Udaariyaan 15th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Fateh and Tejo’s plan

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The Episode starts with Fateh seeing Khushbeer apologizing to a guy. Khushbeer says sorry, I m not a MLA now, I couldn’t get funds. The guy says its okay, you tried. Khushbeer goes. Fateh asks what happened. The guy says Khushbeer had promised that he will get funds for the hospital, he couldn’t do it, you are responsible for this, he lost his chair and respect because of your affair. Fateh says I m Tejo and dad’s culprit, I will fix everything. Tejo teaches Dilraj. Rupy says I feel like our old Tejo has come back. Khushbeer asks Gurpreet did she talk to the marriage bureau. She says no. Fateh says I did it, I know you don’t like Buzo, I want Candy to get a dad, Simran needs a partner, she will not say anything, I asked her, she didn’t refuse.

Khushbeer asks Gurpreet to talk to Simran. Gurpreet asks Simran to tell her, Buzo? Simran says dad and Fateh won’t decide anything wrong for me. Khushbeer says fine, start preparations, I will call the guy. Nimmo says when the guy knows that Simran is already married, she has a son, then he will go back. Biji says Fateh would have told the bureau already. Fateh says its Tejo’s plan, it won’t fail. Simran says I don’t want to upset dad. Buzo asks her not to worry. Fateh says I will inform Tejo. He messages Tejo. Tejo thinks everything should happen as per our plan.

Its morning, Tejo hears the students talking about Fateh’s match with Thunderjeet. She goes to Fateh. She asks what’s all this, you started stunts again, you think I will do your aid. She scolds him. She says you will never change, you just think of yourself. He stops her.

He says sorry, shall I say something, its a charity match, the funds will be given for the kids hospital, dad wanted to arrange the funds, I want to return dad’s lost respect, it doesn’t matter if I get bit beaten up, guy’s family is coming to see Simran in the evening. He goes. The guy’s family meets Khushbeer and everyone. Simran shows them on video call. The lady taunts them. Khushbeer asks what’s your son’s age. The lady says what’s there in age. He insists. The guy introduces himself and tells the age 45. khushbeer asks what, my daughter’s age is 28 years, I don’t want this much difference, why will I give my daughter to an old man. The lady insults Simran. Khushbeer gets angry and asks them to leave. Fateh says I know they said a bad thing, but its truth. Khushbeer scolds him. Tejo looks on. Khushbeer says Simran will stay here with respect until we find a guy for her. Fateh and Gurpreet ask how long will he keep her. Khushbeer says nice guys will be there. Fateh signs Tejo. He goes out and thanks her. He says you explained dad easily, you are a perfect woman, I don’t know how I lived without you. Angad looks on.

Fateh says whatever I said was the truth, you are the best. Tejo says I can’t forgive you, relations shatter when truth breaks, it can’t come back. He says yes. She says don’t get happy, Khushbeer won’t agree so soon. She goes. He says I m happy that you are with me. Angad stops the car. He says I can’t wait for long. He calls her. She is at the police station. She doesn’t answer. He calls again. Jasmin signs on the register. She sees someone coming. She thinks Tejo and Fateh, just few days.

Khushbeer sees more alliances. Simran worries. Khushbeer says you got bad alliances. The lady says such alliances come for second marriage. Fateh acts. Mahi says he is acting so well. Simran says be quiet. The lady says everyone asks for unmarried girls, she has a child also. Khushbeer gets angry. Lovely says Khushbeer is finding a guy for Simran. Satti says wrong happened with her. Khushbeer says there will be someone. The lady says there is a guy, we don’t know if his parents will agree, I will talk to them. Khushbeer says call them in evening, I can talk to anyone for my daughter’s happiness. Satti says big families got ruined because of Canada, my daughters didn’t get their love, I wish Simran gets her love. The lady says Khushbeer worries for his daughter. Fateh says I know, so I m showing such bad proposals, then he will agree for one Simran likes, I want to unite two lovers. She blesses him and goes. Tejo sees Buzo running. She calls Simran and shows Buzo. Simran and Mahi laugh. Simran asks what happened to him. Tejo asks what’s happening. Buzo says I will have a parade in front of Khushbeer, disconnect the call, don’t show this to Simran. Tejo laughs and says all the best. Mahi says we will call Amrik. Simran says no, he is helping dad. Jasmin comes to Amrik. He gets tensed and shaking.

Khushbeer scolds Buzo. Buzo’s dad rejects Simran’s alliance. Jasmin says I have to train you for surprising Tejo and Fate.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. What will Amrik do.. Whooooo.. Really Jasmine is playing a dirty, very dirty game.. Anyway..

  2. Whatt!! Is amrik turning negative??🥺🥺

    1. Who is he…..i did not know his track

    2. He’s fateh brother also

  3. Most prbly it is amrik who did the accident or that lady is framing him…

  4. I tell myself that it is Amrik that they want to blame for the famous and false accident. I think

  5. Or drug problem.. Don’t know.. Not sure..

  6. Amrik will be her key to being at virk house again.. Or she will play the good saint so that we avoid suspecting her of wanting to harm Tejo and Fateh.. Seeing that we blame Jasmine for everything.. Amrik can come to her defense and say that he loves Jasmine. Then she will come to get married at the same time as simzo or Tejan who is going to get married.. 😱😱😱. Just an idea..😵😵😵

    1. Metin

      Fateh can file complain about academys money for fraud.
      jasmin might go to jail. if he finds money connection between her and angad , angad might get hardtime too.
      you know jasmin spend money. angad came to partnership.
      fayeh knows ,that she paid for jass , who burnt almost everything.
      this makes jasmin accomplice.
      tejo have usb case against her.
      amrik knows a few cheats,tricks of jasmin , which others dont know.
      i dont like writers portray this stupid evil spawn mighty.
      i feel serial will end soon. a brat is powerfull than kushbeer , a candidate for government, who knows many political figures.

  7. I saw on Instagram.. If my doubts and guess are true.. Then they make Amrik the culprit for the famous fake accident.. I think they will make him believe that he killed someone. How Jasmine can make these kind of plans.. And is never taken.. At some point whether he is in Udariyaan or another series.. It would be as long as good triumphs over evil no.. Until when she will reign.. A little fed up anyway..

  8. @Metin
    The problem with Udariyaan is that each time we see what Fateh has done and what he is doing to improve the situation. But we never see the bad actions of Jasmine who is never punished and that it is known to Tejo Fateh and that she threatens in everyone’s eyes.. There honestly with Amrik the guy is so naive ☺️☺️. That it won’t make a difference even if it was Jasmine who prepared and planned the plan.. 🤔🤔🤔 The simple fact that let’s imagine the Virk family gives up and leaves Amrik down and Jasmine helps him.. Will that Amrik turns against his family.. Whereas Amrik who supported Tejo and his family when Fateh did wrong with them.. He will be under Jasmine’s control.. And once Jasmine gets to use Amrik be her changes and falls for Amrik. Either she keeps planning and Amrik finds out her truth but it’s too late. Or when she changes Amrik and no one believes her. Because every time she forgives it’s wrong…. So frankly regarding the upcoming track.. I really wish that Fateh and Tejo help Amrik and get the truth about this famous fake accident.. It’s sad because evil is always present and is never punished. And it’s bad because it’s always Jasmine who makes plans.. And jasmine is never taken because she turns the situation to her advantage.. So how to punish me 😳😳😵😵

  9. You are a looser if you are trying to find teachings from daily soaps.

    1. Metin

      Yes , we all Are loosers. We loose daily cases and we make brain gymnastic, we socialize…
      But your comment shows you look Like loser.
      Please enough with cheap insults. Give some effort. Show intelligence. That way is more entertaining. You can find life lessons even in trash, if you know how to look.

    2. You can belittle soap operas as they have no function but ” entertainment” . What a simple way of judgement ! You are not aware of how great impression they have on the spectators. Such viewers like you ( who are seeing soap operas only as a strument of entertaintment) are the just profile of viewer which the producers especially want to see. They need such wievers for imposing them a certain “life vision”, for degenerating their ethical values , ecc. Under the name of “soap opera” they can transform your brain into a “soap” without making you notice anything. Ofcourse their first goal is ” money”. But we must never forget that they have also ideological intentions . Besides , they usually utilize “decorative elements ” , be a picture, be a figure, for their aim . So , dear viewers ! Be alert! They will teach you without making you notice!

  10. Snowflake

    Tejo, who is she to go and demand from Fateh why he is fighting? Why does she care?!
    Ooh this Amrik thing will be interesting, rather than him just loitering in the Virk house! I think Jasmean might drug him or blackmail him!

    1. @Snowflake Hi Dear how are you..
      I tell myself the same thing.. But on Instagram fans say that it is the plan of Jasmine and Amrik alias Jasrik. What I do not understand. ‘ I tell myself Amrik wouldn’t be so upset in the precap.. So why would Amrik want to join forces with Jasmine to harm his own family. He adores Simran and although he bickers with Mahi, he remains a good brother and a good son.. In short.. And I wonder that there must be a lot of vice and wickedness in his head (Jasmine and Angad) but Jasmine in mind to establish a scenario as macabre as that… If really she planned a fake accident just to frighten Amrik and thus play with him. Frankly, it’s just pathetic. Because I wonder how he will do to bring back his role in good grace.. Whether it is towards his family or if the jodi Jasrik can be one. How to do ? She commits so much filth just out of selfishness and stubbornness to harm her sister and Fateh. Short. Even I tell myself the same thing also with Tejo.. She doesn’t want to forgive but wants to know the reason for Fateh’s fight.. Don’t understand because in the vlog they say they want FateJo back together and strong.. But that row a little.. Something that I find good.. But it’s nuanced..

    2. Snowflake

      I can’t believe that theory. Amrik wont turn against them… He is Fatejo shipper too… Definitely Jasmean will force him/ drug him/ lure him…. He looks scared for his life!

  11. daariyaan 16th January 2022 Written Update Amrik’s entry Jasmin’s surprise finally gets revealed. She plans to shock Fateh and Tejo by using Amrik, who has come on her side now, after all she had framed him in a fake accident case and then saved him from the law. Jasmin gets into Amrik’s good books and wins his heart by becoming his savior. He doesn’t know that she had planned that fake accident to malign his future. Amrik gets super scared after his stay in the jail. He wasn’t in contact with the family. He couldn’t tell them about the sufferings he is facing.

    Amrik falls into Jasmin’s trap, while the Virks are unaware of his problems. Jasmin plans to get an entry in Virk house by employing Amrik in her plans. Jasmin counts her favor on Amrik, that she saved his life and also his future. Amrik gets inconsolable when Jasmin lends a shoulder to him. On the other hand, Fateh and Tejo try to help Simran and Buzo unite by getting their marriage fixed. Things don’t go as planned, because Khushbeer and Buzo’s dad get into a heated argument when they meet for the alliance talk. Khushbeer doesn’t want to accept jobless Buzo, while Buzo’s parents comment on Simran for being a divorcee and bearing a child already.

    The family clashes get more. Fateh gets worried seeing the matter go out of his hands. He decides to call Tejo home for calming down Khushbeer. He thinks only Tejo can handle the mess now. Khushbeer tells that he will never accept the useless Buzo. Buzo’s dad rejects Simran’s alliance before Khushbeer rejects Buzo. Jasmin tells that she will train Amrik for her plans and then use him as a destructive weapon to destroy Fateh and Tejo’s lives. Will Tejo arrive in Virk house to sort down Simran’s marriage mess? Keep reading.

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