Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjana, Kesari and Nani are standing outside the palace. The Pishachs pollute Anjana’s mind as well. Anjana straightaway orders Kesari to eat food. Nani and Kesari are shocked. She asks Nani why is she staring at her like this. Kesari addresses her sweetly. She retorts that he donated her son without thinking anything. I will finish you Kesari if my son does not return. She heads inside. Nani wonders what happened to her.

Maharaj says maybe my good fortune is upset with me. You only suggest me a solution now. I requested everyone but no one has pious ingredients. Indra Dev shares that Ravan is behind it. Only Sankat Mochan Hanuman can handle this situation. Maharaj is relieved. He is in Ayodhya only. Indra Dev points out that Sumeru and Anjana both are in

trouble as well. Pishachs have reached Sumeru too. It depends on you how you solve this problem. He excuses himself. Maharaj is in a fix. If I ask Hanuman to go to Sumeru then the yagya will be incomplete. Otherwise, I will be selfish to stop him back here in Ayodhya. He prays to God to guide him.

Maharaj tells Hanuman that the Pishachs have created problems in Sumeru as well. Your mother is in problem. You should head back to Sumeru asap. Hanuman says one identifies true friends in times of trouble only. My state, people and Ma are in trouble there. I do worry for them but my Aradhya Prabhu Ram is here. You all gave me immense love. how can I leave Ayodhya in this situation? It is wrong. I cannot understand what to do. You only should make a decision. I will do what you will ask from me. Maharaj appreciates his reasoning. You are our guest though. I cannot tell you what to do. Ram says a son has a responsibility towards his parents just like a prince has a duty towards its citizens. Go and help your mother. Hanuman is in a fix. I wonder what the Pishachs might have done there. I will have to rid Sumeru from this problem first. Manthra thinks to pollute the yagya as soon as this vanar is out of here. Ram will not become a prince then. Hanuman seeks Maharaj’s permission to leave for Sumeru. Tell Vaid ji that I went to protect my Ma and Sumeru. Maharaj allows him. Hanuman greets the elders. Ram and Hanuman share a tearful adieu. Ram explains that his Janani (mother) needs him right now. Go and help her. They share an emotional hug. Everyone is sad to see Hanuman go except Yuddhajeet, and Manthra. Yuddhejeet tells his BIL not to worry so much about Hanuman. Our problems will go away without him also. Maharaj affirms it. Only Hanuman could help us out of this problem. Devraj Indra himself told me this. If I would have told him this then he would not have gone to Sumeru at all. I cannot be this selfish. Sumeru needs its Prince today.

Maha Pishach tells Ravan that his Pishachs have brought the negativity out in every citizen of Sumeru right now. A spy Pishach tells them that Hanuman left for Sumeru just now. Ravan laughs thinking he hit the right chord. He tells the Pishachs to go ahead and attack on Ayodhya now before Hanuman is back. Bring that Narayan’s Nar Avatar here in my feet.

The brothers know ram is upset as Hanuman left. Bharat tells him not to be sad. I will bring Hanuman Bhaiya back. Lakshman says I can also do what he did. He thinks Hanuman would have been busy arranging the ingredients for yagya if he was here. He leaves to accomplish the task. Shatrughana follows him. Bharat tells Ram not to be upset as they all are there for him. Ram says I am not upset but sad. Hanuman did so much for us but he left so suddenly. I could not bid him goodbye nicely and neither could I help him in anything.

Hanuman thinks to be back in AYodhya asap so there is no problem in the yagya. I wont let any problem come in his way to a better future. He is passing by Himalaya. He notices the ice palace that he had created for his Prabhu. It is melting and blurring. The M of Ram is missing from everywhere. I have to complete it. He sees his mother in the M that is at a separate place. On one side, it is my mother who needs me. On the other hand, my Prabhu is also in a problem. What should I do now? Should I go to SUmeru or Ayodhya? He speaks out loud to Lord Shiva. I am in a fix and feel confused. Please guide me now. He begins to chant Om Namah Shivaye! Lightning strikes.

Narad ji appears there. Hanuman greets him. it is good that you came here. I cannot decide what to do. Please help me now. Narad ji says your emotions are coming in your way. One decides using their mind. When the problems at two places cannot be solved at one go then stand back to see which one is big. Narad ji advises Hanuman to find out the crux of the problem. If you understand from where it started then you will find a way to end it too. Hanuman thinks of Guru Vashishtha’s words and then of the Pishachs. He tells Narad ji that the Pishachs want to kidnap Prabhu and pollute the yagya. I am the biggest obstacle in their way. Narad ji nods. Think why that Vaid Raj (Lord Shiva) asked you to stay in Ayodhya. There must be some reason. Hanuman agrees. This is why Vaid Raj ji left me there. No one can use a weapon there. I will be their shield. The Pishachs attacked Sumeru so they can be successful in their mission. Hanuman corrects the letters. Narad ji disappears. Hanuman says Ram devotedly. Prabhu gave me a signal. If his work is done then Sumeru will be automatically safe. If I kill the Pishachs in Ayodhya only then the world will be saved from them. He says Jai Shree Ram.

Precap: Maha Pishach and Pishachs decide to do something to ruin the yagya. Someone asks Guru Vashishtha to find some way to continue the yagya. Hanuman is on his way to Ayodhya. The ingredients are needed for the yagya. I must think of something.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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