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Some how it was breaktime ,the gang gathered in canteen except pragya.abhi’s eyes were searching for her.rahul noticed it n signed it to aliya.
Aliya;wht happened bhai, searching for anyone(in a taunting way) abhi gets irked. Purab;btw,bulbul where is pragya dii??

Rahul;ohh…i got it that means abhi bhai is searching for pragya dii….. (all laughed) abhi;stop it guyss why should i search for her ,who is she ,even i donno her… bulbul;bhai..its not fair, she was waiting eagerly to see u ,guyss ystdy whn purab called n told that abhi bhai is coming today,omg dii was out of control.she was jumping here n there like a rocket. Abhi;y?? Bulbul;because she is a big fan of u n ur songs.she love music. Abhi;how we r seeing the first time na then how can be she be my n my songs fan.. bulbul;but she had heard a lot about u… ok,if you have any prblm then i will make her understand don’t talk to u!! Abhi;nooo……no need, i don’t have any prblm. Bulbul;ohoo…… abhi;chutki, u(in fake anger) bulbul;sry sry.. (all started to laugh) aliya;btw where is dii? Tanu;she had some work so went to library. Nikhil;she is coming.

Abhi lifted his headand saw her a smile came in his face. Pragya;hello guyss ,watssup? She was searching whr to sit.bulbul was sitting beside abhi,pragya went to sit in the opp seat, bulbul shouted;diii,thats my seat wait n goes n sits there. Pragya;bulbul whts this yaar u were sitting there na. Bulbul;then u can sit there na. Pragya had no option,she went n seated beside abhi.abhi is feeling happy n exited. Purab in mind;its great.
Pragya is not at all looking at abhi but he was lost in her, pragya knows he was looking at her she managed it by reading some book. All noticed them n discussed something in secret.
Nikhil;pragya we r going to class. Pragya;me too… bulbul;no dii. (pragya stares at her) i mean we r go..ing to…. my class…so u can’t come. Pragya;y can’t i ? no no am coming. Abhi in mind;i know pragya because of me na. Purab;dii..mam only called us.they argue each other.finally pragya had to sit there.abhi didin’t say a word because he wanted to talk with her. All went.actually they were hiding somewhere n watching them. It was silence for few mints.
Bulbul;guyss wht r they doing….uhhh! tanu;wait na….

pragya in heart;you can pragya …talk to him, ok.

Abhi in mind; come on abhi, u can do it, u r rockstar yaar, rock the floor,ok. Abhigya;1..2..3, hiiiiiiiiii…….(at same time). They looked at each other n started to laugh……

Abhi;ok…it means silence over na!! Pragya;yaa…for sure! Abhi forwards his hand; then,friendss???

Precap:chit- chat of abhigya……..

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