Sinhasan Battisi 20th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 20th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,in old fort where chandralekha tells raja bhoj that this was how raja vikramaditya was known for his justice and vanishes from there devi mahamaya appears and asks wat does raja bhoj thinks about the justice made by raja vikramaditya he saya that he is best of raja in todays era and has done fine justice then devi mahamaya asks raja bhoj a question wat kind of justice he will do if it’s between human beung and animals will it be the same or partial suddenly raja bhoj sees that someone is targeting arrow towards a pigeon and saves him he gets to know that its a lady who is targeting the pigeon he then tells her that its a life weather its a pigeon or a human being and she should not kill it she then starts crying and tells him that he is doin injustice by not letting him take away the pigeon as it will affect his husband somehow raja bhoj then assures of her doing justice with her too and asks her wat does she wants then the lady asks raja bhoj to give her gold equal to the pigeons weight and then both of them along with the pigeon go to an landlord and they measure the weight of pigeon and all the ornaments that raja bhoj has with him but it does not weighs equal and then raja bhoj has to give away his crown to weigh equal the lady and the landlord try to stop him but he refuses and even after keeping the crown it doesnot weighs equal to the weight of the pegion and raja bhoj then decides to sell himself to give equal justice to everyone the landlord then asks raja bhoj to wait until its evening so that people will gather the landlord then tries to convince raja bhoj to let all this go but raja bhoj replies that he won’t do injustice to animal he will do equal justice to an human being and animal also and the lady is actually devi mahamaya
Then raja bhoj seen seeking attention of the villagers and tells them he is here to sell himself and bet higher so as he can work for them villagers around ask whether he can work in farms or can he prepare ornaments or can he prepare weapons but raja bhoj doesnot know any of this and peole refuse to bet on him and leave raja bhoj is tensed requests god to help him then comes a person who enquires about who is here to sell himself the person introduces himself as chandal who works at cremation ground and asks him whether he can work him raja bhoj gets ready to work and all that he will get in return a single roti the lady then asks how is he going to give her gold on the return of just a one roti she then tells raja bhoj that till tomorrow evening he has to give her the gold or else she will kill the pigeon

Chandal tells that now its his duty to see that the bodies that come to cremation ground for burning he is the one who will serve them with the wood and all other required material to do the rituals

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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