Maharana Pratap 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 18th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Priest chants some mantras after which he invites Pratap to sit in the mandap. Pratap takes his place and the rituals begin with the priest chanting holy mantras. Everyone looks on happily.

Saubhagyawati and Phool bring Ajabde. She is holding a kalash in her hands. She stops in her tracks. I will not be able to do it. pratap is anyways disappointed with me. he could have come inside anyhow to talk to me. Phool apologizes to her. I had tried but he dint gave me any such signal. Ajabde is scared but Phool firmly takes her to the mandap. You cannot back out now.

Priest calls for the bride. Everyone turns to look at Ajabde as she makes an entry there. The girls first pray to Ganpati. Pratap is trying to catch a glimpse of Ajabde from the corner of his eyes which doesn’t go unnoticed by Hansa. She teases him that he cannot see the bride this easily and that too without reaching the mandap. He hears the sound of Ajabde’s anklet and is all alert. Ajabde greest US and finally stands before Pratap in the mandap. He does not look up which makes Ajabde sad. Hansa makes her sit. Just when Pratap looks in Ajabde’s direction, his view is blocked using a chunri. Pratap is unable to see her. The priest starts chanting mantras again. afterwards priest tells them to remove the chunri. Pratap smiles as he looks at Ajabde but changes his expressions when she looks at him. She is all the more disturbed now. Hansa and Phool make her sit on Pratap’s right as per the priest’s instructions.

The bride and groom look at each other though Pratap is still keeping a straight face. The puja begins. Ajabde speaks to him in low tones. I am really embarrassed because of what all I said. I am feeling really bad. I dint know that my mistake will hurt you this much. Please forgive me but don’t punish me by not talking to me. You can say no for this wedding if you want to. It is not late yet. I wont be sad trust me but please say something. He breaks into a big smile and she is confused. I know you really well. Luckily and thankfully we are getting married. I have come to know you. You have a tendency to think too much about every little thing. I am fully sure that you would have done the same thing over yesterday’s incident. You might have thought that I am upset with you and would have thought to cancel the wedding. It is important to get my approval and views on it or what should be the wedding for. Right? Ajabde recalls her own worries over the incident and how she had done the exact same things. She declines doing anything like that. Pratap smiles knowing fully well that she will not accept it. ajabde remarks that he finds everything funny while she was really at unease.

Hansa does their gathbandhan. Finally Ajabde and Pratap look at each other with a smile on their faces. He puts vermilion on Ajabde’s forehead. Phool smiles through her tears. Everyone feels happy for the couple and they share an eye lock. Hansa and Mamrak ji get emotional. The bride and groom are told to get up to exchange garlands. Pratap bows his head before Ajabde but backs out when she tries to put the garland around his neck. Everyone smiles. Ajabde tries it two more times and then Hansa gestures Pratap to bow down. He is more than happy to oblige. They exchange garlands. Flower petals are showered on them from every corner. Pratap folds his hands in front of them all with gratitude.

DB dons a turban on her head and dresses up differently. I am making preps for your welcome very diligently.

Pheras begin. All their past meetings flash before their eyes. Phool wipes her tears and continues showering petals on them along with everyone else. Ajabde gets emotional. Pheras complete.

JB helps VB in dressing up nicely. VB continues to look at her with awe.

Jagmal is playing with the gold sword. JB asks for it but he runs out of the room with it with her following him. she finally takes it from him. why do you do wrong things at the wrong times? She covers her face and takes him with her but stops as she hears VB’s voice. VB knows that it is an insult to her if someone continues to ask her a question when she is not in a mood to reply but its enough now. You are making me anxious since morning. Why are you doing all this and dressing me up like a new bride when Pratap and Ajabde are getting married! What is all this? Please tell me. JB puts a dot of kajal behind VB’s ear. Tonight you will get your wifely rights. I have got this room ready for you and Rana ji. DB drops the sword in shock and the ladies turn to look in her direction because of the noise. They are confused to see her in this attire.

Priest explains the wedding vows to the Pratap and he agrees to abide by them all.

DB picks up the sword and JB notices the gold sword. It is the same sword that was brought by Mamrak ji to gift to Pratap and went missing at the time of tilak? DB has no option but to agree. It looks like that one only but I don’t know how it came in my hands. She looks at Jagmal and blames him. he is the reason for my all troubles. We all have been looking for it but don’t know from where he got it and gave it to me. I think that he only would have stolen it. VB cannot believe how she can call her own son a thief. DB puts on an act and continues to be upset with Jagmal. She reminds them of what the priest had said regarding Jagmal – he can be a thief when he grows up. JB does not buy her logic. How can a small kid be a thief? You too know that a priest’s words are prophesy only. They can change. Children’s are like wet sand. They will only learn what we will teach them. If we teach them the right things then all the negatives can be taken care of.

It is time for Ajabde to accept the wedding vows. The wedding gets complete. They are greeted with flower petals and loads of cheers.

DB scolds Jagmal really badly and demands an answer from him. She shakes and pushes him badly. JB and VB don’t like it and JB finally stops her. DB tells her that she has no option left. You handle him now and this sword too. She gives it to JB.DB turns to go but VB stops her. Why are you wearing this attire? JB too realises it. why are you dressed up like that and why did you need a sword, this gold sword that Jagmal gave you? DB is speechless.

The newlyweds seek Ganpati’s blessings. Afterwards they seek blessings from their elders. Phool too holds out her hand and Pratap smiles. Do you want us to seek your blessings too? Phool tells Ajabde how her husband is talking to her. ajabde talks about Phool’s contribution in making their wedding a success and Pratap agrees with her. Phool teases him for agreeing with his wife so easily. Everyone smiles. Phool is very happy as she has fulfilled her sankalp. She hugs Ajabde.

JB waits for an answer. No one will be able to recognize you this way. People change their appearances when they are going to do something from whose results they want to hide their faces. They want to save themselves. You are surely going to do something like that only as you dint think twice before hurting Jagmal. DB asks her if they cannot dress up as men for no other reason than spying. I want to take part in entertainment. You forgot that as per the ritual the mothers, the whole family stays up whole night and do some plays / acts. They do not sleep. Music, dance and entertainment will continue. I thought to dress up like a man and act as Pratap. I needed a sword for the same and told Jagmal to get one for me. don’t know how he got this sword. VB has not heard of this. DB tells her to be quiet. You are new in this palace and know nothing about the princely traditions. You are a samant’s daughter and will take time but jija knows them all. JB concurs that there are some rituals but not necessarily these. There was no plan for something like this. I am amazed how she thought of something like that. DB only wants to take part in a play only but JB dismisses her. your true face has come before us so you don’t need to disguise yourself as someone else. Learn to live with samant daughters as one samant’s daughter is Mewar’s King’s wife and another samant’s daughter is coming here as your future king’s wife. We have to live with them only. DB is livid but doesn’t show it. she picks up Jagmal and goes out of that room.

Ajabde, Pratap and everyone come to the hall where they have to be alone for some time as per their another ritual. Ajabde has to sit on pratap’s left side. US interrupts them. I want to ask Pratap something before we go out. Do you know the logic behind why Ajabde has to sit on your left side? They all have a fun moment including Ajabde as he fumbles for an answer and indirectly asks her too.

DB and Jagmal come to a room. She has tears in her eyes and sits down to apologize to him for being rude to him. I have hurt you today for the last time. I am more hurt than you because of it. please forgive me. I promise you that this will not repeat ever. She kisses his hands and then wipes her tears.

Pratap whispers to AJabde asking for her help. I am your husband. It is your dharma to support me in every problem. US knows what’s happening. You (Ajabde) should not help him in any way as he himself said that he knows the answer. Pratap is tight lipped. Ajabde notices this and pats at his shoulder as if to clean it. he wonders why she is hitting him. she explains that she wasn’t hitting him but I was removing the insect that was there. Good that I saw it or what if it would have bitten you. Pratap is touched while everyone else smiles. Pratap gets the answer. My heart is in the left and beats 24×7. It keeps me alive. The reason must be connected with it only. US likes his answer. Hansa adds that Ajabde will take care of you just like your heart (24×7). This is why she will sit on your left side. US suggests everyone to leave. Ajabde and Pratap take their rightful place on the throne. Others leave!

Precap: Ajabde and Pratap take pheras and exchange promises. On the other hand, DB too vows to snatch everything from Pratap, his wife and his Rani Ma. If someone will take the throne after Rana Uday Singh then it will be Jagmal only. Only his name will be written in history after Rana ji.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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