Satrangi Sasural 12th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 12th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan and Arushi’s residence
Vihaan’s mothers celebrate with vihaan, for Lohri, and so does arushi with the colony people and family. Then devika arrives, and vihaan gets tensed. Vihaan starts hallucinating that its arushi who is mingling with everyone, and arushi too feels that she is alone around he bonfire, amidst the celebration, with just vihaan, on the other side. They both bask in the glory of their hallusination, and smile silly. Arushi reminds herself that vihaan is just a friend, and then wonders why is she hallucinating him. Vihaan too wonders why he keeps seeing arushi all the time. Prahlad and girish too enjoy, while he proposes an idea to girish. While dancing, arushi accidentally collides into gattu, who leeringly says that he shall never let her fall. She is disgusted, as he goes onto greet prahlad and girish. She gets tensed, and then tries to cheer along with the kids again, but when he finds gattu’s eyes fixated on him, she gets tensed.

Late at night, arushi gets vihaan’s call, and she stealthily goes to the kitchen to receive it. She is shocked to know that he is in the car, on the way, to give him Lohri’s sweets. He is casual and asks her to open the door fast. she says that all are asleep, and asks him not to ring the bell, and says that she shall come out. She comes out and doesnt find him, and is boggled. He says that this was just his TIT FOR TAT revenge. She smiles amusedly. Then eyes the box of sweets kept on the doorstep. He says that he kept it, and says that he was intelligent enough to know that she would land in trouble, if he came home this late. He says that he always tried that she never has to face any complications. She smiles, endearingly.

The next morning, all the ladies are hesitant, as they find granny reading the newspaper. Narmada hesitantly tells granny that they have selected a girl for vihaan, and asks for her approval, as they have called her in the evening. Vihaan is tensed to hear this. Mini asks granny to guess, and then tells that its Devika. Vihaan is tensed, while granny doesnt respond instantly. granny asks that they should have talked to her first, and priyanka reminds her that she had told them to do whatever they want and come to a mutual conclusion. They all advocate for devika, being perfect for vihaan, while granny says that first vihaan has to give his acceptance, and once that happens, then she shall think ahead. Vihaan thinks that he shall only marry arushi, and knows what he has to do for this.

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Scene 2:
Location: On the road
The next morning, Girish prepares for his delivery, and gets the first parcel. Meanwhile, someone follows him, and tries to insert some other parcel in his bag, but girish finds that he took the parcel wrong, and then turns around to find the man tampering. he runs and the man swiftly runs off. Girish wonders what that man was after. the person meanwhile calls gattu, saying that he had to run away, and assures that he shall do it. Gattu gets enraged, and asks him to finish it fast. He complies. While girish is having tea, and goes to freshen up, the man places the special parcel in his bag, and then stealthily moves out, without girish noticing it. Sometime later, some goons come and ask girish where is it that he stole from them. He pleads his innocence. girish says that this is all just a huge misunderstanding. But the goons take out cocaine packets. They threaten him that they shall beat him to pulp, and his only resort is to come along with them. girish is boggled, as they drag him out.

Scene 3:
Location: Arushi’s Office
While arushi is waiting for vihaan’s call, rosy teases her for waiting, while she vehemently professes that they are just friends. She is shocked with the revelation of her own feelings, having accepted that they are more than friends, and that she is in love, which is natural and really beautiful. But arushi is still in denial mode, and says that she doesnt love him. finally he calls, and she excitedly picks up. She pretends to be busy, and says that she isnt as carefree as him. when he says that he shall call later, she gets upset and says that he could have requested and she would have agreed. She cites a network problem, and comes out, so that Rosy doesnt listen. He says that he needs to talk to Dilwali Kudi, and asks her to put on the phone. she gets into the mode, and asks about her problem. Vihaan tells arushi on the phone, that his mothers are trying to fix his marriage, with another girl yet again, who’s very nice and sweet, his physiotherapist, Dr. Devika, but he doesnt want to marry her. she gets tensed, to hear this, and then asks why. He says that he doesnt want to since he loves another girl. She says that he never said so earlier. He said that he was waiting for the right time. he asks how to avoid her. She asks him to tell the plain truth. He says that it isnt that simple, as his family doesnt know about his love yet. Arushi asks who is it, and if he wont tell the name. He says Arushi, and she is stunned and shocked. He then composes himself and relieves her, by making her think that he was just addressing her. He says that she is a very sweet girl, simple and nice, and they make a great pair, as she herself has confessed. She is hurt and distraught, thinking that its another girl, and says that she is happy for him. He says that he shall call again, and make her meet her too.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
The goons tell gattu that girish should be treated with respect, as its his brother in law after all. He thinks that arushi would be very desperate. The screen freezes on his evil face.

Precap: Gattu tells arushi on the phone, saying that she has to come to meet him, as they have to discuss things about girish, which he cant in front of everyone. Arushi angrily asks him to come home, and discuss whatever he has to, infront of everyone. Gattu tells her that if girish has to come out of this drug fiasco, then she too shall have to step out. Arushi is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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