn’t u inform us..we all were very tensed..n y came here??
Breaking the hug he looked at her she was crying… Crying miserably… As if smthng important part of her life is snatched away…
Laksh becomes worried seeing this. He makes her sit on bench n himself sits on knee before her..he tries to calm her but its of no use…
Laksh: Shona wat happen…y r u crying… Is it because I scolded u?? I’m really Sry I didn’t mean to hurt u…I was very tensed..
But Swara keeps on crying n suddenly hugs Laksh…she cries her heart out..Laksh pats her back n tries to calm her…
After smtym she composes herself..
Laksh: Wat happen shona??? Plz tell me..I can’t see u crying (while cupping her face)
Swara: (stammering) Bhai….I…I…d..don’t..…
Laksh looks at her.
Swara: Bhai I wanted to be a doctor just for my parents as it is their dream…..
Laksh understands y a lone tear escaped from her eyes while taking the form.
He sits beside her n side hugs her.
Laksh: Swara whats the matter of crying in this…u do whatever u want to..
Swara: But Bhai….mom n dad always dreamt of me becoming a doctor…he can I just break all their dreams for my passion(while sobbing)
Laksh: If u didn’t want to be a doctor u could say them…they r ur parents..they’ll surely understand u..
Swara: Bhai…actually even I mentally prepared myself to join medical college…but last night our conversation made me change my mind…I’m hell confused..I don’t know wat to do….(saying so she recalls her n laksh’s convo after Ragini left)

*Flashback Starts*

Ragini leaves the room.
Laksh: Swara shall I ask u a question??
Swara: yes bhai..y not
Laksh: Y do u wanna be a doctor???
Swara becomes silent hearing this question. She just keeps mum.
Laksh : Swara I’m asking u smthng y do u wanna be a doctor??
Swara: vo..vo..becoz ..I..I lyk to treat people n my parents also want me to be a doctor
Laksh: Kk….Swara one more question
Swara:yes Bhai
Laksh: U wanna be a good dr, great dr,excellent dr or above excellent doctor??
Swara: I’m not getting u Bhai…(confused)
Laksh: Swara whatever u wanna do…just think of after 10 years…I mean if u really wanna be a dr….are u happy being only a good doctor( Swara nodes no) or u wanna become a dr above excellence..(Swara says yes)
Laksh(continues): Swara look…nw I’m an engineer n I’m happy with that..even after 10 or say 20 years I’ll be happy working as an engineer……bcoz engineering is my passion… I’ll nvr get noted of it..instead I’ll thoroughly enjoy it…if I love my profession n hv the fire within me I can surely be an engineer above Excellency..
Swara keenly listens to him n nods in agreement.
Laksh: This wat I’m trying to tell u…go for ur passion.. Go for ur dreams if u wanna reach the level above Excellency.. N if ur passion is to be doctor go for it…only if u love it…only if u wanna be a doctor not anyone else…
Swara is in deep thinking…
Laksh pats her shoulder she doesn’t he just shakes her….she jerks.
Laksh: wat happen ??? Where r u lost??
Swara: Nthng(smiles)
Laksh: I think its enough for today….go n sleep..Gud nyt…if u need anything just call me
Swara: k bye gud night
Laksh goes to his room. Swara closes the door n lays on her bed…laksh’s words r revolving in her head.
After smtym she sleeps.

*Flashback Ends*
Laksh too starts crying thinking about the mental n emotional trauma his sister is going through. But he soon composes himself wipes his n Swara’s tears.
Laksh: Swara…nw tell me wat u aspire to be?? What’s ur passion??
Swara(looking towards him): Bhai I wanna be a chef…A chef who is above Excellency..
Laksh smiles n kisses her forehead.
Laksh: Kk… my sister wants to be a chef so what’s the problem??
Swara: Bhai I don’t wanna break mom n dad’s dream…(looks down)
Laksh: Shona….(she doesn’t reply) shona…just look here( she raises her head) When I’m here then y r u getting afraid…ur parents love u..n for parents children’s happiness is the most important…. N I have full faith on u u’ll make ur parents n me proud…(looking towards her) will u??
Swara(with a spark in her eyes n positive energy): Yes…for sure I’ll make u all proud
Laksh: That’s like my sis n hugs her
Swara too hugs him. Suddenly Laksh’s phone rings. It’s Ragini. Laksh looking towards Swara: Hurry up fast …Ragini will kill us. Swara chuckles n gets up. Meanwhile Laksh receives the phone n tells Ragini he’s coming.
While on their way Swara n Laksh buy Ragini’s fav ice – cream as she might be angry.
Both reach home. As they enter they see Ragini walking here n there in hall full tensed.
Swara : Bhabhi….n she goes n hugs here
Ragini: Where were u Swara?? We all were so worried….
Swara makes puppy face n holds her ears
Swara: I’m cholly….
Ragini smiles n again hugs her. She sees Laksh coming towards them. She breaks the hug n turns towards Laksh.
Ragini: Laksh ji….if u found Swara then y didn’t u inform me…I was hell worried her….but u..u don’t care…see baby papa doesn’t live me anymore….. Ahhhhh( fake crys)
Laksh: I’m really sorry Ragini…plz forgive me…I wanted to surprise u… Saying so he hugs her but she doesn’t hug him back n keeps on crying like a baby…Laksh slowly signals Swara smthng…
Laksh(holding his ears): I’m really Sry…n wat r u saying I don’t love u???….l love u more than myself.. Plz forgive me…I will nvr repeat such mistake again.. Plz…
Just then Swara comes holding the ice-cream. She stands behind Ragini so that she can’t see..
Laksh: Jaan…I hv a surprise for u
Ragu(still angry): what’s that??
Turn to ur back.
As Ragini turns she sees Swara holding her fav butterscotch ice-cream. She grabs it from Swara n eats it like a kid(mood swings u know?)
Laksh: Ragini so u forgave me??
Ragini: No…but if u both bro n sis promise I’ll forgive u(while eating ice-cream)
Swara/Laksh: Kk..wats it??
Ragini: U’ll nvr ever repeat this thing again…n if any problem u’ll say me. Promise
Swalak: Pinky promise..All laugh
Ragu: Swara u got ur form
Laksh: wo Ragini actually…. (Narrates her everything)
Ragini: our Swara wants to be a chef..
Swara nodes yes.
Ragini: so I have an idea y don’t u continue ur studies in b’lore…u hv gud clgs here..
Laksh: ya..that’s really good idea…I’ll talk to uncle u don’t worry..
Swara nodes n just smiles seeing the lovely bond of her bhai n Bhabhi….after dinner all goes to their respective rooms..

After 2 months Raglak were blessed with a baby boy whom they named Aryan.

*5 years leap*
An award ceremony is going on.
The host announces: So the chef of the year award goes to…..Chef Swara Gadodia….give her a big round of applause..????

Swara Sry…Chef Swara comes on the stage wearing the chef coat she has always desired n says the judges that before receiving the award she would lyl to speak few words. The host hands over the mic to swara.
Swara: First of all I would lyk to thank all the judges n the ppl who appreciated my hardwork. I would lyk to thank my parents, Ap aunty for always supporting me, I would also love to thank my sweet Bhabhi who is also my best frnd cum sister for believing in me n my dear baccha Aryan,my crime partner for all his tantrums while eating due to which I was able to make new dishes. And hw can I forget the most important person of my lyf,who also played an important role in shaping my career MY GUIDE, MOTIVATION, INSPIRATION, BEST FRIEND,MY ROLE MODEL N MOST IMPORTANTLY MY BROTHER MR. LAKSH MAHESHWARI….I will not thank him bcoz I know thanks is just a small word in front of all the things which he has given me. And request the judges to present the award to my dear brother bcoz he’s the most deserving person for it. I would lyk to call my bro Mr.Laksh Maheshwari on the stage give him a huge round of applause. Laksh comes to the stage n the judges present the award to him. Swara hands him the mic he just says,”I’M PROUD OF U” and hugs Swara. They come down from the stage n the whole family shares a group hug. The screen freezes on the smiling faces of all.

*The End*

A/N: Thank u so much for reading. Actually I’m dedicating this is to my brother.I request everyone to plz comment. Silent readers plz do comment. Your comments are encouraging. I hope you all have enjoyed it. Plz give ur feedbacks. Thank you. Stay blessed

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  1. Manasvi

    Hey dii!!!
    For me, it was something that I cannot express in words..
    A bro-sis bond is always the most pure, amazing relation..
    I can actually feel it??
    I loved it?

    1. Hinata

      Thank u so much….

  2. Sus

    Its really awesome and too motivating os

    1. Hinata

      Thanks a lot….actually those words are said by my brother…He too is an engineer n I spoke to him after few years on bhabhi’s function…. He advice me to pick up a right profession as I’m in 12th

  3. Kitkat

    awesome update sweetheart…… loved raginis cute mood swings and laksh’s love towards swaragini………

  4. loved it dear…bro-sis bonding is awesome

  5. Superb

  6. Aarushi_99

    I don’t have any words to describe this!! I just loved it!!

    Even though I love my siblings, I always wished to have an elder brother..
    A brother and sister bond is like best friends that tease each other and at the same time can’t see each other in pain.. one of the most purest relations!?❤️

    1. Hinata

      Thanks alot

    2. Hinata

      Thanks….it means a lot

  7. Awww so sweet nd cute story nd loved the bonding between swara nd lakash…

  8. Gayathri.visu

    I don’t know what to say. Just I want to tell u HATS OFF TO U FOR GIVING SUCH A WONDERFUL OS!!

    1. Hinata

      I don’t have any words to describe my happiness….I’m overwhelmed… Thank you soooo much

  9. awesome just take a bow im not getting words what to say nice os

  10. Fenil

    I don’t have any words to describe
    this!! I just loved it!!

    Thanks !!

  11. Scooby

    Awesome?? loved it..

  12. Shifa96

    Awesome os

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