Sasural Simar Ka 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 11th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Fake devika turns into gaitri. Everyone is dazed. SImar says you can’t fool me Gaitri. I got it that you are not real devika. If this was gaitri she wont have saved my life. I knew that you can’t pick this trishun up. Your powers are nothing in front of God’s. There is a kajal teeka on this trishun. She tells her how she planted all those seeds. Devika says God knew your games beforehand Gaitri. Everyone starts cheering devika. Shadow says to patali, you can still do something. You have to use your brain. Use your powers. You have to sit on that throne. Simar had already sat on that throne.

gaitir reads a mantra and does some magic. SHe laughs. She says Today you both will be killed in front of all these people. And this will be my regime. She throws something at simar and says your game will end today simar. You wont be able to kill me afterwards. The trishun is hanging the air. Gaitri prepares a ball and throws it at devika. Devika is hung in the air as well. Land under simar’ feet start shaking as well.

Everyone is doing pooja for simar’s funeral. Devika sasy gaitri let simar go. Gaitri says no I wont. she is the one who killed my followers. She broke my idol. She questioned my powers. Her life will become living hell. Her story will scare people for ages. Devika says mata rani please help us.
Prem fills simar’s hairline. He says I know that you are not in my life but you will always be around me and I will pray wherever you are you stay happy.
Gaitri’s magic stops suddenly as prem fills hairline. gaitri says how did this happen. She reads mantra again but she can’t harm simar. A light comes and trishun falls in simar’s hand. Devika comes down as well. SImar takes the trishun.
Gaitri falls down. She screams. Devika says kill gaitri today and you have to let good will win here today. You have to prove the evil ends up losing. So truth never loses. All people cheer for simar.

Precap-Everyone is doing Simar’s funeral. Simar says evil like you should die. and i will kill you today. she stabs gaitri.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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