Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 22nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Neil and family packing their bags and leaving towards airport. Agam says he need some gyaan from his love guru Karan and will meet them directly in airport. Karan takes him to Ragini’s house. Agam rings door bell. Naani opens it. He touches her feet and takes her blessings. She hugs Ragini then and says if he would have taken Neil’s permission, he would not have allowed him to come here, so he came with Karan without informing him. He says Naani that he will miss her dhoklas, sister like Nishi, friend like Arav, but will mostly miss Ragini’s scoldings. Ragini reminisces scolding him. He asks her to come and meet him in US. He gives Nishi a dress and asks her to wear it on her wedding day. Nishi starts crying. He asks if everything is alright. Arav asks him to take back dress as Nishi’s marriage is broken. Arav asks what does he mean. He says Jignesh’s parents broke marriage as they came to know about Ranbir’s arrest and did not want to marry their son in a family whose son is a criminal. He told mom not to get Ranbir arrested, but her rules overcame my pleas. Agam is shocked to hear that. Nishi says he does not know all this as he is with dad and does not know hardship of life, hopes she was also staying with dad. Ragini asks him to go back to Neil, else he may miss flight. Karan asks Ragini why did not she inform him about Nishi’s marriage breakup. Ragini says she does not want anyone’s sympathy. Agam touches Ragini’s feet, but she does not bless him. He sadly walks out with Karan. Sunny tai says poor child has both parents but cannot get their blessings.

Agam meets Shilpa and wishes her to get well soon. He tells Aman that everyone is blaming mom, but he knows she is not wrong. Aman says he felt good hearing someoen taking her side and tells him what happened.

Ragini prepares food and asks everyone to join her. Nishi says only she is hungry. Arav says he is not hungry and walks into his room. Nishi says Ragini that she should celebrate with desserts after breaking her marriage and continues tongue lashing her. Aman comes there and asks her not to misbehave with her mom. Nishi asks him to back off as it is family matter and he is an outsider. Ragini asks her to stop misbehaving with Aman and go to her room. Nishi angrily walks from there. Ragini apologizes Aman. He says he is feeling bad seeing her children misunderstanding her and walks out. Ragini say since Neil came back to their life, their life is ruined, good he is going back.

Agam reaches airport with sweets. Pam asks him where was he. He says he went to buy to celebrate Ranbir’s release. She gets happy. He feeds Ranbir sweet and says he is proven innocent and tells Neil that he should be celebrating more as Nishi’s marriage is broken and his belief over Ranbir is intact. Nishi’s marriage broke because of Ranbir. Ranbir asks him to stop rubbishing. Neil asks what is he talking about. Agam tells Ranbir made accident and left Shilpa to die on the road, mom got him arrested, but made Shilpa to change her statement to stop Ranbir fall in Neil’s eyes. Dimpy asks how does he know all this. He says he went to Ragini’s house with gifts, but came to kow that Nishi’s marriage is broken because of Ranbir. Nivedita asks why did Shilpa change her statement. Agam says mom did not want Ranbir to be punished, she just wanted him to realize his mistake, so she requested Shilpa to change her statement. He says Ranbir that mom considers him as son, but he does not, Nishi marriage broke as they consider him as Nishi’s brother. He says Neil that Ragini hid all this as she did not want Ranbi to fall in his eyes. Neil reminisces scolding Ragini and insulting that she lost her challenge, so he will take take Arav with him to America as her punishment. He tells Pam that until Nishi’s marriage happens, nobody will go from there and walks towards parking lot, leaving vamp Pam and her puppet vamp Nivedita irked and Agam happy.

In car, Neil feels guilty reminiscing beating and insulting Karan for the mistake he did not do. He asks him to stop car and get out. Karan comes out and asks what happened. He starts slapping him again. Dimpy tries to interfere, but he asks him to stop and asks Karan why did he lie to him and says he would have broken down hearing Ranbir’s mistake, but he does not like mistaking his friend. He starts crying and says he became hero by following his friendship, but made him villain. Karan says he did not want him to hate his son, he hugs him and gets emotional too. Dimpy says it is very difficult to find friends like him. Neil asks Dimpy to take Pam home while he and Karan correct the mistake he made.

Precap: Neil asks Aman to help him convince Jignesh’s parents to agree for Jignesh and Nishi’s marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow,nyc

  2. Awesome:)

  3. Something good happening at last, would you guys pls let Neil know his Sister Pam’s truth that she broke their marriage up and reconcile Neil and Ragini because they still love each other

  4. Sumant Kumar Singh

    Nice episode. You are great Agam. You have proved yourself a good son as well as good brother. Neil will soon realize that there was such misunderstanding in both of them which lead divorce…..

  5. I hate this serial because my eyes always wet . Don’t want to miss a single episode

  6. suppppeeerrbbb epi… that ugly sister needed to realize how stupid see is…ugghh loved it now just amans truth comes out…..ittt will b awesome… that he and ragini are not married

  7. Pls someone say the retelecast time plssss

    1. Thankyou so much rian

  8. gayu @ 8pm mon to thu.


  10. can any one tell me the back grond song name of this serial

  11. great serial with superb acting n feeling..just loved last episode..towards the end was too good, sp. Neils feeling very well expressed..waiting for Pams n Amans truth to be revealed..

  12. was absolutely one of the best episodes i’ve seen on tv for a long time.this programme is stunning ,touches on such delicate issues in such a honest way.right now this is the best show on tv.i’ll enjoy it while i can because at some stage as with all soaps it will be spoiled,but for now 110 percent

  13. Can anyone tell me which is the song that plays when agam touches ragini’s feet?

  14. i love this serials it is the best someone please tell neil that ragini is not married.they need to get back together.I love the two awesome they make a beautiful match

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