Sinhasan Battisi 12th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 12th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,vetal is sitting on singhasan and enjoying it but then suddenly wen he looks back he gets angry and says tat he has played with him as there are no godess in this singhasan samrat says how is this possible that there are no goddesses there then vetal calls mahamaya and all the goddesses to appear as he is the owner of singhasan battisi but no one appears and vetal again says to samrat tat he has fooled him then samrat reminds wat mahamaya said tat they all are not supporting him then samrat promises tat he will complete his friendship promise and then in old fort raja bhoj asks maître tat y did they not support him as they should have supported him then maître says then wat about the importance of the goon tat singhasan has raja bhoj then agrees tat even this is also to be thought of and then bhoj asks y did u all goddesses support but then maître says tat it was the decision of mahamaya and we all always follow her decisions then raja bhoj says tat so it was mahamaya who took the decision and then asks where did u all go if u were not on the singhasan maître then tells tat they all went to god who had made them and also samrat reaches there and then god indra ask samrat tat y did he take such a decision samrat then tells tat they all should trust him as he took this as his friendship is important and he trusted his friend god indra and mahamaya then accept his request and gets ready to go back to singhasan
Vetal is seen impayiently seen calling samrat and then samrat arrives and tells tat he has brought the goddesses and vetal asks where are they and then samrat calls them they appear in front of vetal and go into the singhasan vetal gets very happy and starts looking at singhasan happily and then samrat then asks vetal to tell him tat y did he demand for singhasan and vetal doesnot tells anything and says tat u ask too many questions and takes the singhasan and runs away to give it to bhadraka samrat is then seen in his palace and is looking at the place where he had singhasan he looks upset and then chitralekha and varhamirji ask samrat tat did he get to know the reason but then samrat tells tat he didn’t tell him the reason while samrat then says tat he is upset but now he will follow his promoises made to god indra and mahamaya then vetal reaches the cave and calls bhadraka to handover the singhasan bhadraka arrives and seeing the singhasan he gets very happy and then vetal asks him to release the other ghosts but then bhadraka gets selfish and says tat he will now never relese them and vetal then attacks bhadraka but bhadraka hurts him and vetal decides to leave now and see him later and then bhadraka let go vetal and says tat he will see him later wen he will be the raja of the singhasan
Samrat with the help of varhamirji is trying to find out where must be the singhasan now he narrates tat he can see the singhsan flying to south side and it crosses the river and it vanishes varhamirji then tells tat it is the area where only ghosts can go and no man then bhadraka is seen doing concenteration before sitting on singhasan he is been bathed with milk and he gets up and goes to sit on the singhasan and a power comes out of it which pushes him and throws him away and he angrily asks who did this and comes out all the goddesses along with mahamaya
Mahamaya then says to bhadraka u r fool u cant sit on this singhasan as u don’t know the importance of the 32 goonas tat samrat vikramaditya posses bhadraka then says tat u r no more the protector and then two of the goddesses attack him then bhadraka gets very angry and he says tat now he will also attack them as they are not understandint wat he is trying to tell them.

Bhadraka says tat with his powers he will make all these ladies his slave and then samrat is seen asking vetal to help him as the goddesses of singhasan are all in danger and then vetal agrees to it and sits on his back and agree and take him

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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