Laut Aao Trisha 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kushan says Lavanya with this party, we can know get back closer to our family.

Kabeer meets Amrita and says she went to Lonavla, but did not find the culprit there. He could not get fingerprints also as culprit cleared it from locket while washing it.

Kushan greets Prem when he comes for the party. Prem gives Lavanya her favourite wine. Kushan says he knows his wife better than him. Once he leaves, Lavanya asks Prem why did he bring her brand of wine an asks him to behave well as Kushan is acting weird now a days. Pratik comes to the party with Sanya. Sanya goes to meet Meghan. Lavanya asks about Amrita. He says she is not well, so she did not come. Kushan says he is right. Lavanya thinks she told Kushan not to arrange the party, but he did not listen her.

Amrita says she is sure Trisha is in Lonavla as she dreamt about her. He asks her not to worry, he will find her soon. She sees his sad face and asks him to share his pain. Kabeer gets a call and says he will leave now. He gives Trisha’s locket and says she can keep it and says even he believes it is Trisha’s as she believes.

Kushan serves wine to Prem, Lavanya and Pratik. Prem does not drink. Kushan says with just one drink, he will not gain weight and his infinite girlfriend will not leave him. Lavanya thinks why is he behaving weird. She tells him that their kids are not yet home. He asks her to give drink to Prem while he checks. Lavanya asks Pratik if he did not go to office. He says he had gone to police station to gather info about Trisha. She says his new secretary is nice, it is good he kicked out Neha. He gets embarrassed and goes to get a drink. Kushan brings Bobby, Meghan and Sanya down and asks Bobby/Meghan to meet their mama/uncle. They wish hello to Pratik. He does not reply them and takes Sanya to feed.

Kabeer’s psychiatrist calls him why did he miss his appointment. He says he is going to Lonavla. She says if he would have informed him beforehand, she would have joined him. He says he is going to find a criminal and says it is related to Trisha’s case, says he met Amrita regarding the case. She asks him to finish the work and call her. She then thinks she knows why he came back. Kabeer thinks why he came back and met Amrita.

Bobby and Vivaan look at each other but does not talk. Meghan asks Bobby to meet his best buddy.

Lavanya asks Sonali about Gaurav. She says she has gone for a business meeting and asks if she does not know about her office.

Abhay informs Kabeer that Patil is a criminal from MP and has many cases about kidnapping. Kabeer says that means we are in a right direction. Abhay asks why did he open antique shop then. Kabeer says he was trying to hide his sins.

Bobby greets Vivan and Vivan asks him to back off. Meghan asks them to go out and fight. Vivan asks him to listen to his sister, else he will trash him right there.

Amrita reminisces Trisha requesting her permission for a college trip and then asking her to take care of herself as she will be going to her in-laws anyhow. Amrita smiles. Trisha asks her to keep smiling, else she will be upset. Amrita looks at her pic and says her mamma is going through a lot of pain and asks her to come back to her mamma.

Precap: Pratik says he cannot act being normal and says they should remember his daughter is missing. Amrita says Pratik that she speaks to Kabeer as he understands his emotions.

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