Tu Mera Hero 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Titu’s mother treating his wound, and asking him to close his eyes. She keeps the bad sight off. Titu smiles seeing her care. His mum says its big wound, Titu would have been much hurt. Everyone smile. She asks Titu to say what happened at that magic show place. Panchi recalls the first meeting with Titu and feels it was very romantic. Tujhe Dekhe to ye jana Sanam …………plays………. Titu tells everyone about the bull coming there, and the body was of bull, but the soul was of her bahu. His family smiles. Panchi’s sister says pandit ji is coming in morning to fix mahurat. Panchi says I m, very happy, are you happy too, give a big smile. Rachna says yes, he is IAS, he earns well, what does a gerl want more. Panchi says you did not mention love. Rachna says you and love… Panchi tells the imp of love.

Titu tells his mum about Panchi and their first meeting on the stage. He says the girl fell in my arms. Panchi says he is like Sasha Khan, and makes all three Khans. She smiles and says my love story has begun. She says the love story would have begin earlier, but the guy was here, in love city, Mathura. Rachna asks what does he do, whats his degree, as degree brings food and security. Panchi says she just hears the love bells right now. Rachna says its our door bell rings. Titu’s mum sees his foot’s bad sight black thread breaking, and says the protection thread is dropping, so the bull got after you.

Titus dad comes home and his mum gives him tea. She asks why is he so annoyed. He says what should I do then on Titu’s deeds, he has spent Rs 1 lakh in magic show in one night, and I m helpless, in which Nakshatra was he born. Titu says he senses love in dad’s words in this anger tone, and says the lines of his dad. His dad says why did the bull not hurt him more. Titu says his mum’s lines. Titu asks Pinky to leave and start the cooler. His mum says Titu is resting. His dad comes to his room and sees him sleeping. He says lets go, and stops. Titu smiles, acting he is sleeping. His dad drags him out and beats him.

His dad calms down by Titu’s cousin Laali, who is a very responsible guy. His dad says Titu’s BA result is coming third time, if he fails this time, he will not spare him, Panchi’s dad prays to Lord about Panchi’s result. Her mum prays for Rachna’s marriage. Rachna thanks Lord for a good proposal and prays for a rich and wonderful life. She wishes she saves for insurance and FD too. Panchi prays to get something special, and wishes to make her meet her hero of her dreams. She prays that she wants to know more about hero. Titu’s dad sings bhajan. His grandson gives him newspaper. His wife asks why does he not sit anywhere. He changes his chair. He says yes, and taunts her on Titu. She says he is your son too, and we are lucky to get him. He says its good we don’t get child like him in every birth.

Titu spits after mouth wash and it fells on Laali. He gets scolded. Titu says the result is on three things, come here, I will say. His dad scolds him. he says fine, I will come downstairs. He says professor’s wife will be first one to contribute, if she makes good food, then professor will be in happy mood and give me more marks, and second will be his inlaws, if they come to his house, he will give me less marks, and third one will be my Mahi, Dhoni, if he hits century, professor’s mood will be good. His dad says says great, you get ready fast, go to temple and pray that you get good marks, else I will not leave you. He holds Titu’s ears and scolds him with love. Titu smiles.

Titu’s dad tells him to score well this time, else he will lose his bike. Titu gets worried. His mum signs she will manage everything. Panchi sits to have breakfast and seeks perfection in break and jam too. Rachna says Panchi won’t get less than 80%. Her dad asks her to get 85%. Titu drinks milk by straw. His mum asks him to get 50% and his dad will be pleased. Titu says whats the difference in numbers, I m not friendly with them. She says fine, don’t get worried, get 40%. He gives his reasoning. She says not less than 35%, this is final. Panchi says the food is not perfect. Rachna looks on. The pandit ji and his daughter Rajni praise Panchi.

Panchi shows her designs to Rajni. She asks how did she get on the magic show boat, I came to know this, and I was so jealous that you are lucky that he has saved you, I wish the bull saw me. Panchi asks do you know him. She says you are in Mathura and don’t know Titu, every girl dies on him, you are so lucky. Panchi smiles and asks more about him. Rajni says he is magical and very famous, loving…. She leaves. Panchi gets glad and says so whats this name, and turns to ask. She runs after Rajni to ask. She stops Rajni and asks his name. Rajni says Titu. Panchi hugs Rajni and gifts her. She smiles saying Titu….. its like ringing bells in the heart.

Panchi’s dad comes to Titu’s home and talks to his dad Ashish Agarwal. Titu and his friends looks on. Panchi’s dad says you are celebrating BA result happiness. Ashish says yes, my son scored very well. 88%. Panchi’s dad asks how can you believe if Titu says, and shows the marksheet, with 38% marks. Titu’s dad Ashish is shocked.

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