Sirf Tum 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Suhani’s befitting reply to Ranveer

Sirf Tum 16th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani thinking about her family’s concern for her. She recalls Dadi, Sudha and Rakesh talking about her remarriage. Aditya asks Suhani if she is thinking about Drk Akdu. He says trust me, he can’t harm you. Suhani says I am not afraid of anyone’s terror. Just then driver stops the car as the other car stops suddenly. Ranveer is in the other car and gets down. He comes and sits in Suhani’s car, and says there is a problem in his car, he will go in this car. He asks driver to make sure nobody disturbs his sleep. Later Aditya makes Suhani watch a video and she laughs hearing it. Aditya also laughs. Ranveer’s sleep gets disturbed and he wakes up and shouts at them. Suhani says we will follow your instructions in the hospital and not here. He says I am your senior, and you have to follow the instructions. Suhani says we will get down and asks Ranveer to have a sound sleep. Aditya says I am with her. Ranveer asks driver not to stop.

They come to hospital. Aditya appreciates Suhani for the strict reply which she gave to Ranveer. Peon says Dr. Ranveer is calling you. Aditya and Suhani go there. Ranveer asks him to lift the oxygen cylinder and replace it, as the patient’s oxygen cylinder is over. Aditya asks how can I lift it. Ranveer asks if he knows only laughing. Suhani tries to help Aditya. Ranveer stops her and asks Aditya to pick it. Aditya lifts it. Ranveer says it is wardboy’s work, not of doctor. Ranveer asks what will you do in emergency situation. He asks Aditya to come behind him. They go to the patient. Ranveer connects the cylinder to the patient. He asks Aditya to stand all night, holding the cylinder. Suhani asks him to keep it on stand. Ranveer says stand is small. He tells Aditya, welcome to my training. Suhani asks Ranveer not to play games due to the personal problems. He says he is Dr. Ranveer Oberoi. Suhani tells Aditya that he shouldn’t have messed up with him. Aditya says he can lift the cylinder.

Ward boy comes to Ranveer and whispers something in his ears. Ranveer gets up and goes to the patient. He sees Suhani holding the cylinder. Aditya says Suhani, this is not fair, you gave me promise and holding the cylinder. Suhani says no. Ranveer scolds Aditya for giving heavy cylinder to the girl. Suhani says I took cylinder from him, and if this is your training, then I am also part of your training. She says I have proved you wrong always.

Aditya asks her to give cylinder to him. Suhani refuses. Ranveer takes cylinder from Suhani. Aditya asks Suhani to show her hand and wipes it with his hand kerchief. Ranveer gets angry and asks him to stay in his limits. He walks out from there. Suhani asks Adi if he is fine? Aditya says he is fine, but what happened to him. Suhani says atleast today’s torture is over.

Ranveer is standing on the terrace and drinking. Suhani thinks of Ranveer and the recent happenings. Ranveer says I will always hate you. He says I will always hate you. Suhani says I never thought that your hatred will stoop you down. Ranveer says you wanted to kill me, with Honey’s help. He says I will teach you a lesson, and shouts saying I hate you. Suhani also says I hate you. She gets Aditya’s call.

Ranveer comes back home. Mamta says she is feeling much pain. Ranveer asks what happened, didn’t you take medicines. Dada ji says I gave her medicine. Ranveer says we will go to KK hospital. Mamta asks him to take her to his hospital. She says she will be fine in his hospital. He says it is in Shahpur, a village. Mamta says no and insists to go to his hospital. He thinks to take her now itself, as Suhani comes in night. He says lets go. Mamta asks him to have food first. Ranveer refuses and takes Mamta from there.

Ranveer reaches the hospital with Mamta. Ranveer makes her sit on the wheelchair. Suhani and Aditya also come back to meet Nisha in the day time. Aditya says Nisha will like the gift. Suhani says Nisha will like the gift chosen by me. Aditya says he will enquire about Nisha and goes. Mamta holds Suhani’s hand suddenly. Suhani gets emotional seeing her.

Precap: Mamta tells Ranveer that she wants to ask something. He asks her to ask. Mamta asks him to bring Suhani back home.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I just hate this suhaani and that joker

  2. Why they are show ranveer as a villan suhani as a mahaan she is become egoistic person not confident she become more happy give insult to ranveer he says right she challenged him when she meet him back she start the game but I am worried about how ranveer win he is very weak and watch suhani she is not care about him and happy without him ranveer needs to learn from her how to get moved on family is the matter suhani family stant for her but ranveer family wants suhani back this the very weak point of ranveer I hate this weak ranveer want see a ranveer who is without suhani who is the king

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