Humsafars 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 14th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sahir sprinking kerosence on the outhouse walls. He tells Arzoo that it is good that you came yourself. He holds her hand and orders to marry him. He says you don’t have any other way out other than marrying me. Your family is closed in this outhouse and I will burn this outhouse. Arzoo asks her to leave her hand. Sahir asks yes or No. He ignited the fire. Arzoo gets shocked and screams. She asks him to leave her hand. She calls for Nausheen and Myra and cries asking him what he wants. She slaps him hard. Sahir is unaffected though. She runs and says why no one is answering. She goes inside and asks where are you? She couldn’t find anyone there. Sahir says no one is inside now, but may be next time. If you wants to increase their life then marry me. Arzoo is shocked. She recalls Farha’s threat asking her to return the money. She recalls Zara’s selfish words that the money is hers and Nausheen attempting to commit suicide. Arzoo wipes her tears and goes to Sahir.

She says you said right that this world is run by the rich people. She says Arzoo will always lose and Sahir will always win, so that’s why this Arzoo will die. You are marrying me so that Zaki gets married to Samaira. She says I will get marry, but the base of my marriage will be on wealth. You are marrying me for Rahman Saheb’s wealth and I am marrying you for your wealth. My motive will be only money now. She asks will you marry me on this condition. Sahir says he will fall in love with her if she talks so cleverly. He agrees and shakes hand with her. Arzoo goes. Sahir feel relieved. Arzoo comes to her room and cries. She thinks I promise to myself that I won’t be poor anymore. She wipes her tears and thinks she will have immense wealth so that her loves ones will never be in trouble.

Myra comes and informs Nausheen that Arzoo agreed to marry Sahir. Nausheen gets shocked and goes to Arzoo. She questions Arzoo about her decision. She reminds her that Sahir is already married and asks how can you become his second wife? Arzoo says she is conscious for the first time. Nausheen asks what will be the difference between you and Farha? You will be doing the same thing which Farha had done. Arzoo tells her that Farha had not done anything wrong. She asks what did you get by marrying Sarfaraz and says only money speaks in this world. I will have wealth after marrying Sahir then you won’t have any trouble. Nausheen says you can’t do this. Arzoo says she will do this. Nausheen cries and goes.

Flashback ends…..(flashback started in Monday’s episode)Arzoo is lying on the bed and says this is my story of becoming second wife. Arzoo gets up on the bed. Sahir brings balm for her and sits on the bed. Arzoo asks him to stay away from her and says you look good when gives wounds, not when you applies balm. Sahir asks her to give lecture later. Arzoo holds his hand and stops him.

Sahir stands up and sees her wounded legs. Arzoo gets pained and closes her eyes. She wipes her tears angrily and tries to take out the jewellery angrily. Sahir asks her to stop fighting with him else he can also do the drama. He holds her hand and takes off the bangles. He then take off her jewellery. Arzoo thinks how to change her clothes and the clothes is still in her room. Sahir asks do you wants anything. Arzoo tells him that she can’t sleep in these clothes. Sahir gives his kurta. Arzoo says it will be better if I wears bed sheet. Sahir asks her to throw it. He holds her in his arms and takes her to the changing room. He then brings her back to bed while carrying her. Arzoo is seen wearing his kurta. He covers her with blanket and rests on couch. He keeps looking at her wounded legs. Arzoo feels pain and couldn’t sleep.

Kurti Apa tells Alvira that earth and sky can’t meet and if they meet then it will be end of this world. She says Zaki has left you and this is just a start. Lets see what happens. Sahir is seen touching Arzoo’s wounds.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. oh ho arzoo and sahir look cute awesome.and we r getting to c double damaak i mean we can get to c fight and also romance and one more think their love and care for each other.thank for update.

  2. oh ho ho. Finaly romance in fighiting is started.

  3. rittika mittal

    sahir could have gone to the nausheen family room and get her clothes. its not a big deal to do that. silliness

  4. Thanks so much for update H Hasan 🙂

  5. Love you SaAz. Good episode. Although it’s not an ideal wedding but I’m enjoying Sahir and Arzoo fights. I’m very hopeful they’ll understand and love each other soon.

  6. Arzu n sahir luks so cute togethr

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