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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 12th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani says that everything will be alright. Pratik is worried that he will look a joker now. Ishaani tells them that she is being a joker, in RV’s party. Pratik objects, but Ishaani says she can do anything for Ranveer, he is doing so much for the orphans. He wants to see them happy, and she wants to see him happy. Derwash comes to her and hugs her. He says he is so happy, watching her so emotional. They three of them hug.
Baa comes behind Disha to the hospital, Disha was talking to her doctor when Baa points at her. A doctor calls Disha, and Baa looks that way. The doctor congratulates her for the wedding, Disha thanks her. Baa asks DIsha what she is doing here, she had to go to beauty parlour. Disha says her friend called her to tell she had a baby girl born to her, as it is a good news. Baa asks why the doctor was congratulating her, Disha says she comes to her friend with the routine checkup. The doctor came to know that tomorrow is her wedding. Baa asks Disha to go to beauty parlour. Disha leaves worried whom will she hide this.
Derwash and Pratik take Ishaani. Derwash says to Ishaani that he heard RV talking to Amba where the party was, and RV must have reached the party as well. Ishaani says it was impossible without them both. They take Ishaani inside.

Sharman and Ritika were together in the car. Ritika says that the presentation was good. Sharman nods. She appreciates his work. He smiles and says thanks. Ritika says client was also happy, and they will get the project. Sharman smiles again saying good. Ritika asks what he thinks. He says same, she makes up a face. Ritika finds an injured dog, and says he is so much hurt. Sharman asks why she is worried about him. She says she wasn’t talking about his injury, but that dog’s. Sharman also looks at him, he stops the car for her. Ritika come to the dog, and takes him along with her. Sharman smiles at her, as she takes it to the car.
In the party, Ishaani comes to the stage dancing. Baa looks at the joker, while everyone is shocked looking at Ishaani in the get up when suddenly the lights are on and the music goes off. Derwash still tries to play the recording, Ishaani looks worried. Derwash asks Pratik where the kids are. RV looks at Ishaani in anger, as he was with his corporate guests. Ishaani says she thought some kids party was going on here, so she came here like this. A guest asks RV, a joker in corporate party. Lakshmi laughs, Amba gives claps to each other. The guests ask RV what is this, RV says that isn’t important, they must ignore her and enjoy the party. Ishaani feels ashamed, and stares at Ishaani. He takes the guests inside with him. Lakshmi congratulates Amba that their plan went super hit.
Sharman says to Ritika that she is crazy, had the dog bit her. She says one who himself is in pain, how will he pain her. She hopes his injuries go well soon. He says yes, else she will also stay worried looking at him. She says she was talking about him this time, she hopes the injuries goes well soon.
He stops the car at once, she asks what happened. He says she could see a dog, but not the traffic jam. She says he is also strange, he fought with the goons first, then Chiraag and then the boys. His name must have been Shehnshah, as Amitabh; who used to help people at night. The dog barks, she says he is in much pain, he must get out of the traffic jam in some way. She gets an idea, and makes a high belly. He asks what she is doing, she tells him to wait and watch. She calls the traffic police inspector, he comes to her and seeing her condition assures that he will get the road cleared just now.
Ishaani still stood in the middle of the party. Lakshmi comes to her, and asks what is this all. Ishaani says it was a children’s party. Amba calls a doctor to Ishaani and says she had told him her daughter in law is mad. Everyone was shocked, including Ishaani’s family.

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She says it isn’t about today, she always do something. She wasn’t home the full day of Karwa chot, she burnt her bed and now in party, she is making this drama. She says she is afraid of her, she might do something to anyone. Amba apologizes all the guests for all her daughter in law’s mistakes, she tried her best to hide her mental illness but today the whole city will know that RV’s wife is mad. He isn’t living happily with her. Ishaani goes to explain to doctor, Lakshmi holds her back. Ishaani says she thought it was children’s party. The doctor asks it was her husband’a party, and she didn’t know herself. Ishaani cries and says her brothers also knows about the party. Pratik says to the doctor, that Lakshmi told Amba that it was kid’s party. Amba asks the doctor to give a mental certificate to her. Ishaani calls RV, Amba says he has left. The doctor calls his staff and asks them to bring the staff to party for some tests. Pratik asks Baa to do something. Derwash calls Sharman.
Sharman laughs and says to Ritika, that she made him a father of a son, unmarried. He gets Derwash’s call, and says Ishaani is in problem. Sharman tells Ritika that they have to go to a hotel.
Ishaani resists, but the staff takes Ishaani along into the ambulance. Sharman stops the staff, he says she is his sister. The doctor says they have to treat her but Ritika and Sharman say she isn’t mad. Amba tells the staff not to leave her. The dog runs out of the car and cuts on Amba’s leg. They all leave Ishaani. The doctor asks them to give Amba first aid, and go find the dog, if he has rabbies she will get mad. RV watches Amba sitting on the road, and comes to her. The dog comes there. Ishaani says the dog won’t come here, as he is afraid himself.
They must check by going to him. Ishaani goes to him, Ritika says this dog isn’t mad and is injured. She was taking him to veteran. Amba says she is bleeding, Ishaani turns to Amba and asks where she is hurt. RV stops her and says he can take care of his family. He takes Amba along, leaving Ishaani as such. Amba cries in bed, as the doctor does the dressing.
Chaitali shouts at each injection, Baa says Amba isn’t effected by dog’s bite. The dog must be effected. Lakshmi asks the doctor when will she give the other injections. The doctor says these days, three injections are enough. Lakshmi goes to blame Ishaani, but RV comes in between them.

PRECAP: The doctor tells the family that Ishaani isn’t mad. Ishaani says she is mad, her mother in law isn’t wrong.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Thanks Sona for the quick update. Today’s episode was really good after a long time. Amba u deserves this punishment. Again it was proved for every action there is equal and opposite reaction. Sherman and Rithika make a good pair. They are looking cute. Ranveèr please understand Ishaani and support her.

  2. Ishaani has already revealed to media that Chirag is the one who is the responsible for Sheniella’s accident but why cops didn’t arrested him yet. Hope Chiraag and Rishi should get punishment and even Disha’s pregnancy matter should be out infront of everyone

    1. maybe the writer of this story forgot to have some details with regards in this series or event.

  3. En eniya nanbargalukku Pongal Thirunal Nalvazhuthukkal in advance

    1. Tamil ah???…eniya tamilar thirunal nal vazhuthukal

  4. Happy Pongal Ashrutha

    1. Hey Gowth miku and mi kutubaniki hardhika sankranthi shubhakanshalu

  5. rv thinking to take some more test of ishaani then he will start to give her respect

  6. I couldn’t understand why did Ishani say in the precap that she is mad?????????????:-( 🙁 :-[
    Anyways happy to see Amba getting the deserved punishment. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. actually ishani deserves it..! its the first time RV reacts.! rv was so loyal to ishani but wht she does alwys hurt him..! now its RV’s time

  8. Episode is gud… jst wanted to be together, isani n rv…

  9. It’s surprising isn’t it? RV stared at that stupid Lakshmi maasi when she shouted blaming ishani…
    Wonder what’s going to happen…
    Why not each of u give your own little prediction just for fun!!!

  10. I think in the precap, Ishaani will say she is mad ….. in RV’s Love 🙂

  11. I think ranveer just testing ishani slowly we will come to know he is acting…..
    Testing how much she can do to get him back…
    What do u all think of my predictionn

  12. Oh! I think so too Roma…

  13. But that wud be so cliché

  14. Good prediction aashi

  15. Love u Ishveer and if Ranveer would nt have feeling then he would nt get angry.

  16. Oh my Ishaani u were looking cute in Joker’s dress and Don’t worry I would not let u to go out neither from my house nor from my heart.

  17. Ishaani don’t worry and be courageous as Ranveer is doing this to show ur love and sacrifise to everybody in this world.and He loves you much more than before..
    . )

  18. Not happy to see Ishani in this joker’s costume. ..till this time thisshow has maintained a high standard. . But recently no creative brilliance as earlier. ..

  19. Nice epi. Waiting for tmrw epi… and Happy to see that bad things happening for bad people.. 🙂 🙂 😉 😉

  20. i know ranveer…. how much u love me….. 😉

  21. today episode ok but ishaani romba paavam plz rv plz understood ishaani…… ishaani entha thappum panala rv fast’a realize pananum

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