Mithai 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Dadu tells everyone about Shubham’s relationship with Girish

Mithai 16th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dadu tells Mithai and Sid to be careful of Girish. Sids says no tension in Mithai’s style, Mithai is surprised to hear that. Dadu smiles and asks them to take a rest, he leaves. Sid locks the door and is awkward. Mithai says I will sleep on the floor. Sid says you can sleep on the bed, don’t argue with me. Sid sets up a setty and lies there. He turns off the AC. Mithai says you can’t sleep without AC right? She turns it on. Sid says you get cold so it’s okay, he turns it off. They both keep turning it on and off, the AC stops working. Mithai laughs and asks him to smile also. Sid turns on the fan. Mithai lies on the bed while Sid lies on the setty. They both try to sleep. Sid puts headphones in and asks Mithai to sleep. They both try to sleep. Mithai opens her eyes and smiles at him. She closes her while Sid opens them and stares at her.

In the morning, Mithai wakes up to some snoring sounds. Sid says I am playing your video of snoring again. Mithai says I am sure you must have edited it. She tries to take his phone. Sid fights with her and Mithai jumps on his back to get the phone. They both are trying to get the phone and fall on the bed. Sid gets up and says I will get fresh.

Shubham comes to Sid’s room and says some goons attacked us yesterday and do you know who was behind all this? Our family plotted this with Agarwal. I heard Abha talking about it, Girish was behind all that. Sid gets angry but Mithai asks him to calm down. Sid says he tried to take your life, he has crossed all limits. He leaves from there.

Girish is checking the papers when Sid comes there and asks how lower can he stoop? You sent Agarwal’s goons to kidnap and kill Mithai? Girish says you are blaming me for that cheap girl? I didn’t send any goons. Sid asks Abha to swear on Karishma if they were not behind this plan? Did you all plan this or not? Abha says yes. Sid tells Girish that he has stooped so low, Shubham heard everything and Abha confirmed that. Girish shouts that this useless Shubham is stabbing me, he is about to slap him but Dadu holds his hand and says I told you many times to never hit him. You always taunted this Shubham to be an orphanage, an outsider and we have done some favor on him but will you tell him the truth? You like to show proofs right? So tell everyone what your relationship is with Shubham? All are confused. Dadu tells everyone that Shubham is Girish’s real son, he was born out of wedlock because Girish had an affair but he is not illegitimate, he is my elder grandson. Dadu tells Girish that you kept trying to hide your mistake but you are not even ashamed. I know I got you married to Aarti forcefully but you couldn’t even fulfill your relationship with Shubham’s mother. Shubham is shocked and says I am his son? Sid says he doesn’t deserve to be called a father. He is a sin and can never be a good father, son or husband. Mithai asks Sid to calm down. Sid tells Girish you look filthy to me, I feel pity for you because I don’t think God can forgive you. Girish leaves from there. Shubham cries so Dadu tells him that he is not an orphan. Mithai tells Sid that Shubham is your elder brother, he deserves to have a right on this family and this business. Sid says I will tell the world that he is our elder son. I will fight for him and soon people will know Girish is his father. Shubham hugs him and cries.

Pramod and Abha tell Girish that Sid will tell the truth to everyone. Girish says I will be insulted in the world, people can’t know about my affair. Pramod says if you remove Sid from the will then he won’t be able to do anything. Girish says I think that’s right. Pramod calls the lawyer. Indu hears all that and tells Mithai. Mithai says don’t tell anyone about it.

Abha tells Pramoad that Girish has another heir now so we have to convince him to remove Sid from the will.

Girish meets the lawyer and looks at the will. Pramod mixes pills in his water.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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