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Akash gets Sankrant’s divorces papers. He tells it to Meethi and she hmms absentmindedly. He finds Meethi busy and back hugs her. I said a very important thing and you dint even notice it. She is looking for something that she had brought for Kajri. He repeats the news and she gets happy. thank you so much. He picks her up in his arms. I know you have lots of works to do but you shouldn’t get this busy. Remember I had crossed the border for you? She replies that she remembers everything which is why she loves him so much. He is in a romantic mood and wants to take revenge for all the days that he was away from her. she promises for later and lists down all the things that they both have to do. He is ready to let go and turns his cheek for a kiss. He pulls away just when she was about to kiss him. this time he reminds her of all the pending work. She releases him and he kisses her on the shoulder from behind. I am sorry. She puts her arms around his shoulders. They say I love you to each other.

Chameli talks to the ladies in her brothel. She is actually concerned about all the relatives of those ladies. Chameli thanks the lord for all the help. The ladies talk to her nicely. She sits down on the stairs when someone keeps a branch under her neck. The little girl asks for money. Chameli tells her that she needs money for her doll. She throws water on Ratna/ Rani (her daughter). She is dreesed up like other ladies. The mother daughter duo share a hug. Chameli doesn’t want her to talk like this but Rani really likes this dressing style, flaunts her dance which angers Chameli. I have told you so many times that you don’t have to become like your mother. Rani wipes her tears. You don’t good like this. Chameli swears on God that she will save her any way she can but she will save her from this world. I am going away for a few days but you wont tell anyone about where you have come from or who is your mother. Rani agrees to keep quiet if she gets Rs. 100. Chameli obliges and Rani gets happy.

Malvika comes to Ekadish’s room and notices the worry on her face. You don’t look happy with this wedding. You son is going to get married to a widow. Why don’t you say something? Maiyya acts all helpless. I am from a village and have backward thoughts. My son and DIL are happy, even Sankrant has agreed then what should I do? Malvika talks about her motherly rights. Who else can decide what’s better for him? maiyya agrees with her. I have made many mistakes in my life. I only brought that witch Ambika to ruin my son’s life. On the other hand, everything has fallen into place since Meethi has come. No one can win over her. Sankrant was a typical alcoholic but Meethi brought him back on track. Now I have understood that out of my all family members only my DIL can take the right decision. Malvika is worried but talks about how a MIL is a MIL, a daughter is a daughter after all and a DIL is only a DIL in today’s world. Maiyya talks well about Meethi. she is both my daughter and my DIL had also become my son at the time of need. If she is saying that we should get Sankrant and Kajri married then I will blindly trust her decision. Malvika is worried. I am losing my grip on her. I will have to do something so that Meethi’s effect reduces on this Maiyya and the entire family. I will have to do something so that this wedding stops and Ambika can come back in this house easily.

Meethi brings Kajri to do today’s puja. All the ladies are shocked to see her in a colourful saree. Maiyya and Gomti remind her about their tradition. You are a widow. Meethi reminds them that Kajri didi was a widow and is going to become the DIL of this house. She will do the aarti today too. Malvika calls it a sin but Meethi yet again tells her not to interfere in their family matters. She turns to Maiyya. When we have already come to a decision then why not start from today only. Maiyya and Gomti still talk about their traditions. Meethi asks them if a man never remarries when his wife dies. Why should we limit our traditions to women only? We only make dharmas. Kajri didi dint want to wear all this. I have made her agree to it. I wanted her to start this new beginning nicely. How will she be able to accept all this until she removes all the past from her life? Kajri didi is going to start afresh so I thought to let her do the aarti to seek God’s blessings. I did the right thing, right? Malvika praises Meethi’s mother and talks in Meethi’s favour. Atleast the women of the house should support her. meethi asks Maiyya if she trusts her and she nods back. Meethi tells Kajri to do the aarti. Kajri seeks Maiyya’s blessings. Malvika had to do something to win Meethi’s trust which is why she supported her. Sometimes it becomes easier to realise your goal if you twist your plan.

Ambika is shocked to know about what all is happening in Bundela House. Malvika tells her how she praised Meethi as she has to stab her in the back very soon. Ambika is getting restless. This way you will also support Meethi for my divorce. Malvika tells her to be patient. I will play such a game that Ekadish will realise that Kajri is not the right girl for Sankrant. Don’t worry no one can take your place in this house. Ambika feels a little better.

Mukta notices Chameli and Rani are running on the road. She calls out for Chameli. Chameli gives her a packet to keep with her. mukta is shocked to see money in it. She also gets to know that Chameli’s life is in danger. Mukta is taken aback. Chameli tells her to keep the money with her for now. I will be really grateful to you. She leaves with Rani. Mukta is tensed and Chameli too turns to look at her once before she leaves.

Meethi has called a jeweller home. She selects sets for Kajri. Malvika goes to talk to Maiyya. Our Meethi is bringing a change. Very soon this Kajri will come in this house as a DIL. She too will rule the house and servants just like you and will gain respect in everyone’s eyes.

Akash too joins them. He tells the jeweller to send the bill to his office. The jeweller has no problem with it and leaves. Akash gives divorce papers to Sankrant. Malvika drops the box she was holding because of the shock. Akash tells Sankrant that it is necessary for him to sign these first before sending them to Ambika. Maiyya wonders from where they will get Ambika’s signatures. Akash had a word with a police officer. He is trying to find out about her. Sankrant shocks everyone by telling them that Ambika is not in the jail anymore. He changes his words. She is not in jail anymore. I had asked about her and she is out of jail. I will get her signatures. I know her friend. She must be with her only. Malvika gets happy. meethi wants him to get divorce soon so that he can start his life once again.

Precap: Ambika is happy that Sankrant (fool) will come to ask for her signatures. There would have been a problem if Meethi would have come. Malvika assures her that she will take care of everything. Maiyya comes there and Malvika feels someone’s presence. She hastily cuts the call and turns back to see who it is.

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