Prejudices – Swasan OS by Shreya

Hey friends..! Shreya here.. You might be wondering when I jumped here from my fan fic. Well it’s an OS on Swasan. More than a love story, it carries a message on how the caste system is prevailing in our society. It has been a rigid part of the Indian customs since long and has spread like a fire over the ages.

My story is about a couple who had to suffer extreme indignities due to this biased and unfair system of caste politics. Hope you like it.
Happy Reading..!


Swara Rathore was a timid and a reserve girl, belonging to a traditional Marwari Rajput family. As a girl, she suffered a lot and her mother not being with her, made it more difficult. Her family was way too protective for her and her father was the only one whom she could trust. She was an introvert, or rather, she was forced to be one.

She was already 18 by the time she completed her school. Her grandfather, the head of the family and the ruler of everyone’s lives, wanted to marry her off as soon as possible. He was always against sending her to college.

‘What is the need for her to study? All that she has to do is to look after her household once she gets married. And considering our family reputation and property, I could get him even a Prince.’ His grandfather would always say.

But his father always wanted her to be educated. He wanted her to be independent. On his ample requests, she was allowed to go to college.
Her world was limited to college and the Haveli only. She was restricted to cross the boundaries alone. Her life was nothing less than miserable.

Swara’s POV ~
I was sitting in my college canteen, when the intercollegiate dance competition was announced. I loved dancing. But the sad part was that Dada Sa Hukam (grandfather) would never allow me to do all this. I somehow gulped my ambitions and turned around to bring myself coffee, when I bumped into someone mistakenly. A boy.

‘I .. I am so sorry.’ He said.
‘Its okay. It was my mistake as well.’ Saying so, I moved from there.

But bad luck struck me again. He was made to sir near me in the class and I was given the responsibility to teach him well as he had joined the college lately. The same guy whom I ran into. Sanskar Maheshwari. But how could I even talk to him? What if anyone from my family came to know about all this? They would bury me alive.

I decided not to tell anyone and continue teaching him in the college hours only. I do not know why I did this, but somehow my inner being didn’t allow me to refuse.

Soon we became friends. Best friends. We were sitting in the college garden when something happened that should have never happened.

‘What..?’ I was busy completing the manuals and he was literally disturbing me.

‘I love you..!

I was staring at him blankly and it seemed as if my eyes would pop out of the sockets any time soon. My world started revolving and my head spun at a fast pace.

‘Have you gone..’ I was blank. I sat there dull and motionless.
‘What? I said I love you. Come on, don’t you feel the need to answer me back? I think you should.’

I got up and walked out of that place.. Or rather ran away. But who knew that I was running from my own destiny.
The only thoughts in my mind, were of Sanskar. He didn’t understands what I am going through. He would never. His family, unlike mine, was quite friendly and they believed in complete freedom and equality, irrespective of the gender. And my family, they would shoot him if they came to know about his confession. I was in my bed, struggling with my thoughts and ended up being prey to the viral fever. For days, I was not sent to the college.
And it was during these days, that I realized my love for Sanskar. It was difficult for me to stay away from him even for a minute. Hours seemed years, and days seemed decades. I decided to confess my feelings and my love for him and so I did. I was now going to live my life as per my norms.

But my bad luck never ended. My family came to know about our relationship and everything ended there itself. They locked me inside the room and even beat up Sanskar.

‘See.. See with your own eyes, what your daughter has done to our family reputation. Go.. Go give her some more freedom. Make her independent. Go get her married to that boy.’ Dada Sa Hukam remarked sarcastically.

‘But Bapu Sa Hukam (dad), he is a nice guy and his family is also very good.’ My papa defended.

‘Shut up.. Its an evil. We cannot even think of getting our daughters married in any other caste. What will the society think of us? They will completely outcaste us. No no.. I can’t let this happen. No one should even get to know about all this.’


‘I will kill her. Right now. I cannot bear such insults for my family.’

‘Please don’t do that. She is my daughter and your only granddaughter. Please… I cannot live without her. I promise you, she’ll not even step out of that room.’

‘Don’t you dare show me those tears. I am not that weak. If your daughter can stoop so low and stand against our rules and regulations, she has no right to live..’

He banged the door of her room furiously with a gun in his hand but Swara was nowhere to be seen. She eloped with Sanskar, her life, her love.


‘Sanskar.. I cannot even imagine my life without you. Why did this happen to us? Why the society has all the right to control our lives? I cannot bear it Sanskar. This is too much ..!’

‘I know that Swara, it is difficult for me to even think of being here without you. But, there’s nothing we can do. If this society doesn’t understand our love, let them be. That won’t alter my love for you, dear. I loved you and will continue to, up till infinity. Hope they will have no problem with we being together after death. I’ll meet you, my love, in my next life.. I surely will. And then we’ll become one forever. I love you Swara.. I love you..’

‘I love you too, Sanskar. And do not forget to smile. You know I like you that way.’

And with this they jumped off the Cliff, hand in hand and smiling at each other, hoping to complete their love story in the next life…

That day, the world lost two of its jewels. But their death left many of the people stunned. Swara’s dad was still paying for the loss of her beloved daughter. She was the sole reason of his living and after she has died, he was no less than a living corpse.

So guys this was it. Even after so much is done to curb the system, yet it remains a social taboo. And its we people, the youth, who have to stand together to fight this evil. It is the duty of we youngsters to make the elder generation realize that the rigid caste system is morbid and has a dark future ahead.

Friends, this is a real story of one of my friend Dia’s cousin who had to face death because her love was not acceptable in the society. And the credit for this story goes to Ananya, my sister, who gave me the brilliant idea to pen this down and to of course Dia, who narrated me the whole incident.
I was literally controlling my tears while typing this one.

Hope you liked it.
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    1. Thankya ❤

  1. RIP is all I can say….

  2. Awesome story……heart touching……I totally agree wid u…..but very heart touching story

    1. Thank you dear..! ❤

  3. It was words …hats off to you!!.
    It was a really a brilliant one…the message you portrayed…infact your way was mind blowing
    Loved it ?

    1. Thank you so much.. Actually it was Ananya who gave me the idea in writing a fan fic about this social problem.. So hats off to her..

  4. Sweety(silent reader)

    It’s true frnd even I going thro same situation only:-(

    1. Omg..! Please so not stress your self dea.. Whatever happens, happens for good. Have faith in God..! ❤

  5. OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! Shreya is it uh!? Wow!! Its its written so nicely,.,
    Caste prejudices are now a days a very big issue,,,!! Huh.!! I hate Dada sa hukam…??
    But I love swasan, uh n ur os!
    That’s so sweet of uh..u gave the credit to diya n ananya when it’s our hard work to pen it down..??wow!! Love ya!

    1. Oh dear.. Thank you so much.. But dear all I did was to pen it down.. But the real idea was given by my sis and plot was given by Dia.. So its they who should actually be credited..!
      Anyways thanks for reading ..! Luv you too..❤

  6. Even am crying right noe????
    Not only the story has a sad ending but it’s a bitter truth that even after nearly 69 years of independence….caste system prevails in India…..
    I read many such news but hearing it from a friend (I hope am ur friend)…..about her friend’s cousin is just devastating and I guess u came up with a right concept with swasan as the lead….I mean all of us could know only coz of Swasan……
    And I agree with you as the youngsters it is the duty of us to join together inorder to make our great Indian society free of Caste…Creed…Religion…Minority…Majority and such things…..
    Sorry but I was carried away I think….
    And ya this was just a fab OS with an admirable concept…..
    Thanq so much for posting this Shreya…
    Love u loads for giving us this wonderful OS…..

    1. Dharsha.. Uh are darling .. N yeah you are definitely not my friend.. You are more like a sis to me .. Agree with you dear.. It has to uprooted from the society..
      N of course I am glad uh liked it.. And uh just didn’t get carried away.. What uh spoke was 100℅ correct..
      Love you too.. My new sis..! ❤

    2. Am very happieeee but more than than am proud to be ur sis….Love u di???

    3. Oh.. Love you dea.. And please don’t care me di.. BTW which class are you in?

    4. Have written my class 10 boards and waiting for my results…..okay sisy no di???Love u ???

    5. Omg..! I too gave my 12 the boards this year..! Boards are boards whether 10 the or 12 the.. I don’t care.. They are always so scary..! ??

    6. Ya…..that’s true….boards r hell scaring…..BTW what was CGPA in class 10…..just eager to know and if u don’t wanna share….no worries ?

    7. Umm.. Cgpa.. Oh god..
      Uh won’t believe..! Well it was 9.8.. ??

  7. Emotional and heart touching story

    1. Thankya.. ❤

  8. It was very emotional, Shreya. It made me cry. I never heard of suicides due to caste prejudices apart from News Channel who blow everything out of proportion.

    Its hard to believe that people in Modern India still believe in all this shit.

    Beautifully written dear. Im proud that u r my sis. You have a great potential as a writer. Love you ??

    Thanks for sharing such a master piece 🙂

    1. Omg Anu..! I too was hell shocked when my friend told e this one.. In some traditional families, It still prevails.. It needs to be curbed.. N uh cried..? Seriously.. Aww.. Sorry for that..
      And being from Rajasthan I have heard many such stories..
      And than you so much.. Love ya sis .! ❤

    2. Yeah. Actually my mom and dad had love marriage so its so obvious that when I see two people dying cause of something I end up crying. Badly. Anyways, lets hope that people open their eyes.

    3. Anu..! Another we have in common..! My parents too had a live marriage.. That too intercaste..
      And my strict warning to you..
      DO NOT CRY.. EVER..!
      Keep smiling.. You know I like you that way..!
      Lots of love..! ❤
      #sisters for life

  9. Very beautiful concept!!!
    This is concept is still prevailing in 21st century……..
    I know two couples who have a similar story
    In both the cases the girls were from a rajput kshatriya family and the boys were
    from a bengali family . Even after 22 and
    24 years of marriage respectively none of the girl’s family tried to contact their daughter ……imagine! !!!!!!!

    1. That’s quiet sad dea.. I am glad that uh liked it.. Thanks for reading.. ❤

  10. amazng..loved it..:)

    1. Thankya dear..! ❤

  11. Sweety(silent reader)

    Thanks dr I always hv faith in God if I succeeded in love I will sure inform u

    1. Yup..! You have to inform me.. And you will succeeed.. I’ll pray for you..! ❤

    2. Don’t lose hope……… Keep faith on god

    3. *in
      Shreya your concept is really beautiful……….
      This problem needs to be eradicated from the society……
      Very nice OS ?

  12. Its realy heart touching
    And I did know why this society is so important and why they hate such a thing called love
    Ppl don’t think what happen to our child they think what society think I mean really the society is mor imp then ur own child
    I can’t understand it
    Well its good that I don’t have parents like that thank u god

    1. Thank you so much..! And yeah its show time..! Let’s eradicate these caste bars.. And live together in harmony..!
      My parents also had a love marriage.. Intercaste too.. And see how happy they are together today..!
      Love ❤

  13. oh my shreya………sweety its just a mind blowing os i have ever read……..sooooooooooooooooo heart touching and emotional….i was so sad to read this….teary eyed,,,hope diya’s cousin gets her love in next life……love u looooooooooooads my jaan

    1. Thank you so much angel.. O am glad that uh liked it..!
      Love you too..! ❤

  14. loved it …relly very heart touching
    it had brought tears in my eyes

    1. Oh gosh..! I made you all cry.. I seriously didn’t intend to..
      Anyways thankya ..!

  15. Shreya! It was an wonderfully written true story. Since ages, many couples have been a victim to this caste discrimination. And the ironical thing is what you know? In this India, people have so much different thoughts. I mean somewhere intercaste marriage is prohibited, on the other hand somewhere intracaste marriage is prohibited! Even after 69 years of Independence, India couldn’t get rid of this evil form of society.

    You really did an awesome job by coming up and presenting the story. i really felt for those people who have been a victim of this evil. For your attempt, Lots of applaudes dear. I am proud to have met wyou here. Keep writing.. Love ya.

    1. Omg..! Bisha, it was only an attempt to make everyone realize the demerits of caste system..
      Many people think of it as tradition and culture but somewhere in their blindnesses, they even forget that their own families are a victim to all this..!
      Anyway thanks for loving my story.. I too am glad to meet you dea..

  16. awesome…it was really good and heart touching!!!!!

    1. Thanks Tvisha..
      Glad you liked it ..

  17. Nice story…emotional story….keep writing…god bleSs u..

    1. Thank you shani.. !

  18. This is best concept of social message … People thinking should change… Hw can the people be still think like this unbelievable .. Even i met someone who thinks grl as barrier for them not letting them out make their world only home even such people are there still being 21st century people thinking should change

    Hats off to u shreya for this wonderful stry..

    1. Thank you so much Meghs…
      I am glad that you liked my story..

  19. ❤?Natasha?❤

    Sry for the late comment…..but this story is very heart touching story shtreya di….

  20. Thanks Natasha.. ❤

  21. Wow dear… cant be appreciated by words… you really made me cry :'( :'( I hope someday there will be a world whn LOVE will be enough to get married… Hats off to you dear…

    1. Thank you so much Suma..

      And sorry to make you cry..


  22. wow it was really awesome….. i have no words…..

    1. Thank you so much Nita..


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