Tumhari Pakhi 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Anuja and Pakhi having a heated argument. Pakhi says she is Ayaan’s mum. Anuja says fine, Ayaan will decide whom he wants, he sees Anshuman in Aryaman, as they are same blood. She says you are stranger. Bhaisa says sorry Maa sa and shouts. He says after knowing the truth, show me by making Pakhi marry Aryaman, if he is around my Ayaan, swords will come out. He says Pakhi, you have hidden this from us, I would have killed Aryaman who made my Ayaan an orphan. Anuja says stop it, he is my son. Bhaisa says she is my sister. Anuja scolds her. Bhaisa argues and says yes, Aryaman is your son, so you will speak for him, you are from Chittor, but not by heart, as you did not give him any values.

Anuja asks Ayaan to think and defends Aryaman. Veer looks on. She asks Pakhi to tell he wants Aryaman as dad. Ayaan says Aryaman can’t be my dad. Anuja is shocked. She scolds him for talking like Pakhi. She says Aryaman loved you and you are against him. Ayaan says Maa’s decision is right. Veer uncle can be my dad. Anuja gets angry on Pakhi and says you are ruining everything. She scolds Pakhi and insults her. Pakhi says yes, when I said yes to marry Aryaman, I was not your bahu, but your daughter, when I said no today, I became your enemy. You always said my decision is always right, it means Ayaan does not need a dad, I don’t need a life partner, it was all a lie, it means you wanted your son Aryaman.

She says you did all this game to get him back home. Anuja says she wants to talk to Veer. Veer and Lavanya go to her. Anuja says this is Pakhi’s plan, see her pride and ego, don’t know why she is Aryaman’s enemy. She asks Veer to refuse for marriage, and then Pakhi will marry Aryaman. Anuja shows her anger. Veer asks why did you not tell me Aryaman’s truth. Why did you do this with me? You did not tell me he is a criminal, that it was his hand in Ayaan’s kidnapping, that he is responsible for Anshuman’s death. She says its not important. Your work is to convince Pakhi to marry Aryaman.

He asks what do you think, I m your slave, I don’t support wrong, you made me guilty doing this, we have broken a small boy’s heart, you don’t care about all this, as you know if I know the truth, I will not support you. You need me to get Aryaman out of jail. I was fighting for wrong, as I loved my Bua and did not do any investigation. I felt you love Pakhi, it was wrong, it was a mistake. I should have understood that you did not care for Lavanya. He tells Lavanya that IT raid was fake, to pressurize Pakhi to free Aryaman. He says you are blind in Aryaman’s love. Anuja says Lavanya is my blood, she trusts me, she is not Pakhi, Pakhi is nothing to me, I have one daughter, that’s Lavanya.

Veer is shocked and says you were ready to sacrifice your daughter for your selfish motive. Lavanya says blood relation is true, you trust me, you are right mum. Anuja smiles. Lavanya says Aryaman is my brother Veer, I can do anything to free him from jail. Veer says now I got it, Pakhi is mad to ruin herself for strangers. Anuja says I don’t care, I was away from my children for 25 years. I don’t care about Pakhi, Aryaman should come in this house. Ayaan hears this and says Aryaman will not come in this house. He says you are very bad Dadi, you don’t care for me mum.

He says I will not let your son in this house. Anuja hurts him and raises hand to slap him. Veer holds her hand to stop her. Veer says stop it now, atleast don’t make this mistake infront of me. You are blind that you are slapping your dead’s son’ son. He says you are becoming a devil in a devil’s love. Veer sends Ayaan. Anuja asks Veer where are you going, your work is not over, Aryaman did not come home. Veer says you still think I will support you, your son is at right place.

She says I won’t beg you, but remember I won’t let Pakhi settle and be happy. Veer and Lavanya are shocked. Anuja says I will see how she will explain her son, don’t say yes to her. Veer moves her hand off him. He says I m going from this house with left respect. Maha ji talks to servants and says Pakhi took right decision, that Veer is right for Pakhi, Anshuman died because of Aryaman. Ashok says yes, Veer helps Pakhi in bad time and he loves Ayaan. They talk that Veer should agree. Veer asks for his luggage. Bhaisa talks to Girish and says my Pakhi has sacrificed her life in this house, no one is supporting her now, all turned her enemies.

He says if this did not happen before us, we would have not felt this pain. Girish says this is the bad thing, that you did not see this home before giving her here, Pakhi is a diamond but no one values her, take her from here. Veer hears this. Girish says Anuja’s mum is stained. Anuja says Veer and tries to stop him. Veer starts leaving. Girish stops him. He says you did all this by your cleverness. He says now all the truth is out, and we need you, and you are leaving in first train. Ayaan holds Veer’s hand and says you told me I need a dad and my Maa needs a friend, now we don’t have anything.

Ayaan asks Veer will he become their friend. He asks him to become his dad. Everyone is shocked. Veer goes upstairs. Pakhi is in her room seeing Anshuman’s pic. Veer comes to her. Veer scolds her for doing a wrong way to bring out the truth, what if he says yes to marry her, she will be bounded to him, who did wrong with her. He says what did you do, you troubled so many people, do you know whats going on, your Bhaisa and Bhabhisaa are begging to Girish, asking who will take care of you, they have hope from me, and Ayaan is asking me to become his dad, you did wrong to give them hope.

He asks why did you draw me in this, I will not forgive myself if you and Ayaan get hurt, you were right, but your way was very wrong. She says Ayaan is a small child, and when you played a game with him, you did not say this, now you are feeling it, I pulled you in this, you did all this, its all because of you. She says my son has hope in his heart, that his life was incomplete. She says you have shown wrong way to Maa’s desires, and you are saying I pulled you here, be ashamed. He is shocked and looks at her.

Veer says he is ready to marry Pakhi and he will always protect Pakhi knowing Anuja’s truth. He says I can assure Pakhi’s Bhaisa that she will be happy, I will keep Ayaan’s mum happy as she is doing all this for Ayaan.

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  1. Its going excellent….
    I think anuja should be thrown out of the house..
    She wants aryman back home even knowing that he is nor her son .
    Shame anuja shame.

  2. now this story’s track is becoming great loving it 😀

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