Choti Sardarni 15th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Khushi to come back

Choti Sardarni 15th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guru ji asks a man to bring leaves. He says but from here? Guru ji says from the universe. Guru ji says let Seher see the dreams. She will get a shock tomorrow.

Question answer round starts. Tina asks Param if your wife has to go abroad for some work, would you be okay with that? Param says if a husband can go why can’t the wife? I would have no problem. A man asks Karan can you assure that our daughter is going in a good family. Karan says she will be kept like a queen here. A girl asks both of them if she wants to take care of my parents financially what are your views? They both pick the mics together. Param says if my wife can take care of my family, it’s my responsibility to take care of her family too. Karan says there’s no difference between a daughter and son. They should both take care of their families. The best example is our sister. She took care of us after her marriage too. She’s always been there for us.

Seher says the secret test round is starting. Write the task you want my brothers to do. The first take comes. Seher reads, prove that you can do house chores. Seher says there are 4 ingredients only that you’ve to prepare food with. Karan says but that’s the wrong situation. There is always stuff in our house. Seher says it’s as task. Do it. You have only 15 minutes. Param and Karan start cooking. Rajveer says come on. Param is scared. Seher says come on. Only 5 minutes are left. Karan makes potato paneel fries. Param hasn’t done anything. Karan says you might be good in politics but in kitchen you can only boil an egg. Everyoen laughs. Param throws a knife. Karan says what are you doing what if it hits someone. Param says don’t tell me what to do. Karan says do your work. Rajveer says calm down. Kulwant asks everyone to calm down.

Seher asks kids to come and taste it. Rajveer says Seher’s brothers cook like her. Seher says then stay hungry. Seher says next rounds tomorrow. Seher hugs Rajveer.

Scene 2
Harleen says I will get Param married to Devika no matter how much Seher tries. Robbie says what about Khushi her pride? Harleen says she’s after that wrong boy. I won’t let that guy come back to her life. It will ruin her life. And now that child..

Khushi’s friend says Khushi teach your son some manners. He pushed my son today too. Khushi says it’s okay. It happens with the kids. Your son taunted him. The woman says what did he say wrong? He only said where’s your dad? Tell me.

Scene 3
Seher says today was tough thank God everything is fine. He says nothing is fine. Your hand is bruised. He applies cream on her hands and says why did you do this. Seher says you touched it. It will be fine.

Khushi hugs the girls and suffocates her. She says say sorry to my son. Don’t dare to say this to my son again. Stay away from my son. She says Diljit give high five to your friend. They leave. Diljit says when will we go to find dad? She says soon.
Seher asks Rajveer was there never any girl in your life before me? He says never.
She says in heart I only met your dad for one night. It changed my life. But I am happy because that night gave me the biggest night of my life. You. I am sorry. I don’t know where he is. I miss him, I don’t want to forget his face. I don’t even know him well but I love him. She recalls dancing with him in a club. She says I miss him and love him. He will never come back to our life.
Rajveer says I know you will always be there for me and then 2 to 3. 3 to 4. Seher says 2 to 3 is enough.

Scene 4
Seher comes to guru ji. She asks what do I have to do today? He says peel these seeds. You have to find 8 purple seeds in it. Seher says I will do it soon. He shows her sacks and says you have to do all of those. This land is our mothers. We never give it back. Do the serivce to this land and get your Raj’s eyes back. Seher says I will do it.

Seher brings all the sacks home. Rajveer says what task did guru ji give? She says let’s do breakfast. He says these sacks? Seher says guru ji has asked me to peel all these and collect 8 purple seends. He says how will you do it with the event? Seher says I will manage. Rajveer says let me help you. They both sit down and start peeling. Rajveer says if it’s purple let me know I can’t see it. Now stop looking at me. Seher says how do you know I am looking at you. Rajveer says you said it look from heart’s eyes. They peel together.

Seher comes out to look after the event preps. Seher says not a single purple seed yet. They keep peeling. Seher says ouch. He says leave it. I don’t want you to get pain. She says neither can I. He kisses her hand.

Episode ends

Precap-Rajveer welcomes everyone. He says punjabis like to eat and dress well. He says Param and Karan have to choose the best clothes and jewelry for the girks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. OMG!😱 Kushi is a mother and had a son….but thank god she is not like her mother and is like meher😘😘

  2. Rajveer is kushi’s son father . Well a triangle and kushi is gon a become evil because she loves rajveer. Kushi is good but she is gonna become awful for rajveer love also the child well. Karma look who she said about Karan and the life repeat. Another separation of seher and raj when Harleen found out she will do their life miserable with kushi . Kushi didnt ask his name and was one night but sometimes the good become evil.

    1. Luz what they are going to give in this show ? Completely old charm is over. The respect to turban is also over. And show is bad joke.

  3. disgusting, now one night stands too,! do the makers have any shame now,what else are they going to show !

  4. Snowflake

    OMG KHUSHI!!!!

  5. Snowflake

    It can’t be true!
    Raj the father of Sammy?!
    But Rajveer…!! Either he was drunk or he was forced?!
    Or it could be an entirely different man! Maybe realated to the Babbars’or just another random guy…. Suppose it is Rajveer, he told Seher that he never loved anyone else. And he never loved Khushi. Maybe just a ONS? I just can’t come to terms with this!!!
    Mystery has to be solved… Soon!

    1. It’s disgusting and disappointing if it is true!

    2. Father of Daljeet, not Sammy.

    3. Snowflake

      Thanks for the correction 👍

  6. Snowflake

    I see Harleen in Khushi. Literally. Just that she is a heartbroken single mom. 😬
    Suppose Rajveer is 26, then at that time he would be 19, considering Sammy’s age. Khushi was around 3 yrs elder than param. So Seher is 8 yrs younger to Khushi. Seher and Rajveer are probably of the same age…. So RN Khushi must be 34! Idk if my calculations are correct but Raj wld be 7-8 yrs younger than Khushi… Still ONS? Plus she is in America. And Rajveer was in Canada. She could also have shifted, who knows….. Agh, this is so confusing!!
    I just don’t want it to be true!!😢😢😢
    Anyone has different calculations?!

    1. Well , IT is choti all can happen. Anyways right now seher has 21 and rajveer 26 so could be similar age to kushi, Harleen hates kushi ‘s son also Robbie said my daughter honor and Harleen said kushi mess her life. One night dance they are in a occidental country so she met one night got pregnat and rajveer didnt know and she didnt look for him . I feel kushi wants rajveer but her mother Will have revange and will destroy his life and separate seher and raj with kushi becaud she still in love with him . IT is a considence she critize Karan and look kushi , that call Karma.

    2. Param was around 6 and when meher went to prison. Kushi for one to the other she became from almost at same age to param to a 5 years different. when she was back for lohri she was using make up and all so around 11. at that time meher was or was not even pregnant so their difference bt is 11 to 12 years. illogical any ways.

    3. * from on day to the other

  7. Harleen wanted that meher should give her son karan to aditi and vikram deewan ,now will she expects that seher should take care of the child . i would not be surprise if raj is the father of kushi s child, we all saw he and had a wild night with seher and they both do not remmenber it. The path cs taking is really disgusting. ONS.

    1. The makers are disgusting!

  8. every second show in ITV is now two sister fighting over a guy, and choti sardarni came up with cousins . wow how original . Now Param should take side, seher or kushi. This Singh Rathores are they related to Rajkumar Devraj Singh Rathore tbjjn aka avinesh new show or just to lock in the original cs fans to think we may see him eventually, because ppl started begging avi on insta to come back to cs to save it from a disaster. I honestly do not want him to come back to this show, i wish him a big success in tbjjn, because cs do not deserves him ,

    1. AG I saw his post. How emotional it? And comments 😔😔. Exactly Sarabjith Singh Gill is a gem in itv . Let these makers to continue this track. We will silently observe results.

  9. I have a strong feeling khushi son father is rajveer that would be so bad

    1. Snowflake

      But I think they are playing with us,by just showing Sehraj’s conversation abt love while showing Khushi’s condition….. I just can’t accept it!

    2. Exactly where is it written that Rajveer is the father of Khushi’s son, Daljeet?

    3. Bacii, true it isn’t written no where but that is their style. Remember when manav came back as
      Vikram Dewan they were convincing us he is Vikram by showing a phone call from his dad while he was with aditi having lunch? Then his obessesion to investigate sarab? The same way harleen hate Raj with out knowing him, he troubles her… That is a beginning of their bigger problem. That is what is makers want to show

    4. Snowflake

      Exactly Bacii, it isn’t written… They are assuming, plus they have shown the two conversations one after the other to make us think that it could be possible… Plus the mystery man’s hand is somewhat similar to Rajver’s hand…


    Maybe rajveer will play a double role.

  11. Sha_NimLoveCs

    Finally khushi entry😍😍
    If she’s a positive character,it’s nice to see but i don’t think she’s a positive character🤔🤔

  12. Sha_NimLoveCs

    Finally khushi entry😍😍
    If she’s a positive character,it’s nice to see but i don’t think she’s a positive character🤔🤔
    I think she mixed characters🤔😂

  13. Sha_NimLoveCs

    I feel like rajveer is not diljit’s father maybe that person looks like rajveer🤔👌

  14. Sha_NimLoveCs

    I still remember that what harleen said that day🥺🥺
    More change this all harleen and khushi plans👌👍

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