Sinhasan Battisi 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 18th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,sunanda pointing the arrow towards raja vikramaditya but she releases the arrow upwards and wont hit raja on this raja vikramaditya asks y did she do so sunanada replies tat her husband was killed and for that sake she wont kill a raja and let his people in the kingdom suffer she cant punish someone who is not guilty raja vikramaditya asks sunanda wat about the justice to this sunanda replies that this would remain a loan on him and her entire kingdom ujaine and she leaves
Into the old fort devi chandrakala tells raja bhoj tat this is how raja vikramaditya did justice foro justice he sent his wife to jail listening to this raja bhoj replies that he feels sorry to say this but this is not justice justice means satisfying the victims wish to get justice and after wat sunanda did it wont be called as jusitice
Then raja vikramaditya is seen removing his crown and other belongings and keeping it on the singhasan raja then tells virah mir ji that he is no more the samrat of this kingdom and sks him to look after the kingdom virahnir ji refuses to wat raja vikramaditya is requesting raj avikramaditya then tells that he will be a normal human being till he dosenot clears the loan given by sunanda
Raja vikramadity is seen with maharani chitrakala where maharanisays that this is not right as she is the culprit and y is raja punishing himself raja then says that now he is not the samrat of this kingdom and he will be satisfied only when he gives justice to suananda for her husbands death maharani then tells that she is the culprit and pleases give her punishment as whatever it may be she will accept it raja then takes her leave .
Into sunandas house inlaws of her husbands sister are their talking ot prajapatii that now thisrelation is of no meaning prajapati then saya that her daughters life will get ruined and already he has his son s=dead so do not break this relation but they wont agree and give the wealth to prajapati which he gave to them for his daughters marriage and the inlaws say that this relation wat happen because there is no one in the family to earn a proper income so now they r not equal to them and leaves sunanda runs behind him to stop him but he leaves, prajapati is seen crying and worrying about his daughter sunadaris future sunanda when returns back to home she sees raja vikramaditya at her door she asks that why is here raja vikramaditya replies that he is here to help her and to pay her loan listening to this sunanda starts crying and aska raja to go away as she is very much in problem after what maharani chitrakals crime of killing her husband. Raja vikramaditya requests her to let him help her and sunanda asks him can he bring back makrand to his family and if he cant do this then she asks him to go back and closes the door of her house people outside her house gather around raja and starts blaming him for killing makrand and letting his family into so many difficulties people saya that such person should be given death punishment and say tat he should be hit with stones followed by death
Into old fort devi chandrakal says wat kind of justice is this that made raja vikramaditya the culprit where raja sacrificed his kingdom and his life devi chandrakala then says that she did not like the justice made by raja vikramaditya as he would have given the victims family wealth as it was required for that family raja bhoj then repliesthat she is right but he cant give wealth but that wealth was not his but it was his kingdoms wealth and the mistake was his and not the kingdoms fault devi chandrakal says tat he would have told the crowd that he was a samrat raja bhoj then saya tat he has sacrificed his kingdom as raja and he is an ordinary person
Into the crowd raja vikramaditya is been hit by stones seeing this sunands son runs to his hiuse and tells his mother tat people outside have gone crazy and are saying to kill samrat prajapati then asks everyone to stop this and no one would kill him and asks everyone to leave prajapati then requests samrat to leave and not increase their difficulties raja vikramaditya then says that he is here to decrease their sorrows and to help his family prajapati then asks him to leave if he really wants to help raja then then tells prajapati till the time he dosenot sees happiness on his familys face he will not leave and starts working and building pots for their family makrands son is watching him do work and goes near him sunanda sees that and calls his son param back sunanda asks raja wat is he trying to imply by doing this wat does he wants to prove raja replies tat he is here to help him

A man form sunands kingdom says to prajapati that its his familys turn to serve brhmdev and they take away his son param is then seen in an fort frightened and requesting not to kill him and then there arrive raja vikramaditya

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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