Rishton Ka Manjha 15th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun exposes Tina

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Scene 1
Arjun calls Tina. She says hi.. He says I need your help. She says what can I do? He says you had a lawyer friend? Can you give me his contact? She says all good. He says I wanna divorce Diya. Tina says try to solve the matter. You both love each other. He says I need a lawyer. I need to end this. And.. can you come too? I need you. I want you to be there for me. She says I will always be there for you. See you. Tina says finally that Diya will be out of Arjun’s life and he will be mine.

Scene 2
Madhuri says to Kush Arjun’s phone is off as well. I am very worried. Kush says I spoke to him. He’s at a friend’s place. Madhuri says he gives me so much tension. Arjun says don’t worry. I will end everyone’s tension in this house today. Don’t worry. He says Diya come out. There is a good news for you. Diya says are you all gonna apologize to me? Tina comes in with the lawyer. He says you wanted a divorce right? I will divorce you today. He says thanks for coming here Tina. Arjun says are you happy now? You will be free. Act for a while, you can do that very well. Diya says I won’t go without my alimony. Amitabh says you won’t get a penny. Arjun says give her what she wants. I will get it all back. have to pay back for my mistake. I wanna get rid of this mistake. What will you take to get out of my life? There’s new cutlery in the kitchen? Do you want that? Or vase? Show pieces. You want jewelry? Maa bhabhi take off your jewelry and give it to her. Madhuri says what..

Arjun says do it. Kush says what is this? Arjun says truth can’t hide for long. Let’s give her what she wants. Let’s see what she came here to get. Can’t belive it’s the same Diya we used to call our Diya. He says Tina can you believe? Tina says control yourself. Calm down. I know you are hurt. The Diya we know only wanted to win for you. Arjun says it’s difficult to believe she lost the match and broke my trust. She sold mom’s jewelry. She lost her manners and speak like this. I can’t believe. Tina says I was also very shocked. Arjun says it’s like we never knew her. Our Diya was never like that. Is this not our Diya? Tina is shocked. She says what do you mean? Arjun says why are you so uncomfortable suddenly Tina? Is it true? Tina says what? What are you saying? Why are you looking at me like that?

Arjun says the Diya who lost the match, who sold the gold wasn’t Diya. Everyone is shocked. Arjun says that was Pihu. Tina is shocked. Pihu comes in. Everyone is shocked to see her. Tina is scared. Madhuri looks at Diya. She says who is this girl? She looks exactly like Diya. Who is she? What’s happening here. Arjun says you know her maa. Madhuri says how? Arjun says she is the one who called you that day and asked you to come to academy. She lost the match and sold the jewelry. Pihu did all that, not Diya. Pihu is Diya’s doppelganger. Madhuri says you used your face to get Diya’s place in this house? Shame on you. Arjun says no she came here to make us all hate Diya. Madhuri says why? We don’t even know this girl. Why would she do this? Madhuri says who are you? Pihu says I am.. Arjun says she was just acting. It was someone else’s script. Madhuri says what? Arjun says the one who wrote the script is here.

Arjun says Tina, tell everyone your script. She did it all. Casting Diya and placing her in this house. Tina says what are you saying? I don’t even know her. Pihu says hey madam, stop lying. You trapped me. You made me do such a dangerous thing and didn’t even pay me. And now calling me a liar? I was going to Mumbai to become an actress and she stopped me. How would I know a girl who looks like me lives here? This Tina is very dangerous. Stay safe from her. Tina says shut up. How dare you. Tina says what is your worth accusing me like this? You don’t know what can I do to you. Diya says calm down. Social worker Tina got angry? Pihu exposed you. You didn’t ask her to do that. She ruined your plan. What will you do now? Tina says I do charity because I am not the old tina. Diya says your costume isn’t matching with your words. Tina says I didn’t do anything. I don’t know this girl. I came here to help Arjun. If he doesn’t need it I am going.

Diya says stop Tina. tell everyone the truth before leaving. Otherwise Pihu will tell everything to the police. Tina enough. Did you forget your dad is still with my men? If I don’t go from here in next 10 minutes they will kill your dad. Everyone is shocked. Police comes there. Arjun says here is your culprit who kidnapped Mohan. He’s in his house now. Arrest her. Tina says you can’t do this Arjun. He says I can. I should’ve done it the last time you accused Diya. She replaced Diya with Pihu to make her do everything Diya can’t. Pihu took maa’s jewelry and sold it and gave order to make fake ones. She thought I doubted her. She called Tina and told her everything. Tina sent Diya back and kidnapped her dad. We all thought Diya did all this. Diya kept quiet to save her dad. Because Tina said she won’t leave Mohan until Diya divorces me. Tina recalls everything. Arjun says so Diya had to do and say things our Diya would never. But Tina you forgot, before being husband and wife, we were a team.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Wow! This episode rocked! @Kitty,@A&@ Ak, what’s your take on this episode. I missed your comments.

    1. Thank you @ sktee πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š
      I will watch today’s episode after soooo long than comment….this is the day I was waiting for!!😘😘😘
      See you soon @ A, @ Ak😊😊 finally we will see Arya together!!😘😘😘😊😊😊

  2. I’m really happy that I watched the whole episode. Can’t believe that Arjun found out the truth. I knew that Arya’s relation could never be that weak. Hope that you all are as elated as I am to watch the next episode, @A, @AK, @Kitty & @Sktee.
    Please post the precap.
    But I still have a doubt, will Arya be truly united? Or is it Tina’s dream? Not sure.
    Hoping for the best. 🀞 (Fingers crossed)

    1. Hi @S….yessssss finally!!

  3. GUYYYYSSSSSSSSS IS IT TRUE? IS IT FINALLY OVER!?!?!?!? Nice to meet you @Sktee! I’ll try to watch the show on Sunday (tomorrow here) and then give my comments. @AK our time has come🀞🏽. I don’t think this show has ever shown a dream sequence before to mess with viewers and they better don’t start now😀 I really couldn’t believe it when I read the title and even after I read the update, I still can’t believe it. The next episode should be exciting as we’ll get to see how Arjun figured everything out and him calling Tuna to the house lol, it’s his signatureπŸ˜‚ and how will Arya’s relationship progress from here?

    *I missed you all and it’s nice to see you all here @Kitty, @S and @Sktee😊 (looking forward to your comments @AK, @Snuppy?) and I’ll go look for and post the precap here.

  4. This precap is bringing back a familiar feeling from when in Meet’s precap Tej threw that vase at Manushi, this is giving off the same energy, I mean I shouldn’t laugh at someone else’s pain, but here I am, laughing and happy for what is happening to our (don’t forget Karan’sπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰)lovely dear Tuna🀣🀣 @AK please come and tell me what going on, this isn’t a dream, it’s actually happeningπŸ˜„:


    1. Niharika’s facial expressions are the best here, because I had the same expression too, like this entire precap was sooo unexpected, I won’t/ can’t imagine Diya doing something like this so yup, her expression was warranted. I hope they let Niharika just be a comedic character from now on, because being a villain doesn’t suit her at all in my opinion.

    2. @A
      The precap 😳
      Translation: Diya slaps Tina twice. She says that the first slap was for making her father go through all the pain. The second slap was for trying steal her husband and spoil her marriage.
      I usually don’t agree with slapfest most times let it be the leads or the villains. But I guess if anyone has the right to do that to Tina right now it would be Diya. She did suffer a lot. I did not expect this though. Niharika 🀣 Heck, even Madhuri was so satisfied to see Tina getting slapped.
      This clears it up, it’s no way a dream. Rkm doesn’t do dreams 😌

  5. @Sktee @S @Kitty @A
    Agreed. And with Tina facing insults as usual, we are back to proper rkm-esque episodes! I’d really like to know how Arjun figured it out. Did Diya talk to him? Did Mohan contact him? Did Pihu sell Tina out? More than Arjun, I loved Pihu today! Tina claiming that Pihu was lying and Pihu giving it back! “Tina madam you can be as stingy as you like, but don’t call me a liar.” And Arjun trying to hide a smile at that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Someone like Tina who probably belongs to the top 1% tier in the city, deciding to be stingy after all that she has done πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Pihu fighting for her due! Worker’s rights πŸ’―
    Then again, I feel ArYa as a couple have a lot more to work on. One hand, I’m glad that the misunderstanding cropped in early. Otherwise had it been after they fell for each other or something, I’d have felt really disconnected from them. So Tina is handed over to the police. If this goes by typical itv, then she’ll be back. But anyways, as long as they stand against her together, I’m happy. Also, any thoughts on what happens to badminton now? Hope Diya sticks onto her strong avatar with the family as well.
    Good luck to Pihu on fulfilling her dreams! Hope that Bombay, the city of dreams lets her live hers πŸ’™

  6. Arya Rocked!!
    Tuna Shocked!!
    I think diya was able to to to Arjun n convince that she’s real diya….Arjun saw pihu selling the jewelry nd like he said our diya would never do such things..mwaa Arjun😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 nd I liked Pihu for the 1st time today too @ AK
    Can’t wait for next episode!!
    Thanks for the precap [email protected] n 4 the translation 😊
    I hope Niharika gets exposed too tho

  7. I finally watched the episode! thanks for the translation @AK, I’m so happy you’re back with us here.
    I would really like to know how Arjun figured everything out. I was so happy to see his beautiful and bushy browed face again after so long!😭😭 I loved his facial expressions during his phone call with Tuna, I missed his 😐😐 face. He was dragging everyone along and had them eating out of his hands until he exposed Tuna, superb acting by him for sure. Diya is finally happy again after going through so much (it was about 19 episodes since Pihu has been introduced) and I’m happy Mohan is safe. Tuna will be back though, she’s rich and she get out of jail soon lol.

    As for Arya’s relationship, I’d like to see where they go from here, I’m so uncertain about where they are and how they see each other. I wonder what will happen with badminton too, maybe Diya will get another chance since she technically didn’t play the match and she has proof tooπŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ Plus, she’ll get the opportunity to get the proof of Arjun’s innocence back from the academy.

    Then there’s this whole angle with Luv and Deepika ugh and will Tuna take Niharika down with her? There’s still the next episode so we’ll have to see. I truly hope she exposes her. Because she said she would deal with Niharika if she failed her so now will make the perfect time.

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