Sirf Tum 15th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Ranveer reveals the reason for his anger before Suhani

Sirf Tum 15th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani tying her dupatta to Ranveer’s hand keeping the sticks. Ranveer says thank you Doctor. Meeta says she is very hungry. Ranveer says I will bring something to eat. Suhani says I will also come. Ranveer asks her to be with Meeta. Meeta says I am fine, take Suhani with you. Suhani says if any injured people is seen then we can help. They walk in the jungle. Suhani says I am hungry now, and Meeta and others will be hungry too. Ranveer asks Suhani to be there and says I will go and search something to eat. He marks the square around her and says you will not cross this square, else I will get mad and angry. He says you want me to bring fruits? She nods yes. Ranveer brings guavas and finds Suhani missing. He calls Ms. Zimmedari, and says she will say sorry again, and I will forgive her. He searches for her and sees her standing at other side of the jungle. He asks why did you come out of the square, this is the jungle and asks her to come. The goons come and keep knives at her neck. Ranveer asks them to leave Suhani. The goons ask for their fees. Ranveer says we have an accident in landslide and don’t have money. They ask him to give his watch, wallet etc. He gives them. The goons ask Suhani to give the chain. Suhani says not my chain, it is my Nani’s chain, given by my Maa when I came first. They try to snatch her chain and injures her neck with knife. Ranveer gets angry and fights with them. The goons hit him with stick. Suhani shouts Ranveer and asks him to get up. Ranveer asks her to go. Suhani refuses to leave him. The goons hold Suhani and try to pull her chain. Suhani shouts Ranveer. Ranveer gets up and beats them. He snatches the chain and beats them. The goon says he gets mad seeing the girl in pain. 4 of the goons runs. Ranveer hits the 5th goon and says how dare you to touch her? He says don’t touch her. Suhani asks him to leave him. The goon runs away leaving everything.

Rakesh, Mamta and Vikrant reach the spot. Dean stops Rakesh. Mamta asks if anything is found about Ranveer and other kids. Rakesh says they are not letting us go. Dean says rescue team has gone to search them and asks them to go home, says it is getting dark and difficult for them to search them. Rakesh says I have sent my daughter trusting you. He says I can’t go until I came to know about my daughter. Mamta says even we will not go. Dean asks them to go and sit in their cars, and let the rescue team do their work.

Suhani and Ranveer come back to Meeta and ward boy. He asks if someone came searching us. Meeta says no, and tells that she had found her phone and contacted Dean sir and sent their location somehow. She says phone got off. Ranveer says it will be morning, till rescue team reaches us. Meeta says I will bring more wood with the ward boys. Suhani lights the fire rubbing the stones and asks Ranveer to sit there. She asks why did you get so much angry today. He says even you got angry and asks her not to hesitate questioning him. Suhani says you care and worry for everyone, then what is the reason for your anger? She goes to keep the grass near the tree. Ranveer recalls his childhood incident and tells Suhani that Mr. Vikrant Oberoi. He says I came to know 15 years ago, that the man is cheating my mother since many years, and showing happy marriage to the world. He says Maa was in a bad relation with him, and her pain became my anger. He says I can’t see wrong happening infront of me, and I can’t control myself then how to control my anger. Meeta and ward boys bring the wood and grass. Ranveer says if the topic is ended then we shall rest. Meeta says yes, Ranveer good night. Suhani brings first aid box and takes off her dupatta piece from his hand. She applies spray on his hand and ties the bandage then. She thinks Maa and Papa must be worried hearing about landslide and thinks there is no other way to talk to them. Ranveer asks if she has any problem? Suhani says nothing.

In the morning, Meeta wakes up. Ranveer wakes up and sees Suhani sleeping keeping her head on his shoulder. He wake her up and says good morning. Suhani says good morning and asks if his hand is fine. He says would be best surgeon treated it, it is fine. He says we shall search the way to reach back. The rescue team comes there with the Police and asks them to come with them. Ranveer asks them to take the ward boy on stretcher and says I am fine and can walk. The rescue team takes one ward boy on stretcher while other walks with them. Ranveer, Suhani and Meeta walk behind them.

Precap: Ranveer asks Suhani to speak her heart feelings openly and when she has not done any mistake, then she shall not bend infront of anyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Awesome episode,I love the way Ranveer is protective of Suhani.

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    Another awesome episode 😍💯💯
    These two are really good together… they compliment each other wow love it !!
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