Sinhasan Battisi 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 22nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,adityanath declares tat he will marry chandramukhi tomorrow itself and asks everyone to start the preperations while raja bhoj prays mahakal to help him succeed while chandramukhi is in her room talking to herself where her one part reminds her about the task given by baluch raja but her other part says tat she is a lady and she can say truth and be real raja bhoj loves me eve though he knows tat she is a vishkanya while her other part says tat she should think of raja baluch once before taking decisions coz raja baluch may kill her but then chandram\ukhi decides tat she is not scared of anyone and no one can separate he from raja bhoj and not even raja baluch and if someone tries to do so she will kill all of them
Adityanath is seen in a mandap for marriage raja bhoj comes and asks y is he marrying before the decided date adityanath then says tat he cant take any chances now and so wants to get married to chandramukhi soon while raja bhoj says tat if it affected its future then but adityanath then says tat if he thinks of future wen will he live his present and so he will marry her now and there comes chandramukhi in her regular dress adityanath gets surprised and asks her to go back and get dressed as bride but chandramukhi says to adityanath tat she does not wants to marry him and adityanath gets shocked listening to this he asks her and plead her not to behave this way and chandramukhi leaves but adityanath stops her and asks wat went wrong chandramukhi tells tat she doesn’t love him while adityanath pleads her and asks to tell the real reason and then she tells tat it was trap by raja baluch to kill him and she is a vish kanya adityanath gets shocked listening to this and chandramukhi leaves.
Raja bhoj goes and meet dhvani and brahmdat and bhoj tells dhvani tat he has played a game of love with chandramukhi and saved adityanath from chandramukhi but now he is hurt as he is been betrayed in love and so now u have to take care of him while dhavni says tat she will definitely take care of adityanath as for a friend if u can do so many things then as wife I can take good care of him and leaves while brahmdat warns bhoj about the trick of love played n chandramukhi they needs to be very careful and then there appears a dasi and gives a letter from chandramukhi raja bhoj reads it and it says tat his love has changed her to be a real women and now she wishes to spend her entire life with him and so she is waiting at the borders of kapilnagar to go along with him.
Adityanath gets crazy in palace as he feels betrayed and hurt and he calls his soldiers and ask them to stop chandramukhi as he will kill her while there comes maharani dhvani and tries to stop adityanath but he doesnot listens to her and rides on a horse to catch chandramukhi the soldiers get hold of chandramukhi while she asks them wat they are doin and then there comes adityanath and says tat till now she has seen his love and now she will see his hate while chandramukhi asks him to stop as it is not an difficult to kill all of them alive hear but as she is a changed person she wont do it but adityanath asks his soldiers to attack her and chandramukhi kills all of them as she is vish kanya and then she fights wit a sword with adityanath and defeats him and adityanath fells ina mud lake and is drowning while chnadramukhi leaves him to die and goes to Ujjain to surprise raja bhoj
There comes dhvani near the mud lake and she makes effort to save adityanath but gets stuck with adityanath and raja bhoj sees this and decides to help as it is the dharma to save his friend in all situations and so he throws a support rope and saves dhvani and adityanath and bhoj then says to aditynath tat true love is what maharani dhvani has for u she never left u even in a bad situation while adityanath says sorry to her for his mistake and thanx bhoj for his help and both promise to be friend for life.and adityanath warns him about chandramukhi as if she got to know the truth she will go crazy and raja bhoj says tat he will keep this in mind.
While chandramukhi reaches Ujjain and asks a passer by that where is palace of raja bhoj and he directs her and chandramukhi reaches the palace while the dwarpal stops her from entering the palace but she enters the palace forcibly and calls raja bhoj asking him to come and meet her as she cant be away from him and then there comes maharani vallari asking wats the matter and the guards tell tat this lady enetered the palace forcibly but then vallari asks them to leave and asks the lady wats the matter but chandramukhi tat who is she and wat is she doing here while surprised by her question maharani vallari replies tat this is her house as she is the wife of raja bhoj and listening to this chandramukhi gets shocked and shouts at vallari tat raja bhoj loves her and so here after she will be the maharani of Ujjain and tells tat she is chandramukhi while vallari reminds about chandramukhi by referring the incident with adityanath and then she says too chandramukhi tat enough of this stupidity and she can leave now chandramukhi gets very angry at this behavior of vallari and is about to attack her but is stoped by raja bhoj.

Chandramukhi is asking bhoj tat y did he loved wen he was already married and raja bhoj is trying to explain her the real meaning of love showing him devi sita and devi parvatis portraits how they contributed for love.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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