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At the break of glass Kanika wakes up and asks who is there. Bhagat was shocked as the girls stand up. Umang comes forward and switch the light on. She asks Bhagat what he is doing here. Kanika asks how he be there. Rewa who stood outside was worried that Bhagat was caught. Deepam says the door is locked, Kanika says a boy came here in the girl’s locker room, this is so unsafe. Rewa knocks the door. Umang opens it and Rewa comes inside. Kanika says wow, Rewa had gone out? She says to lose tomorrow’s race she won’t have an excuse.
Jai says to Bhagat that this is his story that he came to girl’s locker room to open the door for Rewa. He asks how he came inside, what was Rewa doing with him? He says to Bhagat that when he went to his locker room his room’s lights were on, was Rewa there? Bhagat says she wasn’t there. Rewa says to Jai that she only went to Bhagat to take his help. Jai asks why she didn’t go to him or administrator or peon. Bhagat asks Jai to find out how the door got locked. Kanika says UG locked the room. Umang was confused at once, she says when she came in Rewa was asleep. Rewa asks if she saw here there, sleeping. Umang says yes, and seemed confused. Jai stops Rewa, Rewa asks why not to blame UG because she is his sister? Umang asks Rewa why would she do this all. Rewa says because of Olympics, she knows how much they all need sleep to perform well in race. Umang asks if Rewa thinks she will would fall to such a low level. She would prefer to beat Rewa in the pool. Jai tells UG to shut up and not force him complain TK about them. He says they must all get to sleep right now. He tells Bhagat to come along him.
Outside, Jai says if he complains against him the association can take disciplinary action against him, he can get him out of Olympics. Jai says because of a little indecent action, he career can be destroyed. Bhagat says it doesn’t suit Jai to talk about decency. Bhagat says he went to help Rewa, may be he is punished but not expelled from Nationals. He says to Jai good night as he also has a race tomorrow. Jai leaves curtly. Bhagat sits on the stairs and watch the cut on his foot and the glass stuck on his slippers.
In the morning, they all worked up. TK comes to an association member, Rewa comes to him and says she has to talk to him for five minutes. She says the list of swimmers who are going to compete hasn’t been announced. TK says he was going to submit it. Rewa says UG was practicing for back stroke, she wants to compete against her. She says she is confident that she will win this race, and more than that she is confident that UG will lose. She asks TK to inform her whenever the list has been made.
Rewa passes by and watches the medical examiner removing glass pieces from Bhagat’s foot. She comes there and asks what happened to him. She bends down to see his injury. Bhagat says nothing happened, he is alright. The medical officer says he doesn’t understand why he didn’t tell anyone about someone. He complains to Rewa that this glass piece was in his foot. Rewa says he was fine when she came to his locker room. He says he broke the glass in her locker room. The medical officer says he is afraid of injection for antibiotic, he doesn’t understand he will have more pain if he gets an injection. Rewa leaves saying fine, he must do what he wants to. He points at the doctor for two minutes.
Neel comes to Umang who sat upset. Neel says sometimes he feels he has come between her and Rewa’s love. He liked them both together. Umang tells him to shut up and let her focus. She says if Rewa is against her in the next race, then she… she will not lose the race. She has to win. Neel tells her to relax, give him a kiss and she will win. Umang says she isn’t in a mood. Neel says even he has a race, but he is chilled. He says he won’t leave until she kiss him. Neel holds her, she resists. People there laugh. Neel asks her for a kiss, Umang laughs and leaves after kissing him.
The medical officer puts on the bandage on Bhagat’s injury. Rewa comes there with an icecream in hand. Bhagat asks if she has gone insane, she is having icecream before race. Rewa says this is fat free, gluten free, vitamin enriched icecream. He asks if it exists, but doesn’t accept. Rewa asks the doctor to prepare the injection. Rewa asks him to taste the icecream, it is yummy. Bhagat takes the icecream to taste it. The doctor had given him the injection by then. He complains to Rewa that she lied to him about the ice cream. Rewa tells him there is no such ice cream. She says to Bhagat that he has a race, Bhagat tells her to throw it as she also has a race. She throws the ice cream in the dust bin, and thanks the doctor. Bhagat stands up.
Outside, on the pool side the announcer says the competitor for the race are Rubina Khan, Anna Baruha, Umang Tandon, Rewa Mathur, and Kanika Jamwal. Kanika was happy to be in the race.
TK tells Rewa that it is nothing about being tensed. She had to compete against Umang, he pushed her in Umang and Kanika together. If she beats Umang today she will leave her many points behind, but if she beats both Kanika and Umang it will be a real victory. She must get in to beat Kanika, if by chance she can’t beat them Kanika she will still get ahead in points from Umang. Rewa says she got it, and will do it. TK asks Rewa if she is ready, she nods and leaves.
Jugnu tells Umang not to ruin his respect for once again. Umang sits down holding her head, she has pain in her chest, opens up a bag and tries to take in oxygen saying she must beat Rewa and Kanika. Rewa comes there and asks if she is fine. Umang was panting. Rewa sits beside her and says no, she isn’t. Umang leaves asking her to leave her alone. Rewa calls Neel and says UG’s condition is bad, she is a bit nervous because of competing against her and Kanika. An administrator tells Rewa that her race will begin in fifteen minutes, she must not forget to bring her card. Rewa finds her card. There in the washroom, Kanika found the medicines behind the mirror. Rewa calls Kanika in the corridor, Kanika asks if she is stopping her? Doesn’t she know she is unstoppable. Rewa drags the jacket off Kanika’s hand, Kanika is shocked as Rewa had seen the injection marks on her arm.

PRECAP: The race begins.

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