Bigg Boss 15 15th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Salman takes Rakhi, Pratik and Tejasswi’s class

Bigg Boss 15 15th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
Salman welcomes everyone to the episode. He says a lot of things happened in the house. Let’s see.

In the House:
Tejasswi tells Karan that Pratik is not washing the personal dishes. Karan says then put them in the storeroom. Pratik and Karan argue. Pratik says they didn’t wash the pan yesterday night. Tejasswi says he left the pan last night so we had to wash it in the morning. Pratik says I will wash it, it’s just a pan, don’t cry. Tejasswi says he waited till the morning to wash it in front of me. Pratik says you are stupid. Karan says do you call your mom stupid? Pratik says you keep calling me a coward. Karan says your mother is stupid, don’t call Tejasswi stupid again. Pratik shouts at him to not go on his mother. Karan asks him to get lost, you are a *****. Shamita shouts at Karan to not go on his mother. Karan says if he calls Tejasswi stupid then I will call his mother stupid. Tejasswi says he is calling his girlfriend stupid so he will call his mother stupid too. Pratik throws away a plate and says don’t go on my mother. Karan says if Tejasswi is stupid then your mother is stupid too. Shamita takes Pratik from there. Shamita shouts at Karan that you are wrong here, you can’t attack his mother just because he is answering your girlfriend who is part of the show. Pratik comes there and says you both are stupid. Tejasswi says Pratik is losing it. Karan says I will keep calling your mother stupid, what can you do? You want to break more things? I don’t care. Karan says he started it, Devo says you can’t attack his mother. Tejasswi says Pratik brought up the stupid word. Rakhi shouts that he can’t attack his mother. Tejasswi says Pratik doesn’t care about his girlfriend so he can call girlfriends stupid but Karan can’t call his mother stupid? Shamita says what are you saying? Rakhi says you can’t compare a mother with a girlfriend.

Pratik sits in a corner. Rakhi says Tejasswi is provoking Karan more. Rashami tells Karan that Pratik’s mother is not here but Tejasswi is here, you were wrong here. Karan says I kept calling him to stop calling her stupid. Rashami says you are being illogical. Karan says I am tired of him not stopping so I had to remind him what he was saying.

On the Stage:
Gauhar Khan enters the stage. Salman dances with her. He welcomes her and says you are following the season? She says yes. Gauhar says it’s enjoyable, I love OTT members Nishant, Pratik and Shamita. I like Karan but Tejasswi has gone haywire. Salman says Gauhar went in the house and she revealed the trophy, let’s see.

In the House:
Gauhar Khan enters the house. She says it’s good to see you all. She says I am here to reveal the trophy. She asks Shamita to show it. Shamita takes off the curtain from the box and says it’s beautiful. Gauhar asks Karan. Karan says it’s giving me energy, we fought for this. Gauhar says you have to attract this trophy. Rakhi dances for the trophy. All cheer for her. Gauhar says next is Abhijeet, he says poetry for the trophy. Karan says poetry for it too.

Gauhar says I will call three people as top 3 and you have to tell which is not your tough competition.
Nishant: He is selected as a finalist and he has to talk about Karan and Tejasswi. Nishant says I don’t think Tejasswi is my competitor, she doesn’t fight in the tasks.
Tejasswi: She has to talk about Nishant and Rashami. Tejasswi says I don’t think Nishant is my competitor, he doesn’t have friends except for his OTT members, I have worked to make friends here. Nishant says you are scared of the tasks. Tejasswi asks him to shut up. He can’t hear the truth. She says Nishant doesn’t have an identity in the show, he doesn’t even fight for himself, I have worked hard in every task. It was easier for him as he already had friends.
Karan: He has to talk about Pratik and Nishant. He says Pratik is not my competitor, Nishant played a strategic game but Pratik’s game is simple.
Pratik: He has to talk about Nishant and Shamita. Pratik says Nishant is not my competition, I don’t care about others but Nishant has to please everyone.
Shamita: She has to talk about Rashami and Devo. She says I have given way more than them, they are not my competition. I don’t think Devo is my competition, Rashami has taken the right stands against Devo.
Rakhi: She has to choose between Tejasswi and Devo. Rakhi says Devo has just been fighting in the show. I don’t like Tejasswi but she gives drama to the show while Devo just keeps fighting.
Abhijeet: He has to choose between Devo and Rakhi. Abhijeet says Devo is not my competition, I had a good relationship with her but she kept attacking me for no reason. The way she fights with me is wrong.
Devo: She has to choose between Abhijeet and Rashami. She says Abhijeet is not my competition, he doesn’t deserve to stay in the house.
Rashami: She has to choose between Karan and Tejasswi. She says Karan is not my competitor, he doesn’t play for himself. He doubts himself a lot.

Gauhar says dream about this trophy and play well. She leaves the house.

On the Stage:
Salman asks Gauhar who will she support? Gauhar says I will support Pratik, he deserves to win the show. She leaves the show.

In the House:
Bigg Boss calls inmates in the medical room and takes their tests and temperatures.

On the Stage:
Salman connects the call to the house. He says you all had a test done and this variant is scary. We have the results now. He says the name of this virus is Knomicron. The patient likes to walk in herds, they think they know everything. This is dangerous for your minds and it takes you on the wrong path. Salman says some people in the house got affected by it which includes Rakhi, Pratik, and Tejasswi. All laugh. Salman says we will not talk about Karan.
Salman tells Rakhi that the virus is that you think you know everything in the house. You know what Karan and Tejasswi should do, how close they should be and how they should deal with Shamita. Rakhi says I just make guesses. Salman asks why did you tell Tejasswi that Karan would leave her outside the house and they shouldn’t be close in the house? Rakhi says I just said to not cross the line. We are also in the house. Salman says if you are jealous of them then don’t look at them. They are not crossing the line and people are liking them. Salman says you also guessed that if Tejasswi reaches the finale then Karan won’t win the show. How can you guess that? Rakhi says Karan becomes emotional for Tejasswi, I said he should focus on his game. Salman says you want Karan to win? Rakhi says Tejasswi is a threat for Karan. Salman says you also said that you know about the network and they will make either Tejasswi or Karan a winner and no one else has a chance. Rakhi says I have been coming back to the seasons but I never win. Salman says why not Shamita, Nishant or Pratik? Do you think you know it all? You also once said that the channel wants Shamita to be a winner. How do you know everything? We are all shocked, do you have an insider? Rakhi says I am just making guesses. Salman says you are giving lectures to others, you have become a principal in the house. You were entertaining in the show at first but now you are boring. Just come back to your zone. She says okay.
Salman says the next one with the virus is Pratik. He thinks the makers are ignoring him and they don’t care about him. He thinks if I don’t talk to him in the weekend episodes then I am ignoring him. I talked to you when you were going wrong. I brought Abhijeet in line last weekend because he was going wrong. Pratik says it was my mistake to pass that comment. Salman says you all are complaining against Bigg Boss and the makers.
Salman says let’s talk about Tejasswi who thinks she knows the results of every task. How makers are favoring Shamita. Salman says Tejasswi knows the results of the task even before the task starts. Do you know who is going to win the season? Tejasswi says I don’t know that. Salman says you know everything. Salman says we should tell Tejasswi to shut up. Salman says she doesn’t even value Karan. I supported you once or twice so now you are not valuing Karan at all. Don’t take him for granted.

Salman tells the inmates that you all think they know it all. Salman says we will play the misunderstanding task with balloons.
Pratik: He says Abhijeet thinks he can say anything ant it would be fine. He breaks Karan’s balloon and says he thinks he has to take a stand for everything. He breaks Tejasswi’s balloon as she thinks she knows it all.
Nishant: He bursts Abhijeet’s balloon as he thinks he can say anything.
Shamita: She bursts Abhijeet’s balloon as he thinks he is never wrong. She bursts Tejasswi’s balloon as she thinks she is always right, she passes personal comments and she keeps crossing the line.
Devo: She bursts Abhijeet’s balloon as he thinks he is nice but he is not.
Rakhi: She bursts Nishant’s balloon as he thinks I am not in favor of him because I didn’t choose him for the party. She bursts Abhijeet’s balloon as he curses a lot.
Rashami: She bursts Abhijeet’s balloon as he thinks cursing and demeaning women is entertaining.
Tejasswi: She bursts Pratik’s balloon as he thinks his game is smart. He can pass comments on others but he can’t handle it when those words are used for his family.
Karan: He bursts Pratik’s balloon as he thinks he can use any language but others can’t. Pratik says you think I would be fine with you calling my mom stupid. Salman asks Karan what did you say? Karan says he kept calling Tejasswi stupid. Salman says if you are stooping to his level then you are the same. Karan says my comparison was wrong, I am sorry for that. I just want him to respect Tejasswi. Pratik says she keeps cursing so I have to answer her back.
Abhijeet: He bursts Shamita, Devo and Nishant balloon as they use women’s card and keep attacking him.

Salman ends the call.

In the House:
Shamita tells Karan that you respect women, I know Pratik was wrong but don’t attack someone’s mother. Tejasswi was instigating you. Karan says nobody can instigate me, I know I went overboard but Pratik was not stopping. Shamita says Tejasswi was provoking Pratik also. I was shocked with your statements.

On the Stage:
Salman says we will have news reporters tomorrow. He signs off from the episode.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. This h*ramzadi tezaswi is getting on my nerves really,iske jitni insecure nd jealous insan nhi dekha myne aaj tk,wo shamita se jalti h,nishant se jalti,prateek se jalti h,rashmi aur umar se jalti h,yhan tk ki karan se b jalti h,such a cheap woman,she only knows playing victim or sympathy cards nd agr isse bat nhi bni to fir bnde ko physically seduce krke khud se attract rakho,phle vishal,fir karan nd nishant b…hr bnde pr try marna h ise aur fir rona b h ki koi mere sth nhi h,she keeps saying tht i m alone warrior,i don’t need anyone,but madam agr tum actually me lone warrior hoti na to 2 hafte b ni tik pati bb me,kyuki koi compatibility ya talent hi nhi h,even thy abhijeet is better than this flith…lone warrior kehte h divya ko,pratik ko,siddharth ko, gautam ko…teri g*nd me itna dam nhi h ki tu akele khel ske,wrna mar jayegi.bina kisi reason ke pratik se bhid gyi aur sirf bhidi nhi blki kk k samne dukhda rone lgi ki mere liye kuchh kro.
    I liked kk a lot initially in season but after seeing him being too much disrespectfull nd physically abusing to pratik,i started disliking him but still had a soft corner for him but today he lost even a bit respect left for him…he was in my top 2 list but now i don’t see him even in top 5…nd tejaswi ne uska sath diya is maa ki gali wali bat pr to tejaswi ko to kuch ni bol skte kyuki uski to parvarish hi ghatiya h gandi naali ka kida h wo

    1. Your too much!!! Just stop it pleaseeee,Teju Teju Tej everyday its too much,everything she does is bad? there is no any something good which you see about Teju??? I’m from Tanzania but I’m fed up with your hate!!

    2. Tht’s not my problem darling,jitni tum mere uske liye hate se paki ho usse jyada m uski gandgi nd jealousy se pak gyi hu…so i have to write all these here na…nd let me tell u one thing,the time bb15 started i started watching it only bcoz of tejaswi nd kk bcoz i liked her from kkk nd silsila serial,she was my favorite,nd i always liked kk after gumraah…so i didn’t came here with hatefull mindset,but tht tejaswi doesn’t deserve anyone’s love so wht’s my fault?

    3. You get yr language abuse in control

    4. Sorry baby,but i can’t

    5. Jayanti

      May God bless your soul 👍🙂

  2. Pratik must be very patient that he endures all this insult to his mother.

  3. Kenyan Indian Girl

    This f**king Karan is such a pain in the ass!!! Calling someone’s MOTHER who by the way is not a contestant in the show STUPID goes to show how f**king RETARDED he is!!!!Good Pratik kept his calm and didn’t fight with him because me i would’ve knocked his ass to the ground!!! And his so called SHITTY girlfriend saying if Pratik calls her stupid then Karan can also call Pratiks mother stupid is the DUMBEST thing i’ve ever heard!!!How can you compare MOTHER and girlfriend??? Is she alright in the head?? I hope her MOTHER has seen this and is SHAKING and putting her HEAD DOWN with DISPLEASURE!!!!

  4. Sakeenah

    Oh God Karan is a big fool if am Prathik i would have broken Karan’s face for calling his mom stupid…. Karan cant compair his gf with someone’s mom i think Karan needs a slap in the face by 1000 moms to give him a wake up call for that statement…..

  5. Varshni

    This show is becoming more idiotic than before! The best part is OTT trio love towards each other!
    Sending you positive energies shamita ❤️
    Lift BB15 trophy soon!
    And to all tej lovers you can love her I don’t mind but she is damn irritating and insecure that’s a known fact because I watch live feed 24/7 and those who say shamita is blushing or encouraging tejaran – she is just laughing it off because she is classy and doesn’t create a scene unlike tej! According to me TEJ is irritating and insecure!
    Manifesting SHAMITA SHETTY for the win

    1. Right…shamita has a class where as tejaswi is too much classless nd doesn’t deserve to be called as a celebrity

  6. Wow now KK is becoming idiotic TEJA chaprasi also. He is a big chutiya to call someone’s mother as stupid because he called his fake girlfriend stupid. That vicious lady doesn’t have brain anyways, where this item KK brain has gone. To all those blind TEJA follower’s, this is really insane supporting her gestures of proving KK to call prathik mom stupid. You all will know if the same happens to you. Rename this season as BEJA DA ROMANCE and make KK and Beja as finalists. This KK has lost respect now.

    1. Karan is disgusting. He us so jealous of Pratik as Pratik is young and looks a lot better than chomu Karan.

    2. the pathetic fake girlfriend has gone to his head. How cheesy this dumb couple are. Yuk. Vomit

  7. Ever since kk fell for teja he has become so stupid that he can’t tell when he is going wrong..Teja is cheap and one thing for a fact is that they will not last forever,with her insecurities and attitude they’ll not even reach this coming dec..Am rooting for either Pratik shamita or nishant to win as they deserve it..

    1. She is very cheap and very insecure. Karan is only using her to have an advantage. I cannot see him actually dating this cheap and insecure woman in real life. She is beyond irritating. Go away you nasty idiot!

  8. Karan Kundra know he is old, he is 37 years old who looks like 48 years old desperate guy. While Shamita Shetty is 42 years old, she still looks like 28 years old.Karan is so disgusting that he was happily insulting Pratik’s mom just like Tejaswini insults Shamita. But Karan and Teja don’t realize that neither Shamita nor Pratik are desperate to create Fake Love Stories to survive. While Devo did try to make an angle with Pratik, she fell flat on her face just like Umar fell flat on his face. This TejRan are actually DesperateAn. Disgusting Duo is an understatement. It’s shows the Kind of cheap upbringing Tejaswini and Karan had. While Tejaswini can happily go around Karan who insults her as she has no self respect. Karan just fools looking at Shamita though Shamita would rather care about her heels than look at Karan. Both Tejaswini and Karan mare jaa rahe hai Shamita ke saath love triangle banane ko.

    1. Tejaswi needs to go get lost. She makes watching this season unbearable. Her and her boyfriend have no class. Cheapsters.

  9. Karan said this about Pratik to Tejaswini ” Partik sabko G**nd Chata hai” Audience ko actually Karan ki G**ND Marni chaiye Partik ko winner banake.

  10. Stina

    This season is torture. Hope it doesn’t extend more now. It would been finale now if this season was not extending. Could have been free of this show.

    I don’t know how many of you have seen shamitha in big boss ott. If you have not seen please see and come here and comment. That woman mentally tortured divya agrawal in that season, even went to the extent of commenting on Divya’s boyfriend outside. She said divya and varun will never get married. I have seen how she controlled Rakesh here. So no comments on her. I have nothing personal about any contestants. They are getting paid to do this show. After this show, they will separate and get more work. That’s all, the end.

    1. Varshni

      I have seen BB OTT and I hope u know the theme of it- it’s connection game and Divya was desperately trying to break ShaRa ‘s connection! She was saying to raqa that u r suffocating in this relationship etc etc etc and even flirt at times! So shamita was angry and commented on her! So just a question- have u seen shamita flirting with kk anyday ? Or has she told to break up with tej anyday ? She always used to take tej side and make him realise her worth! That’s the main difference between shams and Divya! U have to see BB OTT and BB 15 and comment I guess

  11. Stina

    I hope people do realize disliking a celeb and spitting venom on a celeb is too different things. Both jasmine and hina had spoken how horrible it had been for them because of trolling and hate they have received. So it’s better that when the show ends, leave the hate here itself and move on by supporting your favourite. Right now disliking is fine but don’t spend your life and time disliking someone so much.

  12. Its weird that salman didnt show much anger to karan reg the stupid incident. Salman also said both r being liked by the audience..this will encourage both to do and say what they want. It was so wrong of karan to call pratiks mother stupid, just bcoz he wanted pratik to realize what he said. Im shocked at salman on this…he should have lectured karan. And karan saying sorry for what? Didnt he think before giving that comment? Even rakhi told karan he was wrong when he said that…so how karan, perhaps being more educated than rakhi didnt think before calling pratiks mother stupid. What a moron! And his gf is even more insane by saying if pratik is calling her stupid then karan can also call his mother stupid…and she calls herself smart? Where r the manners and respect gone of such ppl who call themselves smart and educated…shame on them and shame on ppl like them who dont respect elders. I hope the makers know viewers are not liking karan and teja and take a sensible decision on the winner.

  13. Tejaswi should be eliminated. She has no game or tactic. Just riding Karan’s coattails. She has no identity of her own. She just needs to go away. Get lost.

  14. Rooting for Teja ❤️

  15. Please Please Please let teja be eliminated, she is picking up fights fr no reason at all prolly to get more footage, playing sympathy card. She says she isnt but it is clearly evident. She thinks she is the only righteous person in the house and every single time she is correct and others r wrong, i cant believe they didnt mention teja hitting pratik with a tool, is this nt wrng? and then saying its fr her self-defense. She is dragging kk down too along with her. I honestly dont think she shld be ther, umar shld hv been in her place. This is just my opinion based on wht i m seeing, no disrespect to any1. We can agree to disagree. Used to like her at first but i def dont now. Rooting fr Pratik, Shamita & Nishant, if any1 deserves to hold the trophy its these 3, especially pratik <3

  16. U are spot on Alana. Todays episode was also furious and teja so irritating esp the fight with pratik. Its all on her face that she is too jealous of shamita and thinks too big of herself. Everyone said karan was wrong by sayibg stupid to pratiks mother and teja kept instigating him making no sense to what she saying herself. Both r such idiots and pathetic. Both r so shameless. If pratik had called tejas mother stupid, she wld have created such a big scene. At the end when shamita was trying to explain karan what he did wrong and that teja was instigating pratik further, karan just didnt want to accept it all. K and teja r both so annoying now..have no words left for them. Whoever wins from shamita nishant pratik will be the best…

  17. I agree KK did a mistake but pratik is not a saint he instigate most of the fight every time I’m sure his target now is Karan , he fight with everyone then cry, sympathy card
    Why everytime when he finished fighting he Cry ? BB stop 🛑 him pprrzzz
    Shamita promised to win on bike task why he was crying (sympathy card)when he didn’t do much on his bike even chain was not in, he was busy breaking Teja
    Shamita look older than Kk no doubt
    And she has to stop calling Kk secretly every time act like she give advice (she’s not social worker)why she’s not talking openly
    The new guest G Khan from beginning support OTT, she think the rest did nothing
    Her favourite is pratik even though he’s create most of fight
    Most of them said Kk play for Teja, reason, Teja got more task than Kk (KK VIP)so he support her vice Versa

  18. Teja n KK have shown their true colours by calling Pratik mum an idiot!!! Shame on them n hope Salman had raised this on WKW.They think they r the best n intelligent compared to others!!! Shitty Teja controls KK like a little puppy who barks for nothing but looses his mind like scattered brains. BB should get rid of them from the house soon.

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