Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 15th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Sushma is humiliated during Sanjay and Paragi’s marriage


Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 15th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the Pandit ji asking Paragi to step forward and take the remaining rounds. Vinod gets worried for sushma and thinks to see her after the rounds. Aditi’s mother in law tells that Chanda told this while talking, else you wouldn’t have told us. She says you threatened her to give 101 gold coins to you. Sushma says you fight against dowry, and asks them to come to her house, and says she will show the proofs, and says it was shagun and not dowry. She says let me go for now. The ladies stop her. Paragi and Sanjay promise to each other while taking rounds. Sushma asks the ladies to come to the venue where her son is getting married. Chanda thinks everything is ruined. Paragi and Sanjay take the 7 round. Pandit ji asks them to sit down. Aditi’s mother in law tells Sushma that they will do such a thing with her, that whoever asks for dowry, their soul will shaken up. She shows the black colored paste in the plate. Pandit ji asks Sanjay to make her wear mangalsutra. Sanjay makes Paragi wear mangalsutra. Chanda gets upset. Everyone claps. Pandit ji asks Sanjay to apply sindoor to her maang. The ladies blacken Sushma’s face, while Sanjay fills Paragi’s hairline with sindoor. They make her wear slippers and tomatoes garland. Kinkar, Atul and Aditi look at the humiliation drama from far. Paragi and Sanjay smiles. Pandit ji says marriage is completed, you both are husband and wife from today. Pandit ji asks elders to bless the couple. Nutan says where is Sushma? Marriage is completed, why she didn’t come. Paragi and Sanjay get worried too. They see Sushma walking there. The guests gossip who has blackened her face etc.

Chanda thinks what will happen now, my plan is ruined, marriage is done. Aditi’s mother in law thinks Paragi rejected my son and got married to Pathak’s son. This marriage will break. Sanjay runs to Sushma and the ghat bandhan cloth falls in the fire. Paragi picks it and set off the fire. Sanjay takes off the tomatoes and slippers garland and wipe Sushma’s face. He asks who has done this, Maa? Paragi goes to Sushma and gives her water. He sees the ladies standing in black sarees and asks who has done this? He identifies Gulshan’s mother and asks did you do this? Gulshan’s mother says this shall be done with those, whoever takes the dowry. Their face shall be blackened. Sanjay says my mother can think of asking dowry. The lady says we got the complaint and this is the result. Paragi asks who said this, that she asked the dowry and why you have done this. Gulshan’s mother says Sushma is greedy about dowry. Vinod asks them to stop it. Gulshan’s mother says your wife sucks the bride’s family blood and you can’t bear to hear the truth. Nutan asks her to tell openly. Gulshan’s mother says did you forget that 101 gold coins which you have asked in dowry. Sanjay asks what gold coins? Parashar recalls Chanda telling that she has arranged to give the gold coins. He asks Gulshan’s mother not to do tamasha. Nutan asks who is she? Parashar says she is Aditi’s saas. Nutan says now I can understand clearly and says everyone is drama here. She says I can understand everything, we are trapped to get some money from us.

Pramod says I will call Police and they will arrest him. Gulshan’s mother says my son is in Police and will get you all rotten in jail. She says dowry seekers shall be treated badly. Sanjay says you are taking revenge from Paragi. Paragi asks how dare you to accuse my mother in law. Aditi asks Paragi to mind her language and says your saas have done this. Gulshan’s mother says such people get be roamed in all Bhopal, and says we got the complaint against her. Sanjay asks them to stop it. The ladies ask what he can do? The guy asks if their intentions got greedy as girl became IAS. Pramod gets angry. Atul says they are our guests. Abhay asks him to be in his limits. Aditi supports Kinkar and accuse them. Parashar asks them to stop. Pramod asks the guests to leave. Atul insults Pramod. Paragi says stop it and says Maa can’t ask for dowry and says I will clear the matter for you. She asks who has done the complaint. Gulshan’s mother says I did the complaint, as I came to know from Aditi that your saas demanded 101 gold coins from Chanda. Paragi goes to Chanda and asks if this is truth? Chanda says no, we haven’t done any complaint, and says Aditi talked to her mother in law and she filed the complaint against Sushma. The lady says dowry is asked. Paragi asks if 101 gold coins demand is right. Parashar says this is truth.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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