Bigg Boss 8 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 22nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

day 122 (continued)
bigg boss calls everyone in garden, everyone comes in garden, bigg boss ask nominated inmates to stand on their positions, as its time for surprise nomination, bigg boss says one will go today, but if they wanna say anything before going out then they can now, Pritham says that i am sorry if said anything to you, this is not end but start to new journey, this is not the only wordl, there are many worlds so we will meet there, Dimpy says i have learnt many things in this house, w can find many friends in world but dont forget me as you wont get one like me, all claps. mahke says i enjoyed my stay here, i got many friends, specially Gautam, he is very nice person, i got to laugh in house, i enjoyed alot, Karishma says i have seen alot of things in this house, i enjoyed my stay here, i fought too specially with Gautam so if anything bad i did then i am sorry Gautam, bigg boss thank you for making me meet a friend like Upen. bigg boss now time for eviction, igg boss says that PRITHAM YOU ARE SAFE and first finalist, KARISHMA IS SAFE TOO, and from dimpy and Mahek, according to votes, MAHEK IS ELIMINATED, bigg boss ask mahek to pack her things and come out of house, Karishma, Dimpy and all inmates hug her, she says to Gautam that be strong and dont cry. he nods. Pritham says to Karishma that i am finalist now. Gautam says to mahek that thanks for being there, you were very nice, she hugs Gautam and says always smile, she leaves the house.

Day 123
song Sai bolta aye starts playing. inmates wake up and dance.

Ali says to Sambhavna that Gautam started faimly thing, thats when i got triggered, he said that i got beaten up by people, it hit me so i said that you have boyfriend too outside then it hit him too, Sambhavna ask from where you did come up with, Ali says i created this story, Sambhavna says but why would he got provoked by it? person get provoked only when there is something in talk which can trigger him, in garden Gautam is sitting alone and singing thora sa mera dil bura thora bhala hai.
Upen says to karishma that Gautam is sitting alone and is isolating him, Upen says he got angry on very person last night, Karishma i told him many times to not get affected by Ali but he didnt listen to me, Upen says he forcefully wanna show that he is alone in this house, i am isolated, i will say him that he is not alone, as human it doesnt look good that one person is sitting alone.

Pritham says to Ali that you were not wrong, it is strength to see if you can provoke anyone or not, it happend to me to in hijack task, i was alone in that task, Dimpy provoked me verbally and you didnt say anything for me, in this task, he was not provoked but his ability to absorb things got over so he is giving reason that he is provoked then he left the game and said that Pritham you are friend wso i am leaving task for you, he left the task as he was provoked not for me, Upen says that Pritham also said to Ali that dont provoke him, Pritham says in end he tried to make me guilty that i am leaving task for you, Ali ask who is Gautam? the owner of bigg boss or what, why we are discussing him so much.

Upen ask Gautam are you feeling alone? you are not alone, Gautam says not not a problem, i am fine, Upen says wll want to see you happy, housemates and your fans, Gautam says i dont act liek happy forcefully, when i happy you will get to see it, if i am happy inside then it will look on face, i am not Ali, to act all smiling even when i am not happy, Upen says he is sorry, Gautam ask to tell him to not come to me for sorry, he will get punished by God, i am not god, Upen says you can forgive him, Gautam says never, tell me if you are asked that you will get 1crore then will you abuse others for it? Upen says no, Gautam says i am common person, living here, i dont know about game and all, Upen says i know that but you cant forgive him, Gautam says i am no one to forgive him if God cant forgive him, if Ali had said things to Karishma then, Upen says if it was game then KArishma woul have not lost it, Gautam says there was no humanity in anyone when Ali was saying things, Upen says all were speaking against Ali, Gautam says when i said a slang to KArishma, whole house went against me because she was a gilr, why? cant guys get hurt? you can say anything to guy, no one stopped him, Upen sys all were fighting for you.
Sambhavna says when i joke with Gautam he get angry and snapped at me, he get angry on me on things of others. Pritham says i have felt same thing in this house.
Upen says to Gautam that you are cornering house, all are feeling bad for you, Gautam says then why they didnt feel bad at that time? Upen says it was task, ali was doing his act, he was trying to provoke you, Gautam says nobody was provoking Pritham, Upen says nobody have personality like Ali to provoke, Gautam says they wanna play they can but God is playing his game, i am hurt that people are so shitty here, if he is asked that he will get 2crores then will he slap his father too? Upen says no he will not, its not about Ali, Gautam says i know how Ali is, he can do anything, he can hurt anyone to get money, he can hit on any level, i am normal human being, he throws glass and says i get hurt here, Upen says but you can hold hand who is extending at you, Gautam says no need.

Upen says i am leaving, Ali says Karishma cant even give you a kiss, you give 200 kisses daily but she cant, Karishma what nonsense, Upen says ok i will leave then, he takes his bags to leave, he says i cant even get kiss in this house, Karishma says i dont likethis kissing, Upen and ali come n garden with bags and ask to open gate, he ask Upen to give him kiss, Ali ask to atleast give him kiss on cheek, Karishma ask ali are you his lawyer, Ali says yes, Upen says door will be opened, i will leave else kiss me, Karishma kisses on his cheek, Upen gets happy, Karishma blushes.

bigg boss its time for nominations, as Pritham won the torture cage task so he gets immunity and get into final week of show, he is captain too, Karishma can nominate one person directly, bigg boss ask Karishma whom she want to nomiante? Karishma say i want to nominate Ali, i supported him whole season but he always talk on my back, also he is strong contender too, bigg boss says now Ali and Pritham cant be nominated, Upen is guest so he will not be part of nominations. Pritham is called in confession room.
PRITHAM: bigg boss says this nominations is important, you decisioncan affect your winning. bigg boss ask whom you wanna save? Pritham says Gautam, as Gautam always allege me about friendship, i think this can make him realize that i am his friend.
GAUTAM: he says people forget humanity here, no one say to other that you are using bad words but i have to save one person, but i saw Karishma, she was there to support me, Gautam says there is no one in this house who is on my side but still she took mu side against Ali even if fake but she spoken my favor so i save her.
SAMBHAVNA: she says i want to save Karishma, i have no issues with her, i get postive vibes from her.
RAHUL: he says i want to save Dimpy he, says she have seen many nominations so i wanna save her.
ALI: he says i wanna save Gautam, i am feeling bad about yesterday, i played game with him, it was not good, he is deserving too.
DIMPY: she saves Rahul and says he was my weakness when he entered but now he is my strength.

bigg boss says now nominations are done. ALI, SAMBHAVNA (with no vote), RAHUL AND DIMPY (with one votes) are nominated. Gautam and Karishma and Pritham are in last week of show. Gautam and Karishma congrats each other. Ali ask Pritham whom you saved? he says Gautam, Ali says i saved Gautam too, Gautam says i saved KArishma, Karishma says how sweet, thank you Gautam, you deserve a hug, she goes and hugs her, Upen jokes that dont hold her tight. Karishma then thanks Sambhavna for saving her.

Ali says to Sambhavna that Dimpy is feeling bad as you didnt save her, Sambhavna says she didnt save me too but i am not questioning her, she saved Rahul too, Ali says she is in shock.
Dimpy says to Upen that Sambhavna fought with me in 1st week, then in next week, she was like i am your friend, she used to give me things and says you have taken Sana’s place and used to say that i will prove my friendship in nominations.
Ali says Dimpy was saying that you have problem with karishma, Sambhavna says no i never had problem with her.
Sambhavna comes to Dimpy and says Ali said you ave problem with me, Dimoy says why you didnt save me? Sambhavna ask did you save me? Dimpy says did karishma save you? Sambhavnsa sy she didnt get option, Dimpy says if she had got it then she would have saved Upen, Sambhavnsa sy i dont want to clarify, dimpy says you dont have any clarification, Sambhavnsa sy we started talking like that only, its not friendship, Dimpy says i am very possessive about friendship, i am hurt, that people hurt me like this, Sambhavnsa sy clarify things but dont act for sympathy, dont say that i am not good friend and all, you are fighting unnecessarily, i dont know why she is making issue.
Ali sys to Upen that fight started, Pritham says this is happening only because of you, you made them against each other.
Sambhavna ask Dimpy why you didnt save me, Dimpy says if it had been no rahul then i would have saved you? Sambhavna says why Rahul? Dimpy says Rahul is important, i had to save him, Dimpy says you were acting like my mother, being over ncie to me and now for saving you chose Karishma? Sambhavna ask why you are crying? there is nothing to cry and if you accepted me as friend then you would have saved me instead of Rahul.
Rahul ask Ali what you said to Sambhavna? Ali says i just said that Dimpy have problem so solve it, Sambhavna says to Upen that Dimpy wanna look good and cry that all are not nice with her.
Dimpy ask Ali why you said to her? if i have problem then i would solve with her, why you are suggesting her to talk to me, Ali says it was Upen who asked Sambhavna to talk to Dimpy and clear with her, dimpy ask Ali to stop irritating, if i have any problem then i will clear myself, Ali says it was Upen who asked Sambhavna to talk to you, Karishma ask Ali to not lie, Upen says it was Ali who said to me that Dimpy is upset with Sambhavna, Dimpy ask Ali why you keep trying to make everyone fight, Ali say it ws not only me, Upen says if youy have said Sambhavna about Ali then accept it, stand on your point atleast, Ali says so i am saying that i told the thing which only Dimpy told me, he starts imitating Dimpy and says it was she who came to saying that why Sambhavna didnt save her and all, Dimoy ask ali to stop it as its irritating, she says i will throw water at you, she takes jug in her hand but Upen stops her. Dimpy says to Ali that there is limit to everything, why you have to come in everything, Ali says now you have come to your low standard, Dimpy says i dont wanna talk to you.
Dimpy says that Ali tries to put fire between two people, it was he who came to me and started this thing, Ali says it was you who said that you are upset with Sambhavna, Dimpy says if i share with you something then you will tell others, Ali says yes this is my game, i will do it, dont discuss things with me, dimpy ask to leave from here.

there is task “remove gap between relations”, Rahul, Karishma, Dimpy and Upen will buy things for each other, to show their feelings, Karishma buys T-shirt which have “I love my girlfriend” written on it, she says this shirt shows our relationship, then Dimpy buys a rose bouquet for Rahul and says you sued to say that when i smile i look liek roses so in this house i smile less so these roses will make you smile. all claps. Upen buys ring for Karishma, Upen says to KArishma that this ring can be fake but feelings in my heart is real,when we will go out then i will make you wear real ring, Karishma hugs him and smiles. Rahul buys Saree for Dimpy and says that you were looking most beautiful girl in Saree on our marriage day so i want to relive that memory so buying this SAree, Dimpy get emotional.
Upen and karishma hug, Karishma ask did you like my gift? he says it was very nice, he says our foundation is strong, i will you real ring outside, my feelings are genuine.
Rahul hugs Dimpy slightly, Dimoy says to Pritham see how he is, he wants to hug but is shy.

karishma is crying, Sambhavna ask what happend? Upen comes to her and hugs her, Pritham and Sambhavna ask them to go in private place. Upen makes Karishma sit on couch and ask why you are crying my love, she says i am fine now, he ask to give him a look, she looks at him, Upen ask t give him chance, Upen says you look very nice when ou cry and smile together, Karishma ask are yu sure what you are doing? he says yeah, Upen my love is eternal. Upen says i accept you the way you are.

PRECAP- Gautam says to Pritham that if i abuse your wife then will you liek ti? then why were you silent and thought that Ali was joking with me when he was abusing me? Pritham ask to not bring his family in it, Gautma oh now its hurting you because its about your family now, what about me? Pritham shouts and says what is this way to clear your point by bringing my wife in it, you have problem then solve it with Ali, Gautam says to Rahul that am i not hman, i was called ***** ***** but nobody stopped Ali. later there will be task between challengers and champions for 25 lacs, Gautam and Sambhavna have to pass hook from a track, if hook is touched with track then there will be blast. later Sambhavna and Dimpy fight, Sambhavna slightly touches Dimpy’s face pushing her back, she says this women is so much, Dimpy says i never abused you then why you are doing os, Upen and Rahul tries to hold them back, Sambhavna says you are fake, you are taking divorce outside and here doing drama of love.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Karishma u.u deserves to win

    1. weloveukarishma


    2. A person
      who don’t know who is president of India ..
      who don’t know who is narendr modi..
      Who don’t know what is 2+2×5 ,
      who don’t know in which state Lucknow is situated
      Whose GK is poor even than a class 4 child
      even Salaman said Amir’s PK & KT’s GK is very popular
      who is self centers & choose make up over some one basic need
      & top of that she got upen just to creat headlines here….
      so KT Is deserving candidate to win BIG BOSS

  2. yes i agree wid ruhi

    1. Gauti is a clear winner because he is natural and he is too hurt like pritam karishma dimpy and above all the drama queen ali . gauti is not fake he is genuine person and taking his space .

  3. I believe if any one of you stand on a single position will be appriciated. And after that if some one will comment you for seck of money you will realise what wrong happen with gautam. You people are just assuming didn’t realise the pain so uttering some nonsense thing against gautam. See everyone have self respect and if he feel hurt due to that incidence he kept himself isolated. Then what is wrong man he is not going to fight with anyone even not inviting anyone to mess with his personal thought. Then why other players are trying to be in touch with him. Because they want to show up that they have sympathy with gautam ,i mean for what where your sympathy lost when ali was uttering slang words and few fool viewers are realy appriciating it. Viewers please grow up friends in need friends in deed. And no body feel such because they were feeling if we lost the money then don’t let gautam get this. That was strategy because everyone jealous with gauti. And that’s the hard fact. …

    1. Yes i agree wd u aditya. every body is playing even sambhavna and pritam also gauti is doing right.

    2. Is everybody in this house hv a selfrespect he/she wll stand fr themselves. gautam is right.

  4. guys karishma will be the winner this time 🙁 bcos it was the deal made before entering the bigg boss house.. everything is scripted. gautam will be in 2nd position 🙁 karishma tanna ne bigg boss ko paisa khila diya hai… no matter how much u vote gautam and do not vote for karishma.. sab bakwaas hai.. reality show k naam pe paisa kama raha hai bigg boss

    1. Hrishika u r right.
      i got to know this news last week sorry couldnot post it here before

  5. it may b rumour ….guys keep voting for gauti ….we love we love gautiiiiii

  6. Gouti z ri8….Dis z not Gud…. yr goutam..ignore by Awl housmte… !! Ali Abused gouti…. !! which z not gud .. and der LSO a big fault of pritam… !! he have to understand it

    1. Sonali u r right . Let d people understand what they r doing . Because everybody in d house hate d fact that gauti is a genuine person and they r playing safely to avoid d friction wd him. ALL THE BEST GAUTI .U R RIGHT EVERYBODY IN THIS HOUSE IS SELFISH . NO MORE FRIENDSHIP IS THEIR IN THIS HOUSE. WISH U LUCK.

  7. weloveukarishma


    1. Gauti is a clear winner.

  8. gg shud b da winner…………………..and he deserves it………………

  9. karishma tanna love u


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