Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Pandal
Devarsh takes over as the MC for the show prganised on the occassion of ganesh chaturthi. chetali starts gloating of the performance that she is going to give. Devarsh announces baa as the first performer, much to everyone’s shock and surprise. gauri is stunned as to how this happened. ranvir joins them and asks gauri if she is okay, and gauri vouches that ishaani is fine. Amidst huge claps, baa makes her appearance for her performance, while all her family cheer on for her. ranvir meanwhile tries to find time to talk to harshad, while he is busy mingling with the guests, with baa’s eyes all over him. baa asks about disha, and knows that she she shall come later. baa is tensed and thinks that something is up and that she shall have to find it out. Chetali meanwhile refuses to dance with her husband, citing issues of his age.

chirtag again confronts ishaani, while she is with gauri. ishaani looks away, and gauri is visibly tensed. Finally they both walk away, while chirag smiles. before they can talk, they find alia and zain coming to be a part of their festival. Alia exclaims on the decoration. Akash and meethi join them too, and exchange greetings. Alia expresses her sympathy towards ishaani and she gets tensed. Gauri takes alia aside, and tells that chirag is here and she doesnt want ishaani to be distracted and needs her help. Alia takes ishaani with her to dance. gauri refuses to leave her, but ishaani asks her to go ahead. ranvir comes in saying that she shall be with him, and ishaani shall not be bored. All couples start dancing, alia and zain, meethi and akash, while ishaani starts coughing. ranvir goes to get water, while chirag takes this chance to stand beside her. ishaani is tensed. gauri and romil dance too. Chirag is asked by a friend, why he isnt dancing, and he says that he doesnt have a dance partner, as the one who was there, isnt there anymore. ishaani is tensed and leaves from there, while devarsh stops her, asking her to enjoy the dance. ranvir gets water and asks if all is okay and she complies. ranvir is tensed for her.

As the aarti begins, all take ranvir as he does it best. Ranvir finally takes in, as he prays to the lord to forgive his mistakes, and get everything normal again in ishaani’s and harshad’s life. Ishaani finds that ranvir is hurt due to beating too loudly. She then notices the fingernail wounds, and asks whats the problem. ranvir gives an excuse that it was a cat, but ishaani says that she knows that these came from a girl. Before ranvir can answer as she stands tensed, devarsh takes her away to dance. ranvir thinks that she would have to tell harshad.

Scene 2:
Location: Ishaani’s residence
baa comes, while disha is pacing nervously in her room. disha says that she couldnt come as she was sick. Baa notices the fingernail wounds on her hand, and disha refuses to divulge the truth to her. baa scares her reminding her the last time she burned her hand. Disha relates everything truely to her, while saying the she started getting jealous of ishaani, as everyone chose ishaani oevr her, and rejected her, even ranvir, and baa is shocked that disha, being such a family girl, chose a servant to throw herself at, and is about to punish her, but controls herself just in time, although she is in a furious rage. Baa says that she could have had ishaani being with ranvir, but taunts disha at her raging hormones which she didnt have any control over, that she could even settle down with ranvir, a servant. Disha is reprimanded that ishaani even being her best friend, was satisfied with jsut that. Baa tells her that she wont ever be able to be married, if this side of her gets out. baa asks disha to do just what she says, if she wants to salvage her respect even a single percent. Baa tells disha that ranvir was trying to tell something to harshad, and before that, she would tell falguni everything, just as she tells her word by word. disha scared listens and finally complies. Baa eyes her tensedly, as she leaves.

Meanwhile, harshad cxalls falguni asking whats taking her so long. She says that she prepared sweets after a long time hence got late. she hurries to get ready. just then disha, comes in and hesitatingly says that she needs to say something. falguni asks her to hurry up, while she starts crying. Falguni is shocked as disha shows her the wounds on her neck and arms. Baa sees them from the keyhole. Falguni asks disha who did this to her. disha pretends to be distraught and tells her that it was ranvir, and falguni is shocked. disha again reaffirms that it was ranvir. baa is amused to hear this, while falguni is unable to believe, as she stands shell shocked. baa thinks that he is gone now, for two things, first he loved ishaani, and secondly disha loved ranvir. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Falguni goes to harshad and angrily tells him about disha’s confession of her trauma, while he stands unperturbed. She is in a rage, as she finds ranvir coming in. Falguni comes and slaps ranvir, asking how could he do this. She asks him how dare he try and get physical with her daughter.

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