Siya Ke Ram 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 11th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yudhjeet coming to Mithila. He greets Dasharath. Dasharath blesses him and says I m glad you came to attend the marriages, your four nephews are going to get married. Yudhjeet asks four, it means even Bharat, the invitation was for Ram’s marriage. Dasharath says yes. Yudhjeet asks does Kaikeyi know this. Dasharath says yes, Ram was getting married, but I have decided to get my other sons married to Janak and Kushadwaj’s daughters.

The four princes come out and everyone shower flowers on them. Ram smiles seeing Mahadev, Vishwakarma, Brahmadev and Narad there and greets them. Dasharath blesses his sons. They all greet Yudhjeet, Guru Vashisht. Dasharath says its time now, come. The princes get on the carts and proceed. Dhol nagade baaje………plays……. Sita and her sisters smile as a lady tells about varyatra, there are no words to describe. Chandrabhaga comes and says its Divya varyatra, it seems like Devlok is attending this marriage, four grooms look so handsome, whoever sees them, they just say one word, amazing. She tells Sita that Ram’s Divyata, it seems like Swami is three loks have come himself. Sita smiles. Chandrabhaga says he is extraordinary, there can be no one yogyavar for you except him. Janak and Sunaina, along with Shathanand, Kushadwaj and Chandrabhaga welcome the baraat/varyatra. Ayodhya ki chali hai baraat……….plays……………. Everyone smile happily.

Sunaina says I did not know they will get so many people in baraat from Ayodhya. Janak says not just from Ayodhya, Mithila’s close and far Rajya’s people have come too. She asks how to arrange for them. He says Sita is Mithila’s daughter, and everyone/Praja has opened the door of their house for the guests, don’t worry, guests will be taken good care of. Dasharath and his sons get down the carts and come forward, along others. Janak hugs Dasharath and takes Guru Vashisht, Vishwamitra and Rishi Yagyavalkya’s blessings. Sunaina and Chandrabhaga do tilak and aarti to the Ram and Bharat. Ram Ram…….plays……… Sunaina and Chandrabhaga then do tilak and aarti to Laxman and Shatrughan. Janak welcomes them.

The grooms and brides walk towards the mandap. Ram Siya….. plays………. Ram and Sita see each other. Everyone greet Guru Vashisht, Vishwamitra and Rishi Yagyavalkya. Guru Vashisht and Vishwamitra nod. Vishwamitra tells about Vivaah Sanskaar. He says marriage is union of two souls, by this medium, person fulfills family and societal duties, this is important part of a family life, person gives prosperity to society and also gets new generation, I m lucky to be get a chance to play an important role in Sita and Ram’s marriage, I will accept this as sign of my life’s completeness. Everyone greet him. Guru Vashisht says start all the shubh marriage rituals now. Ram looks at Sita. Sita smiles. Ram Siya Ram…..plays…………..

Ram and Sita go towards the mandap. Mahadev and Devi Parvati smile. Ram and Sita exchange garlands. Janak and everyone smile. Siya Ram…plays….

Update Credit to: Amena

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      Siya Ke Ram:

      Mahadev and all Devs are present in Ram and Sita’s marriage. Mahadev Shiv, Devi Parvati, BrahmaDev, Vishwakarma, Narad and all other Devs do not want to attend marriage in their Godly avatar, but they want to attend as a commoner. They take part in all rituals. All the four couples get married by the Devs assisting in rituals. The story shows the level of love in that times shared between Ram and his brothers, and also Sita and her sisters. All the four pairs head for Ayodhya after marriage. Kaikeyi, Sumitra and Kaushalya give them a warm welcome.

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    1. Hi WW actually I saw ur yesterday’ s comment but my first ramayan was gurmeet’s only. Infact I saw it in tamil. Its only telecast on sunday after it finished I missing it very much. So I bought dvd collection of tat ramayan. But now siya ke ram make me speechless infact d music and songs r amazing


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    3. Dear Poorna, I respect your feelings but Ram and Krishna are one :), same lord Vishnu. So when you say you like Krishna and not Ram, it means like you like one name of X and not the other.
      Regarding liking or disliking the serials, each one has their own style, if you compare you will end up not liking many. Even initially i was also a bit skeptical of the serial since i used yo conpare it with old Ramayana. So try to get the good message the serial is showing. Tc

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  26. Siya ke ram is story of lord ram and sita and their immense love for each other.they are ideal couple so there is no point of comparison.we respect everyone feelings here

  27. Yesss I like both SIYA KE RAM & MAHABHARAT ……. They are different….They are best at their plots…please don’t fight….and sorry if my words hurts anybody…

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  30. According to Hindu religious scriptures, Lord Rama was married to Sita on the fifth day of Shukla Paksha. Every year since then, this time is celebrated as ‘Vivah Panchmi’. Today we are going to tell you the story of Lord Rama’s marriage and the series of incidents that occurred before their marriage.

    Although, the Gods predicated it that Lord Rama would marry Sita and the history, according to Ramcharitmanas, when Rama met Sita for the first time, it was not the day of the Swayamvar.

    When Rama and Lakshman reached Janakpuri with sage Vishwamitra, King Janak welcomed them with all respect. The next morning, both Rama and Lakshman went to the garden. There Sita was already there worshipping Goddess Parvati.

    When Rama saw Sita he was captured by her beauty and had decided to marry her. Sita too was enchanted by Rama’s looks. On this incident, Tulsidas Ji writes in Ramcharitmanas:

    देखि सीय सोभा सुखु पावा। ह्रदयं सराहत बचनु न आवा।।
    जनु बिरंचि जब निज निपुनाई। बिरचि बिस्व कहं प्रगटि देखाई।।

    This means, seeing Sita, Rama was delighted. He was all praise for her in his heart; but was saying nothing. Her beauty seemed to him as if Lord Brahma had presented the whole world’s beauty before his eyes.

    1. I love that pushpavatika scene with awesome songs , the dohas by great Tulsidasji. Here they showed Ram Sita meeting first time in Gauri temple. That was also good but I just wish putting these lovely dohas in form of songs could have made it more better. No hard feelings though, its my personal opinion.

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