Silsila Pyaar Ka 12th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 12th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raunak says Kajal how dare u do that to ma, Janki says look Raunak I want to go in see ur dad but Kajal,Kajal says ok go,jankis says thanku beta, Kajal says wait ma, Raunak sir, dad reacts veery harshly seeing ma n I was scared if he hits her again like yesterday n so I was not allowing her in but if u want to risk let ma go, n u gave me papas responsibility n if u think I was wrong ok I will move back, Raunak says ma Kajal is right this time, don’t go in, if something happens, no ma plz don’t get involved in all this, let Kajal handle it.

Doctors say we have checked Randhir here is his new prescription n his treat,net before was wrong n so he wasn’t getting better n he has wound behind his head n before he could recover the wrong treatment was prescribed so,p n plz sign for the new treatment, Janki says I will sign, Raunak leaves, Kajal says don’t worry I will get raunaks sign on these, Janki says how dare u,Kajal says the old reports have ur sign n if sir would see them u know what would happen, u are behind all this bad to papa n let Raunak sir sign these, u have snatched papa n his life past 20 yrs n once he will be fine ur hidden secrets will be all out n trust me I will make sure papa is all well n yes the day Raunak sir will see ur true face he will leave u alone n go away n so better u stay away from me n so now let me get these signed n leaves.

Sakshi says papa explain me this, Raunak says later I’m busy, Sakshi says plz, Kajal says sakshi papa will come later go now, Sakshi says ok come soon n leaves,Kajal says sir plz sign these papers, Raunak signs them,Kajal says he will get fine don’t worry, Raunak says I don’t care abt him,once he will get better I will throw him away again,Kajal he is a pain we trying to forget but u got him back,so it’s ur responsibility I don’t want to hear him or see him n so keep him locked n just u can see him no one else, Kajal thinks I shd be quite u are in no mood to listen n says sir I have to say nothing on this n leaves.

Kajal shows signed papers to Janki n gives them to doctor, Kajal says plz make sure he gets we soon, Raunak sir wants his dad to be fine, no he may act as if he doesn’t care but he does care abt him, doctor says we will try our best,Kajal says thanku doctor n smiles looking at Janki, Janki gets angry n leaves.

Janki says Harish throw Randhir out of this house, hairsh says u were right abt Kajal,kamini says yes Kajal is ahead u everything but don’t u worry I have a plan, Janki says if u were so smart as u act Kamini u wouldn’t have to give away ur home,Harish says at least hear once, Kamini explains her plan to everyone, Vidhi says no this is very risky n if Something happens to Sakshi, munmun says right Raunak won’t spare anyone if Sakshi is hurt, Janki says yes Sakshi is a kid, Kamini says but this is a only way, Vidhi says Didi let’s try once may be Sakshi isn’t hurt n we are done too,Janki says if u all insist lets go with it but keep in mind Sakshi shd be safe.

Harish says Didi how could u, Janki says I see no other way n Randhir if he gets well u know what will happen, Sakshi will be fine too. Kartik says Sanjana I can’t do this,Sanjana says we have to its for Neeti di, Vinay is very bad, u have no idea how Didi is staying there plz,Kartik says ok n it’s just for u, I love u a lot Sanjana n here is ring for u, will u marry me,Sanjana accepts the ring n says happy,Kartik says thanku Sanjana , Sanjana says now u trust me then plz help Neeti n Vinay get separate it’s all for Didi n her new beginning.

Raunak with Sakshi, he gets a call n says Sakshi go play I will join u later n then we will play,Sakshi says ok papa n leaves. Sakshi playing with her teddy, Kamini n Harish walk to her n says why alone,Sakshi says aunty I’m waiting for papa,kamini says come me n uncle will play with u, let’s play hide n seek,Kamini says ok u n uncle go hide, Sakshi goes with Harish,Harish says u hide here n when I call come out ok,Sakshi says ok n walks in,Harish send her in randhirs room n closes from out.

Sakshi sees Randhir n says I guess dadu is sleeping. Janki Vidhi Kamini hairsh waiting outside, Janki very worried for Sakshi.

Pre cap : Janki purposely comes in front of Randhir, Randhir gets very angry n looks at Sakshi, Sakshi gets scared n shouts ma, Raunak n Kajal hear her voice n get worried.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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