Hamari Sister Didi 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Amrita comes to Karan’s cabin with the letter. He was busy with his work on laptop, she asks what is this Karan. He looks up at her and stands up. She repeats what this is. He is silent, looking at her face then says this is true. She asks what is true in it, He says it is written in it that. She smiles. He looks at her smiling, and asks why she is laughing. She says sorry, then says she has worked with a lot of doctors and knows doctors have a bad hand-writing but he has beaten everyone; she doesn’t understand a word of it. He asks she couldn’t understand a bit of it. She denies, and asks if he can. She asks to tell her, what he has written in it. He says he is telling just that. She asks what he is thinking about, and then gives it to him to read. He reads looking at her, that I… thinks if he was able to say it, why he had written the letter. He says she does a lot for hospital and the people here, so he wrote a letter of appreciation for her. He sits on his chair. She asks is it a ‘thank you letter’. He nods. She asks him not to make her ashamed, and if he has to give it, he must give it to all the staff. She further asks if he couldn’t say it as such. Malika comes and tells to Amrita, that Vivek’s mother is much worried, she told Vivek there is time in test reports. Karan asks which reports. Amrita says she asked them to take general tests. Karan scolds her, but she says anyone can have any illness these days. Karan is angry, and asks the logic. Amrita leaves the room with Amrita. She scolds Malika outside, to say it in front of Karan.
Vivek’s mother is tensed, how she can go from the world so soon. She hasn’t seen her grand children yet. She asks Vivek that he will get her treated, no matter how much it costs her. Amrita and Babay hear this, they come in the room. Vivek asks about the report. Amrita begins to tell him in a sad way. His maa says she knows she has cancer. Amrita says what has happened to her, isn’t treatable. The lady is worried, and asks what she has got into, crying. Amrita tells Vivek that his mother’s kidneys have failed. The lady shouts in pain and cries. Vivek is worried too. Amrita says she has to get kidney transplant. Vivek says he will pay for all the money it takes. Amrita says they know he has a lot of money, but they need a kidney donor. If they know someone, who can donate kidney he can find it. Vivek offers to give his kidney, Amrita says his blood group doesn’t match. Babay asks Amrita to go to look for kidney donor.
Babay curses Vivek’s mother, outside. She is selfish. Amrita calms her down, and says she is being so delicate. Neha comes asking she heard that her kidneys have failed. Babay asks why she is concerned. Neha says she is her mother in law. Babay asks her to go home with her. Neha asks her to stay here, if she needs her. Amrita asks Babay to talk to Seema, if Neha can stay here. She tells Neha to keep her care as well. Neha says she knows, but maa ji cannot bear a little pain even. Seema agrees that Neha can stay with her. Amrita takes a leave from her. Amrita asks for her bag, and keeps the letter in it.
At home, Sooraj was sitting saddened. She asks what he is doing, he doesn’t speak. Amrita asks why is he sad. Sooraj tells her to go, he doesn’t want to talk to her. She promised didi to come soon, but she is so late. Amrita goes to talk to Khushi. Khushi was crying, on the bed. Amrita says she will just make the project for her. Khushi and Sooraj both laugh together and says this was her punishment. Amrita gets serious, and scolds that they didn’t think their mama was so tired. No one thinks about mama, don’t give her a glass of water, but only complains. Amrita asks are they the only one to punish, then laughs. The kids hug her. Amrita says she punishes them, that they will wash the utensils. She heads to go to make delicious food. Sooraj says she has to come to school, as he has cricket. Amrita promises to come.
Karan thinks that the letter has been useless. He thinks about taking her out, somewhere. Dimple comes to talk to her about Amrita. Karan says he is not ready to do umpiring right now. Dimple complains that Amrita got some other tests of Mrs. Chabra. She says the lady is going to have kidney transplant, she says she will begin the paper work for transplant. Karan tells Dimple he will talk to Amrita. He wonders Kidney transplant.
Mehr comes with Veer on bike, says he must take care of her. He says a lonely person needs someone to take care of. Babay comes to Malika who watched this. Babay tells her she will also get someone like Veer. Mehr takes a leave, and goes inside the hospital. Mehr hugs Malika and Babay, Malika goes in. She asks about the plan, Babay says it was Amrita’a plan and had to run.
Amrita ties Sooraj’s tie knot, he is excited about the match. Khushi asks 10 rupees, Amrita asks her to take them from her purse. Khushi finds the letter and wonders what is this about. They keep it inside and goes out.
In the hospital, Amrita tells Vivek’s mother that a man can not do when fate interferes. The lady cries, Vivek says he is with her. Amrita says they have to look for a donor, sometimes you find it really quickly but sometimes you have to wait for years. Amrita says it is all about one’s doings, may be she has mistaken sometimes. The lady says she has never think about anything wrong for anyone. Amrita asks her to focus, maybe sometime. She notices Vivek lost too, but her mother denies. Amrita says that sometimes it takes time to recognize ones own mistakes. Vivek says to her mother that this is happening because they did this to Neha. The mother accuses her of bringing illnesses to the house. Neha hears this.
Amrita says Good morning to Karan, he asks her about the kidney transplant patient.

PRECAP: Karan says to Amrita that this time he won’t allow her, Amrita say he may try.

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