Sinhasan Battisi 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 23rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,the real samrat is hit by an arrow and sees tat he is trapped by the fake samrat while chitralekha is seen praying for samrats life and then fake samrat then says tat he could not hide for long time while the real samrat says tatyes he is right and now no one can stop him from killing him and both the samrat start fighting with each other
Then chitralekha is seen talking to her parents tat from last two days she is seeing bad dreams and feeling scared for samrat then her mother asks her to do mahamritunjay jap while her father says tat he will send someone to get the message from Ujjain and chitralekha starts the mahamritunjay jap and samrat is seen fighting when the real samrat hits him he himself gets hurt then the fake samrat tells him tat if he wants to kill me then he has to kill himself real samrat then tries to attack again but gets hurt himself and then the real samrat decides tat for now he has to somehow escape from here and he has to use vivekshilta to do it and he then disturbs the honey bee nest and they go around the fake samrat and disturbs while fake samrat tries defending and the real samrat finds a way out and escapes chitralekha is sen finishing her mahamritunjay jap and her mother assures her tat all her problems will be solved soon but chitralekha request her father to let her go to ujjaini.
The real samrat during nights time meets varhamirji and then varhmirji says sorry to real samrat for not recognizing him samrat says tat he should not be as it is not his mistake and varhamirji tells tat he cannot see the shadow of the fake samrat and also tells tat he is not from this plannet while samrat asks varhamirji to go back to palace and keep an eye on every moment of the fake samrat
In palace the fake samrat has been hurt by the attack of honey bees a doctor comes to him and asks to use this medicine but the fake samrat in anger throws it and asks him to leave he then goes towards the balcony and calls the bhadraka to give him power he gets all the power and all his wounds are cured and he then talks to bhadraka while bhadraka says tat yet he has not killed the real samrat and then tells tat he will have to come to kill samrat now and then bhadraka asks the fake samrat to bring all the poojaris at the place where they pray god and do poojas for him and only then he will be able to come. Varhamirji sees all this and he understands its all bhadrakals game .
The real samrat is seen in jungle thinking how he will get rid of this fake samrat and he then thinks tat by using vivekshilta he can get help from maharani chitralekha but how will he call her as it will take 10 days for her to arrive and then he decides to concenterate and sent his soul to bring her here and then his soul travels to chitralekha and chitralekha is also surprised to see him and samrat asks her to come with him and she takes permission from her parents and leave after reaching the jungle chitralekha sees tat samrat is injured and asks wat is wrong and also tat y has he brought her here and not in the palace samrat then tells her wat happen when he came back after leaving her at her fathers place chitralekha then tells tat she will now go to palace and clear the confusion but samrat asks her to not reveal the truth and using vivekshilta they will trap him and asks chitralekha to act as his wife with him in palace chitralekha agrees to it
The fake samrat is seen along with all the poojaris and purohits in the hall and asks them who is the creator of this world and the poojari tells tat it brahma,Vishnu and mahesha and so they pray their gods idol in temples while samrat ask them have they heard about bhadraka they all say no and fake samrat tells them they will know about the power of bhadraka soon and asks them to remove all the other idols of god and only pray and do pooja of bhadraka a poojari refuse to and he gets burnt and turn into ashes seeing this all the other poojaris get scared
The real samrat meets varhamirjji and asks about has he observed anything varhamirji tells him tat he is definitely not from this planet and even gains power from some other source and has also planned to remove the idols of other god and only pray for bhadraka while the real samrat ask varhamirji to go back and look into all this and then asks chitralekha to go to palace and try to stop the efforts to pray bhadraka as their god and chitralekha agrees and wen leaves samrat stops her and tells her to be alert as he is sending her in danger zone while chitralekha says tat its also the exam of their relation as husband and wife

Chitralekha is seen entering palace and she sees the idol of bhadraka in the pujaris hand and asks them wat is this they tell her tat this is the idol of bhadraka and maharaj samrat has asked them to do pooja of this god here after .

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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