Sinhasan Battisi 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,the lady tells raja bhoj this throne is symbol of justice wealth and goodness, raja bhoj after knowing abt this i wish to have this throne, the 32 powers in form of angels come to life n say this is impossible, raja bhoj says why, the angels says bcoz the person to own this needs to be equivalent to raja vikramadutya n needs to have his 32 qualities if u have this show us or else leave this place, raja bhoj says im ready to test these 32 qualities n a bright light emitted n raja bhoj finds himself back above the old fort, he goes back to his castle n gets ready for it, pallavi says raja why do u want this throne, raja says for my peoples happiness n their good future n i wish u stand by me n now i will return only when i get the throne n till then maharani pallavi u have to look after my people, maharani pallavi agrees n wishes raja bhoj a good luck, raja bhoj proceeds to old fort, the forces from skies take him back inside the cave, maha maya calls him n says raja u may even have to face death in this tests, raja says i know that im ready for it, maha maya says thats good i like ur determination but one thing this cave has entrance but no exit, raja says i will find the exit by my own after i win the throne by my qualities n maha maya disappears, raja walks all over the cave n while he does the cave comes back to life, he finds that the throne is missing n bright light emitting he follows it finds the throne at the top of a long staircase, while climbing stair case the angels ask him to stop, one of them says im jaylaxmi to win this u have to have the quality of might , u have to answer few questions n they are wat is biggest love for a king, raja bhoj says his subjects jaylaxmi says ur right even raja vikramadity loved his people n always took care of them, once while raja vikramaditya was amongst his subjects, he saw a huge asteroid which hits the city, rishimonis inform raja vikramaditya that this symbolises the destruction of the universe, raja bhoj says wat did raja vikramaditya do after knowing this, jaylaxmi says raja vikramaditya with his might helped the universe rescue, he examined all the conditions that symbolised the end of universe, raja vikramaditya aks the rishimonis why these symbols now, rishimonis says according to jyotish the end of universe hasn’t arrived yet, maharani chitralekha asks everyone to follow her n shows them asteroids falling.

Vikramaditya gets tensed about the situations.

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