Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Kavya attempts suicide

Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chitra telling Ishita that Simar’s mind works for 26 hours in 24 hours. Ishita says now Simar has to give up everything as I will be badimaa’s favorite bahu. Chitra says Delhi is very far. Ishita asks what you would like to have, Chinese, Mexican etc. Chitra says she will not go and make food. Ishita says let Simar bhabhi take care of me. Chitra tells a variety of dishes. Ishita rings the bell and says now my sevika will come to take the order. Chitra says she is loving it, now she will know her reality. Sandhya comes to room and finds Reema and Vivaan packing their stuff. She asks if they are going somewhere. Reema says we are organizing the clothes. Sandhya asks them to do it later and come downstairs. Vivaan feels bad for lying with her. Reema says it is not a big deal, you didn’t lie, but kept our secret as secret. She says lets go to have food.

At the dining table, Ishita asks Aditi to pass the achaar. Badimaa asks her not to eat it. Sandhya says don’t eat outside achaar, it is not good for health. Aditi says Mom, you was not stopping me from having it. Badimaa asks Sandhya to ask Indu to make home made food. Ishita and Chitra ask each other to see change in badimaa. Aditi asks why Indu Maa, will not you will make it. Simar says I will make whatever you order. Ishita takes the matar paneer, and says it is so salty. Sandhya says Simar always makes perfect food. Badimaa tastes it and says taste changes during pregnancy. Aditi says everything is fine. Chitra says everyone has different symptoms. Simar says I will be more careful from next time. Badimaa calls Simar and asks her to taste the food while making it for Ishita. Simar asks Ishita to have food and says she has added ghee in it. Ishita says she is allergic to it, and says you have spoiled my mood fully. Badimaa asks her not to spoil her mood. She says she will make something for her. Everyone asks will you make food for her. Gajendra says so much care for the new bahu. Vivaan says I must have eaten food made by you in my childhood. Giriraj says even I don’t remember when did I have it. Badimaa says interest is more dear than Principal and here it is interest on interest. She says here the matter is about the twin heirs. She says she will make for the twins. Ishita hugs Badimaa and says she will eat food from her plate happily. Badimaa makes her eat the food. Ishita smirks as Badimaa makes her have food. She smirks looking at Simar. Sandhya calls Simar and asks her not to feel bad, seeing badimaa’s affection for Ishita. Simar says she didn’t feel bad. Chitra says she is lucky to have bahu like Ishita. Reema says Sandhya tai ji is lucky as she got so much tolerant and patient bahu like Simar. She says if someone had badmouthed about my food, then I would have made that person have the same food forcibly. Chitra asks Reema to see how badimaa is showing affection on Ishita. Reema thinks thank god, she will be saved from the drama. Simar asks Ishita where is Reyansh. Ishita says she don’t know. Badimaa continues feeding food to Ishita. Reyansh talks to his friends, who tell that Kavya and family have left. Reyansh says if he could, then would have dropped her outside the country. His friend asks if he really wanted to burn Kavya’s parents. Reyansh says no and says drama worked, she left. The friends asks him to make arrangements of party.

Kavya is in the car along with her parents and recalls Reyansh trapping her, and then threatening to burn them alive. Kavya’s mother asks her not to be sad and says we are with you. Kavya hugs her and cries. She asks driver to stop the car and tells that she is getting vomiting. She gets down and vomits.

Simar thinks why Kavya’s father was saying bad about her. Kavya goes to the cliff. Her parents get down the car and walk. Kavya looks at the water standing on the cliff, and is about to jump down, when her parents shout. Simar feels something wrong going to happen and prays to Mata Rani not to let anything wrong happen, help Kavya.

Her parents rush Kavya to the hospital and call the doctor. Doctor comes there. Kavya’s mother asks doctor to save their daughter. The doctor says it is a suicide attempt, and asks them to call Police. Kavya’s mother says she slipped and fell down and says she is pregnant. They plead infront of doctor to save Kavya. Nurse says her pulse is dropping. Doctor asks them to call Police, until he checks her.

Chitra and Ishita tell Reyansh, how they troubled Simar and made her cook twice for her. Reyansh asks them to be careful from Simar. Ishita says badimaa is bent down infront of me. Chitra asks what is her plan? Ishita asks her to enjoy scene by scene and says I will show the real place to that behenji Simar, says that illiterate woman will be just Servant here. Aarav asks Simar, if she don’t understand what Ishita is thinking of her and asks why you are bearing all this. Simar smiles and says this is Ishita’s mood swings. Aarav says Aditi doesn’t treat you this way. He says Badimaa is not saying anything to her. Simar says badimaa doesn’t differentiate between the family members and knows which girl needs her best attention. She says Badimaa knows that Ishita needs her affection a lot and asks him not to think like that. He says Badimaa’s chamchi. Simar asks if he wants to have Jhansi coffee. She makes coffee and brings it. He tastes it and the coffee is smeared on his moustache. Simar smiles and wipes it. She tastes coffee from his coffee cup. He smiles. She asks him to laugh aloud and says Simar knows how to cheer you up. She tickles him. He says no Simar. Mahiya song plays…..

Precap: Simar asks Ishita, why is she doing this deliberately, if she is really pregnant or not. Ishita asks what are you saying, shall I complain to Badimaa. Simar says everyone will know in sometime, as Dr. Ghatak will come with the detailed report. Dr. Ghatak tells Chitra that if she don’t want to give his fees then tell him, as he will take just a minute to say the truth. Badimaa comes there and asks what truth?

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  1. Nicole ehizokhale

    its best the doctor tells badimaa the truth that ishita is not really pregnant with twins at all and also ishita thinks she is smart but she doesn’t know that she’s not smart at all because the truth is that she can’t never take simar place in badimaa heart so she should stop deceiving herself because her truth about her fake pregnancy will be out and also l pray that it’s soon enough and also l pray that kavya is fine so as her child and also l pray that simar becomes pregnant soon enough and also l pray that God expose reyansh, ishita and chitra truth right in front of everyone and also l pray that simar child becomes the 1st member of the oswal family fourth generation in jesus name l pray Amen and also l pray that kavya parents call simar to help them because now they really need her help right now in the hospital immediately because also l pray that nothing happens to kavya and her unborn child in jesus name l pray Amen and also l pray that God expose chitra ,ishita and reyansh truth right in front of the entire oswal family soon and immediately so that ishita and reyansh boring track can end completely so that will can focus more on sirav and reevan lives and also will want sirav child entry into the oswal family immediately pls soon and also immediately after chitra ,ishita and reyansh lies are exposed immediately right in front of the entire oswal family because will are known that sirav child entry into the oswal family will be the first member of the oswal family fourth generation and then after sirav child entry and then reevan child entry the 2nd member of the oswal family fourth generation pls that is what want and not ishita who is busy lying to herself and also to the entire oswal family that’s she is pregnant with twins even when her pregnancy is false and fake because she is really not pregnant at all.

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