Sinhasan Battisi 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 14th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,vetal asks samrat to ride faster so tat we will reach soon bhadrakal then says to mahamaya as has successfully got hold of u and now will absorb all ur powers and then let u go coz then u will be of no use to me and he starts absorbing their power. Vetal take samrat near a volcano and then asks samrat tat if he soon wants to reach bhadrakal then he has to jump into this volcano while samrat asks is their no other way to go but then vetal says tat yes their is but its a long way a short one for ghosts but longer one for humans and then samrat gets ready to jump in the volcano and then suddenly vetal stops him and uses his powers and makes samrat invisible so tat he wont get hurt and then samrat jumps into the volcano pit
Bhadrakal absorbs the power and says tat now he is ready to sit on this singhasan battisi while mahmaya prays to god tat now they cant protect singhasan as they have no power left and then arrives samrat their and when he sees bhadrakal he reminds that it was he who sent the duplicate of him and then says to bhadrakal tat he will not let u do anything with ths singhasan but then bhadrakal says tat it was his representative so he lost and now he has to fight with him and samrat then says tat he should think about the past as he was always defeated by him and then bhadrakal starts attacking samrat while samrat dodges him smartly and then they fight with the gada and samrat gets hit badly and then he faints seeing this mahamaya prays god to please help samrat or bhadrakal will kill him and then there arrives vetal who saves samrat and seeing this bhadrakal gets angry and attacks vetal and is about to kill him but then samrat gets up and attacks with arrow but misses it while in palace chitralekha asks varhamirji tat y has samrat yet not back and varhamirji sees the astrology and says tat samrat is in some danger fighting with someone and then in cave bhadrakal with his great powers play and samrat tries to focus and target and then vetal tells tat his all powers lie in the nabhi and he should hit at target samrat then focuses and hits on the target bhadrakala powers were destroyed and then bhadrakals says tat he might have destroyed his powers but he has not yet killed him and then leaves as he lives in 12 sourya mandals and will come back once again wen he gets his powers back.
Into old fort raja bhoj asks y was bhadrakal not killed then maître tells tat he has hidden his parts in 12 sourya mandal so if one was destroyed others would have been still alive but the main point is tat he has made him powerless and so he is struggling to gain his powers back from past 1100 years so as to again achieve the singhasan batisi raja bhoj then says tat he will always protect the singhasan battisi and will never allow any negative power to take it and then further maître then narrates ta mahamay thanx samrat for helping them but then samrat says tat he has done nothing without help of u all and vetal and then samrat asks all the goddesses to get back into the singhassan and take it back to the palace and the godess get back and take the singhasan back then samrat asks vetal tat where will he go now but then vetal says tat he need not worry about him and stop showing this fake concern as u r not a nice person and takes all the other atmas with him and leaves samrat then thinks there is definitely something wrong with vetal and he should get to know it.

Vetal then asks samrat tat he has got the singhasan battisi then y has he come here then samrat says tat he is here to bring him back his real avtar vetal then says tat he has to then help all these ghosts as he cant leave them all here.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I used to read vikram vetal tales in comic ‘Chandoba’ but i couldnt read them till end. But thanks to pal n cv’s of SB that i can watch the whole tale.

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