Swaran Ghar 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun meets Swaran at the school

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The Episode starts with Aarav calling Swaran and asking her did she come, he doesn’t remember the prayer. She says I have come, I will tell the prayer on the phone, just repeat it with me. She talks to Aarav on phone. Arjun hears her and recalls Swaran. He turns to see her. Aarav thanks her and says I love you, I m going on stage. Jeet karo….plays… Arjun runs towards her, recalling how she saved him. He steps on the earring and stops. He gets the earring. He says Swaran Bedi. She asks what happened, do you want to talk to me. He says I had to thank you, you saved my life twice. He gives her earring. He looks at her face through her dupatta. She recalls his accident.

Ajit says you have done it so well. Nimmo comes and gives him a kerchief. She taunts him. She says Swaran couldn’t come here, you would be feeling to cry, take this and wipe your tears. Ajit jokes on her. The man says our honourable chief guest is right here, welcome him. Swaran comes there. Everyone is shocked. Ajit says Swaran. Nimmo asks is Swaran the chief guest. Arjun comes with the guards. Ajit waves to Swaran and Arjun.

Kiran says I m going to sit there for my son’s performance. The man says chief guests will sit there. Kiran says she is my mum in law. Nimmo and Kiran get angry. Jai says Swaran didn’t had the entry pass, how did she get the VIP seat. Ajit says its Lord’s blessing. Arjun says this is a little thing, I wish I could do something for you. Swaran sits and looks behind for Ajit. Arjun asks didn’t you like tis seat. She says no, my friend is there, he tried a lot to get me inside. Arjun asks where. He sees Ajit and asks is he your friend. He goes and meets Ajit. Ajit says you here, Swaran is my friend, I told you at Gurudwara. He introduces his son and grandson. He says Swaran’s grandson is also here, she didn’t have entry pass, thanks for getting her here. Arjun says I can do this for her, she saved my life. Ajit asks was it you. Arjun says yes, please come with me. Ajit says I will just come. He gives the kerchief to Nimmo and taunts her back. He goes to sit in the VIP seat. Arjun says we know each other. Swaran thanks Arjun. He says welcome.

The man calls the chief guest on stage. Arjun goes. Vikram calls Arjun. Arjun disconnects the call. He says you may know me by my name, principal gave me the name Goldie because I always won gold medals. Ajit says he is a nice man. Arjun says I never won in studies, but always in sports, Swaran isn’t a bad name, there are few people who saves others lives, it would be good that we give medals to such people, who lead the world with their goodness. Vikram keeps calling him.

He steps in the cow dung. He gets away from there and goes to wash his foot. Bebe puts water on his foot. She asks why did you come here. Arjun says I just want to say thanks to the person who saved my life, she is here between us, Mrs. Swaran Bedi. He thanks Swaran and jokes that he wishes to give all his gold medals to her. He says I will pray that Lord gives me a chance to help you. He asks everyone to applaud Swaran. Everyone claps for her. Ajit shouts she is my friend, that’s the way.

Vikram asks are you living here, why. Bebe asks what’s bad here, there is no cheat here. He says I didn’t ask you to go. She says you aren’t loyal to your mum, I don’t love you now, no one can clear the dirt from your mind.

Swaran claps for Aarav’s program when it gets announced. She recalls Vikram. She sees Aarav on stage. Aarav says I want to sing a song, Swaran taught this to me. He sings Aye watan… Swaran says I taught this to him much time before, he still remembers it. She claps for him. Arjun stops singing. Swaran signs him to sing. Nimmo says Aarav couldn’t remember four lines. Kiran says it happens, he is smart. Arjun gets a mic for Swaran. Ajit asks her to go. Swaran goes on stage and sings with Aarav. Ajit and Arjun smile. Nimmo makes a face. Everyone claps. Swaran says every mum loves her child, but not more than the country, she sends the child to the border, I salute all those mothers.

Ajit says Swaran used to live like a queen in a palace, but now she is dropping kids to school. Arjun says I can offer her a job. Swaran says we will celebrate Bal Gopal birthday.

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