Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Kabir slaps Yuvraj

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 16th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ravi saying I get the chance of attending such parties just 6 months a year, there should be some music. Kabir calls out Yuvraj and says lets rock. Kabir and Yuvraj happily dance. Everyone smiles. Katha looks on. Kabir hugs Yuvraj and Maasa. Maasa blesses them. Kabir goes on his knees and gives a rose to Katha. He asks her for dance. Everyone insists Katha to dance. Kabir and Katha romantically dance. Everyone claps for them. Kabir says I have something that nobody has, that’s you. She thinks he is so happy, Yuvraj isn’t thinking of Kabir. She asks did you read my message. Uma comes and surprises them. Katha hugs her. Katha asks why did you go, you should have stayed here. Kabir asks them to talk. Katha asks did you have anything. Uma says don’t worry for me, you look a fairy, isn’t this dress of Kabir’s choice. Katha nods. Uma sees Yuvraj and Kabir and blesses their love. She gives prasad to Katha. Katha says I will give this to Kabir also.

Kabir talks to the media. He praises Yuvraj for topping the university and making them proud. He says I feel I have also topped some exam, I m very happy today. He hugs Yuvraj. Reporter asks did you think of anything. Kabir says I wanted to surprise him, Yuvraj will join the kweens bakery, I have a special cabin for him. He asks the reporters to question Yuvraj. Reporter says it’s a big thing that you topped the university, who is your inspiration. Yuvraj says Kabir is my everything, my dad, my dad, my inspiration, I have got a shooting star in Kabir’s avatar, I ask him anything and he fulfills my wish. Maasa blesses them. Katha sadly goes away. She prays. She thinks Kabir’s happiness will shatter, I can’t see him staying in an illusion, help me, he should know the truth and I should handle him. Kabir records Yuvraj. He reads Katha’s message. He gets shocked.

He goes and hears Yuvraj. Yuvraj says I wish I become like Katha, I will think I m fortunate. Katha is praying. Aryan collides with Kabir. Kabir gets the file and returns it to him. He sees Katha there. He takes the card back and checks the papers. He sees Yuvraj’s marks sheet. He is shocked seeing Yuvraj’s low grades and failure in all the subjects. He gets angry and cries. Yuvraj says Kabir taught me, that if a person gets away from roots, he will get away from his soul, my life’s achievement is the trust I see in Kabir’s eyes. He asks Kabir to come and give the interview with him. Kabir angrily slaps him. Everyone is shocked.

Maasa asks what did you do, Kabir. Yuvraj asks did I do any mistake. Kabir slaps him again. Yuvraj worries. Katha cries seeing them. The guests gossip. Maasa asks what happened to you, Kabir, tell me. Kabir says don’t talk between the brothers. Uma asks what happened that Kabir slapped him. Yuvraj asks what happened. Kabir says you cheated me and my love. He shouts Yuvraj didn’t top any university, he has failed many times. Everyone is shocked. Kabir says he didn’t let us know about this. He shouts you can’t be my brother, because my brother can never lie to me. He shows the marks sheet to Kishor. He says this is his real results, your Yuvi…. He isn’t my Yuvi now, he has lied to us many times. He scolds Yuvraj a lot. Maasa cries.

Yuvraj cries. Kabir says don’t lie, you should have suffocated me, your lie is suffocating me. Tony thinks to give fake medical report or not, maybe he will slap me too. Kabir asks why did you lie and cheat me. He holds Yuvraj’s collar. Maasa asks Kabir not to make it a drama. Kabir asks why, if today, my funeral was going from here, then you would have asked more people to come and mourn, Yuvraj has killed me today. Maasa says no. Kabir says he has ruined our family respect today, I want to hide my face, I want to scream, where shall I scream, he has cleanly lied to me. Maasa and Kabir’s sisters cry.

Precap: Katha is trying to reach Kabir. Kabir is in car. He doesn’t receive her calls. Jiju says Katha come with me, Kabir will be fine. Kabir bangs his car on a tree.

Update Credit to: Amena

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