Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 20th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 20th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
vishesh says I am sorry aashi, I hide the truth, you were very happy seeing your parents here so I couldn’t tell you truth, aashi says thankyou and runs from there, vishesh is tensed.
in Raghu’s house, women ask sahil who is he? she says why are you interested in vishesh’s life, what you want from him? sahil says we don’t want anything from vishesh but we are trying to protect our friend from him and we followed Raghu and now I know that you know many things about vishesh, lady looks down.
prabha and Vishnu tell ashish that they were robbed on street and lost the money, ashish is angry and says now money is gone, why you took money on street like this, you don’t even know how I managed to give this money, why did you leave alone, you could have asked me to give it to lawyer but no you want to prove all that I am not a good son, mansi says I am listening fro the first time that thief came on bike and took the money, Vishnu says what are you trying to say that we are lying, ashish says I don’t know anything but one thing is clear you don’t care about my hard earned money and you don’t want to listen to me, you are stubborn, I cant bear you mistakes from now on, you expect anything from me now, I have had enough of your stubbornness, he leaves from there, aashi listens al this hiding behind gate, she is in tears, prabha and Vishnu are hurt. aashi comes out of house and thinks that if they know that I listened everything then they will feel bad, she rings the bell, prabha and Vishnu comes out, aashi says can I come in, I know you didn’t want to hurt me that’s why you didn’t talk to me well that day, I have come to know that there are problems between my parents and you for property.
Rajiv tell sunil that aashi didn’t give him money, he says aashi got to know that we are trying to take property of old man, sunil ask who told this to aashi, Rajiv says there was one guy in house, he told this to aashi, sunil thinks that I should put phone off as ashi will call me. matter has gone forward.

Scene 2
ashi says to prbah and Vishnu that I didn’t know that maater has gone to this extent, thank go vishesh told me truth, I will talk to parents, they cant do wrong with you, Vishnu says tears doesn’t suit you, aashi says no, they cant do wrong with you, Vishnu says we are no one to your parents, we can fight with them but you are their daughter, you should not fight with them, aashi says no I will call papa now only, she calls sunil but phone is off.
sahil gets to know something about vishesh from lady, he says how can this be possible, kannu says its good that truth as come out. vishesh says thinks I told truth to aashi but I don’t know where is she.
Vishnu gives gift to aashi, he says you bought it for you parents but you left it here, prabha says your parents will feel happy to see this gift, aashi is in tears and says I will leave now, she recalls how ashish misbehaved with Vishnu and prabha, she thinks I cant leaves them alone like this, I have to help them, she says to prabha and Vishnu that don’t take me wrong but… I am sorry frm before only, she takes out money and gives it to Vishnu, Vishnu is shocked seeing money, aashi says please take this money from my side, this is ten thousand, take it as loan, because of my parents you are in problem and ashish is also.. prabha ask how do you know ashish is angry with us, Vishnu ask did you listen our conversation with him? aashi agrees and ask them to take the money, prabha says you always know what we need without our saying, you always care for us, we don’t need money, its enough for us that you care for us, Vishnu says to fight with your parents, we cant take money from their daughter only, its not good btu we will remember this thing forever, only you can think like this and only you can o this, prabha ask her to put money back in her bag, aashi puts it and goes from there.

Scene 3
aashi comesback to house and finds sahil sitting there, she says finally your mood is fine, aashi says you know what happened today, sahil says no I will tell you something and I am serious, aashi ask sahil what happened? everything fine? sahil sternly says I want to tell you something about this great guy, aashi turns and vishesh is standing there, I have proofs against him and know the truth too, kannu, me and bantu investigated together and we got to know about his truth, aashi says stops it sahil, sahil says no, shail shows lady’s picture and ask vishesh to tell who is this girl, vishesh is shocked, sahil shows picture to aashi too, aashi says to vishesh that answer him today, he will keep rubbishing about you so please answer him once for all, sahil says I will tell who is this girl, this is the girl who filed case against vishesh for assaulting and misbehaving with her, she used to be girlfriend of him, her name is neetu, aashi ask vishesh what is sahil saying, aashi ask sahil to stop it, vishesh says no, is truth only, sahil says I met this girl and she told us about her relation with vishesh, he ask vishesh to tell truth, aashi says I don’t know anything but I know vishesh doesn’t need to give explanation for anything, vishesh says no, its needed, I will tell everything today, I met neetu in college and we liked each other, we started loving each other, flasbacks are shown, vishesh says then she went to indore for her cousin’s marriage but after her turn she didn’t take my call for ten days, flashback shows vishesh going to neetu’s house, vishesh is shocked to find that neetu is getting engaged, he says this cant be possible, she cant dump me like this, vishesh went to neetu’s room where she is getting ready for her marriage, she is shocked seeing vishesh, vishesh says when I reached neetu’s house, I lost my senses and then I… aashi is shocked. he says to aashi that this is the truth, you accept it or not. sahil says this is truth but its half truth, the half story is remaining which vishesh has hidden from the world, sahil says yes vishsh was in neetu’s room on her engaged, they fought that neetu is getting engaged, flashback shows neetu saying to vishesh that she loves him a lot but her father fixed her marriage with other guy and she cant say no to her father, please go from here, vishesh says you didn’t think about me for once, you did wrong by hiding truth from me, neetu ask him to go, vishesh holds her by shoulder and says its not late even now, we will talk to your parents, we will make them understand, neetu’s parents come there and is shocked to see her with a guy, neetu’s brother ask vishesh how dare he come in his house and harass his sister, he beats vishesh, neetu tries to stop but couldn’t.. sahil says vishesh didn’t say about his relationship with neetu as all relatives and family were there as it would have destroyed neetu’s image and her family’s respect so vishesh took all the blame on himself because he loves neetu and couldn’t bear neetu’s image getting tarnished. neetu’s brother filled case against vishesh for assaulting her sister and vishesh spent tree months in jail for this false case. fb ends, sahil says vishesh didn’t tell this truth to anyone because he didn’t want that any problem come in neetu’s married life, neetu has told us this, fb shows neetu saying that vishesh is very nice man, he went to jail for me, because of me he spent months in jail that’s why I asked Raghu to bail him out, I couldn’t do more than this for vishesh, fb ends, sahil says vishesh didn’t do anything with neetu, he is innocent, sahil and aashi smiles.

PRECAP- aashi shouts in her room, vishesh comes there and concernedly ask aashi, is she fine? aashi looks at him, she ask him to go out of her room, vishesh is confused.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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