Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 7 20th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 7 20th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kara Johar starts the show instead of the hosts. He welcomes everyone for the spectacular performances of the four finalists of JDJ7, Mouni Roy, Ashish Sharma, Shakti Mohan and Karan Tacker. Karan Johar starts the dance act on the song Lets rock……………Mouni joins him and dances on the song Radha teri chunri…………….Ashish joins and dances with Karan. Next comes Shakti on the song Yeh Chori badi drama queen hai……………Karan Tacker joins them on the song Saturday Saturday………..Everyone clap for the finalists. Varun Dhawan comes on the stage and hugs Karan Tacker. Manish and Ranvir welcome everyone. Manish says the judges will give the scores today in two rounds, and the scores will be added to the audience vote. Finally, the final figure will help us get the winner on JDJ7.

Bharti comes on the show and dances on the song Pink Lips…………..Manish asks her why did she come here. Bharti says she came to see everything on Jhalak is fine, and still junk Manish is here. Bharti greets the judges and is rude to Remo. Bharti says Remo has fired me two years before in the show. The scene gets funny. Bharti calls all the girls on stage. She compliments Sophie for her lips. She gives some thing to each of them. Bharti takes a selfie with them.

Bharti says she will be the judge in next season and taunts on Remo. For the first round, the finalists start coming for their act. Shakti Mohan comes first. Ranvir says Tusshar is with her.

1. Shakti and Tushhar
Dance Form: Contemporary and Krumping
They dance on the song Dum Maaro Dum……………. From the movie Dum Maaro Dum.
Manish says this is first round, if the judges’ scores and votes get you to second round, then you can go ahead.
Karan: It can be anyone’s victory, rumors are already out, I feel like pressurized, I enjoyed your performance.
Scores: Remo 9, Madhuri 9, Karan 9. Total 27.
Neeti and Mukti join Shakti on the stage and sings Lejayenge Lenjayenge……………….

2. Karan Tacker and Bhavna
Dance Form: Paso Doble and Freestyle
They dance on the theme song of the movie Blue.
Madhuri: Its finale today and its like everyone want to do their best, Karan’s journey is great, Karan is super hot, you performed very well, fantastic.
Scores: Remo 9, Madhuri 10, Karan 10. Total 29.
Karan Tacker says its strange feeling, I can’t express, I did not think I will have privilege to be in finale, I m happy and thrilled, mixed of emotions, thanks everyone.

Manish says the auditors have come and the result will be calculated soon. Manish says Remo is equal to wind. Remo dances on the song Slow Motion angreza…………….Shake it like Shammi…………… and a robotic dance act. Remo says dance with heart without any reason. Manish asks the judges to comment on Remo. Karan calls it perfect and Remo’s best act. Madhuri says a banging act. They ask Bharti to say something. Bharti tells about their breakup in London. She says he used my comb on his beard. Remo laughs.

3. Ashish and Shampa
Dance Form: Parkour and Freestyle
They dance on the song Khalbali hai khalbali……….. from the movie Rang De Basanti.
Karan: Ashish is consistent, he is a tremendous actor which helps him in performance, concept was genius, and execution was brilliant. Lots of luck.
Scores: Remo 9, Madhuri 9, Karan 9. Total 27.

Manish says Ranvir will not be here in some time, as his video is out, see it. Ranvir says about Manish taking all the space and the judges who is excited even if iys late. The video shows the judges making Ranvir dance and getting irritated. Ranvir says Karan is right, we are a family and shows the opposite view. The judges also backbite about each other. Ranvir tells about the real stars, Manish and him, who got bad taunts by the judges. Ranvir says we are still a big family. Everyone laugh seeing the CV.

Madhuri speaks about the Nayak Anil Kapoor. Anil does his performance on his famous dialogues and song Jai ho…………………Anil says when someone teases a beautiful girl, I shake hands with such love. He suppresses Manish’s hand as Madhuri complains about his flirting. Manish says he just jokes, he teases Karan too. Anil promotes the movie Khubsurat starring Sonam Kapoor. Anil joins the judges. Ranvir says the final contestant’s act for the first round is Mouni and Puneet.

4. Mouni and Puneet
Dance Form: Indian Folk
They dance on the song Deva Shree Ganesha………………..from the movie Agneepath.
Remo: Amazing choreography and strong performance. Mouni is a great dancer now.
Karan: I remember she cries in her first act, I felt she is weak hearted but no, she emerged as a strong contender.
Scores: Remo 9, Madhuri 9, Karan 9. Total 27.

The score board after first round:
Karan Tacker -29
Shakti – 27
Mouni -27
Ashish -27

Manish asks the finalists and Anil to come on the stage, and asks what will they do if they were invisible to everyone just like Mr. India. Karan Tacker pulls Karan Johar’s cheeks. Ashish taunts Manish for holding Madhuri’s Pallu. Ashish says he will say today as he is quiet since three months. His statements are true and hilarious. Mouni says she wants to take the trophy and they stop her. Shakti says she will become invisible Sridevi and dance with Anil. They dance on the song Kaaante hai kat te ye din ye raat………….I love you……………. Bharti comes on the stage and is given a chance to get invisible. Bharti goes to Remo and kisses him. She hugs Karan Johar and Anil Kapoor.

Ranvir and Manish call the Oomph queen Sophie and Deepak for a special dance act.
They dance on the song Jumma Chumma Dede……………….. from the movie Hum.
Manish starts flirting with Sophie. Karan Johar gives him romance and love tips. Anil and Madhuri come on the stage to show their charm. Anil says he will die if Madhuri does not stop him and say she loves him. Madhuri says she loves him, before he counts 3. They dance on the song Ek do teen…………… from the movie Tezaab. Karan requests Madhuri to dance on the song O Ram ji, bada dukh ……………. Madhuri and Anil perform. Everyone clap for them. Karan Johar says his dream got fulfilled.

The movie Khoobsurat’s trailer is shown. Anil talks about the movie. Anil gives them the letter having the names of the contestants who are going ahead in second round and asks the host to open after he leaves. Ranvir says he will be announcing the Terrific Three. Manish calls the challengers Salman and Lauren for a fabulous performance.

They dance on the song India Wale…………..from the movie Happy NewYear and Jhalak Dikhla Jaa title song. Ranvir says the first round is over and the finalists wants to know the result. They come on the stage. Ashish and Shampa qualify for the second round that’s called the Relay round. Next is Karan Tacker and Bhavna. The third and final one is Shakti. Mouni leaves the show.
Remo says this is it for Mouni and Puneet. Mouni cries. Karan asks her not to cry, as she is magical. Manish says the three finalists have to get ready for the Relay round. CNWK’s Dadi, Gutti come on the show. They dance on the song Dil garden garden hogaya………………
Madhuri performs next on the song Main Tenu Samjhawan Ke…………………Aaja Nachle…………. Dola Re Dola………….. Choli Ke piche kya hai…………….Ghagra………… Medley. She dances so gracefully and stuns everyone.
Manish asks Karan Johar to dance and Madhuri and Remo join him. They dance on the song Rock and Roll Soniye……………… Manish talks about Bigg Boss 8 and its promo is shown.

The final round starts for the Terrific three dancers who have to perform non stop, with scores from high 10 to low 8. The judges have to score them. All the three contestants starts dancing one by one. Ashish Sharma and Bhavna dance on the song Hud Hud Dabangg…………….Karan Tacker and Shampa dance on the song Aunty police bula legi, abhi party to shuru hui hai……………… Shakti and Tusshar dance on the song Menu Yaar na Mile to marjawan………………. They together dance on the song Jashne Ishq…………………The final act of the JDJ Season 7 ends with this performance. Everyone clap for them. The Relay round is over and judges are deciding. The final results are to be out.

Karan says Remo will be reading the result which is a combination of our opinions. Remo says it’s a great journey for all of us, the relay was amazing. The scores are:
Shakti gets 8 marks. Ashish gets 9 marks and Karan Tacker gets 10 marks. Manish says the auditors are calculating. Karan says this fight is between the two guys, as Shakti got less scores, it’s a tie between Karan and Ashish. He says if we see the audience votes, the winner will be one. Karan says I have a winner’s name in my hand. He says the winner is ………………….Ashish Sharma.

Ashish Sharma gets the trophy of JDJ7. He gets Rs 30 lakhs and Mahindra XUV 500. Ashish’s wife joins him on the stage and hugs him. The Season 7 of JDJ for 2014 ends.

Update Credit to: Amena

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