Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 30th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal stays at Nandini’s house

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 30th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini and Kunal come out of Bus Depot hand in hand. Nandini thinks about Kunal’s love confession just a while ago.
Mauli was trying Kunal’s number but he didn’t respond.
She brings some files and operate her laptop.
The guard of society watch Kunal and Nandini hand in hand, suspiciously. At the door, Kunal looks towards Nandini and leaves her hand. She finds the keys. Kunal grabs her hand to take the keys and unlock the door. They move in together. Nandini was nervous and hurries towards the window. Kunal notices the restless movement of her hands as she faked cleaning kitchen shelf. She only turns on his call of her name. He stood with his arms open for her. She walks towards him. They hug each other.
Mauli was busy with the work when a photo frame in her room fell down and breaks. She touch their happy faces in the photo and cries. She wonders why there are hurdles in the ways of their dreams. She promise to fix it all.
As they part from a hug, Kunal takes Nandini’s hands to make her sit on the dining table chair. He smiles then brings a cup of tea for them. Nandini smiles at this gesture.
Mauli was unable to eat anything for breakfast.
Nandini takes the cups to kitchen.
Kunal checks his cell phone and finds Mauli’s missed calls.
Mauli was getting ready for hospital.
Kunal takes a leave from Nandini. She nods with a smile. They walk to the door together. Kunal gives her a smile and moves forward. He spots Nandini’s doomed face in the mirror on the wall. He turns to look at her. Mauli was applying sindoor when the sindoor case slips. Kunal returns to Nandini and decides to stay for another hour, this will return the smile on her face. He offers to cook something sweet for them. Mauli was tensed and gathers the sindoor back in her case. Kunal suggests about cooking his favorite kheer with a lot of almond. Nandini happily goes to cook it for him. Mauli fills her hairline with the sindoor, wear her gown and hurries outside.
Nandini comes to the kitchen and happily cooks the kheer. Kunal stood right behind her and watch her intently. Nandini was conscious of his presence and happy with it.
On the way, Mauli thinks Nandini must surely be home. She decides to surprise her.
Kunal likes the fragrance of kheer and goes to freshen up.
Mauli reach Nandini’s house.
Nandini poured the kheer in a bowl and turns around with a sharp smile. Mauli stood at the door smiling back. Nandini’s smile vanishes all at once. Mauli complements that the aroma of kheer is there all around the building. This is surely good for her cooking class advert. Nandini was conscious and looks towards the room Kunal had gone to freshen up. Mauli says she was really upset and needed this kheer for therapy. They come to the table. Nandini notices the car keys and handkey. Mauli says no one could have stopped Kunal from having this kheer if he was here. She bends to take a bite from the bowl when there was a sound of flush. Mauli was conscious. Nandini says flush is out of order, plumber says the lever is lose. Mauli smiles that it’s a strange problem. Mauli turns towards the sofa seating. Kunal had just appeared from inside. Nandini abruptly stops her and insists that they must go to the bedroom and sit there comfortably. Mauli still turns to shut the main door.

PRECAP: Nandini comes to the door as Kunal leaves. Mauli reads the letter in the room that Nandini left for her. She questions Nandini what this letter is about?

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    First of all i am sorry to dhara, istabraq and sam that i was not able to answer to you all yesterday as i was busy and didn’t get time to see your reply to my comment..

    Dhara, kunal is shown free as they have shown him full of ethics, who doesn’t believe in charging extra money or unwanted wastage of money of his pateints that they showed in first or 2nd episode, and secondly he understand mouli.

    Istabraq i agree, its mouli blind believe on kunal but even her involvement in work also affected their relationship, as you can’t clap with one hand.

    Sam agreed with you, mouli helped Nandani out of way, though it was neccessary that every woman should be out of abusive marriage, but giving more space in husband wife relationship destroy it. When mouli and kunal went out (nanadini dance sequence) it was husband wife time, but she involved nandini in it…

    1. Hey Shraddha!

      Her involvement in work affected their relationship? Mauli started working overtime to set up Kunals private clinic. Agreed Kunal doesn’t know that. But in the beginning it was shown that they both were very happy with each other and managed to find some together time. Just because his wife let him down a few times doesn’t mean that he will start loving someone else.

      Let’s say Mauli wasn’t working. And she falls in love with some neighbour/friend because she was alone at home all the time and Kunal couldn’t give her proper attention because he came home late and all that. That is never justified by saying that this happened because the wife was lonely. The wife is called characterless and shamed. So why any difference now?

      Mauli is working but she also takes care of Kunal AND his family very well. And only recently she started spending less time with Kunal because she wants to set up his clinic and was busy helping Nadini. Not because she was busy shopping or hanging out with her friends.

      Just want to ask a question. Would Kunal still like Nandini if she was fat and not so beautiful?
      My friend my only point is that this would have happened even if Mauli was a housewife and worshipped him everyday. Because he got attracted to Nandini because of her beauty initially. Her selfless actions only added fuel to the fire.

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        I totally agree to you with all your points, but this answer of mine was based on yesterday comment..

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Signs are there but I think mouli is stupid that she is still not thinking this way… And after love confession, mouli came and both will feel guilty for destroying mouli life, and if i am not wrong rumors are there that mouli will not be able to coneceive and she will ask nandini to become surroget mother for her , but i m not sure

    1. I heard that too…If that’s the case it will turn into another typical serial why they like to make a good wife barren when they want to involve a 3rd person…..was really hoping they won’t go down that road

  3. Nonsense story, pls bring out truth before mauli, I agree she is too naive to notice her husband and bf real face, she has over confidence and over trust over her friend and husband but they are misusing it, ya I agree maulis biggest mistake is still she have unbreaking trust towards these two thaty she is suffering nw, and her life biggest mistake that she has fallen in love with wrong man, hope this changes soon,

  4. i want to spit on kunal and nandini that cheat nandini got free just because of mauli how can she betray her by loving maulis husband and that kunal took vows of love wd mauli is ds his love mauli is so innocent to realise their cheat just shut thiscrap

    1. Den Go nd spit on ur tv screen as these characters r fictional nt real

  5. mauli should slap and spit them repeatedly . Kunal is a blo*dy CHEAT and nandini is a DISSGUSTING SELF PITYING CHEAT ENEMY IN DISGUISE

  6. Makers I agree it’s different concept BT ema is bad not good, show how the cheaters suffers not innocent suffering , BT as per story is progressing u r very well encouraging and promoting ema, off to u makers,

  7. Extra marital affair exist in the world. you may hold both a husband and wife responsible for it only in a situation when their relationship have problems, such as bossy/lazy/violent/agressive/unaffectionate/uncaring/negligent/quarelling husband or wife, reason for which one of them goes for extra marital affair. But if no such thing exist among a couple and yet one of them goes for extra marital affair, this extra marital affair is not justifiable. it is then called Dokha, betrayal, thats what Kunal has done to Mauli.
    Same apply to Nandini….she is not just friend or a co-worker or a neighbour or a cousin for Mauli. She is a childhood friend having spend long time with Mauli. Mauli goes beyond everything to help her out of her trouble moment. Yet Nandini is happy to maintain extra marital affair with Mauli, depriving her of her rights as a wife. This is again called Dokha, betrayal. Both Kunal and Nandini is doing a Betrayal. their love is not justifiable in any possible way. Like I mentioned above, no obvious problem existed between Kunal and Mauli, small negligent in married life happens to everyone but the heart has to be strong in marriage. What Kunal and Nandini are doing to Mauli is pure betrayal.

  8. NRKS

    Extra marital affair exist in the world. you may hold both a husband and wife responsible for it only in a situation when their relationship have problems, such as bossy/lazy/violent/agressive/unaffectionate/uncaring/negligent/quarelling husband or wife, reason for which one of them goes for extra marital affair. But if no such thing exist among a couple and yet one of them goes for extra marital affair, this extra marital affair is not justifiable. it is then called Dokha, betrayal, thats what Kunal has done to Mauli.
    Same apply to Nandini….she is not just friend or a co-worker or a neighbour or a cousin for Mauli. She is a childhood friend having spend long time with Mauli. Mauli goes beyond everything to help her out of her trouble moment. Yet Nandini is happy to maintain extra marital affair with Kunal, depriving Mauli of her rights as a wife. This is again called Dokha, betrayal. Both Kunal and Nandini is doing a Betrayal. their love is not justifiable in any possible way. Like I mentioned above, no obvious problem existed between Kunal and Mauli, small negligent in married life happens to everyone but the heart has to be strong in marriage. What Kunal and Nandini are doing to Mauli is pure betrayal.

  9. Husband and wife do not get married only for love and to give affection but equally to share responsibilities of raising children, making a stable career for their own future and that of their expected children. These are called phases that every couple go through, you cannot escape it because no couple can be a superman doing everything perfectly without some kind of negligent for a certain time during their life.

    So Mauli having to work overtime is just a phase which Kunal should have understood and be supportive of every way. Husband and wife relationship should be transparent, where you can see through each other and support or guide the other if one is failing.
    Kunal has the gut to express his love for Nandini but as a husband to Mauli, he did not have the gut to talk to Mauli when he felt that Mauli is neglecting him in terms of love. Speaking your mind in a good way is a remedy for every problem especially in a marriage. Throughout the show after Nandini enter their lives, Kunal behaved as if Mauli does not matter to him at all. What about sacrifices they both made towards making a better their life? How can a husband ever forget that? Man like kunal are called selfish, kunal never truly had any feeling for Mauli except that she used to make his life better in every way reason for why their marriage lasted until it lasted. Kunal can never truly love. He used people. Kunal can never maintain a stable relationship with anyone. After Mauli, is Nandini and who knows he might still not find stability and happiness.

  10. The way they’ve showed this ema is all wrong. Kunal getting attracted to nandini because of her dance, though kind of feasible, was too abrupt.

    I would have liked it better if Kunal had tried to spend time with mauli but she was too busy with getting Kunal’s clinic ready or with her own operations and stuff .

    He could have started confiding in nandini and she could have told him about how she felt with rajdeep creating a bond between them etc etc

    I would have loved this far better than now.

    As much as I like this show, I only wish it wasn’t so filmy and a bit more natural looking

  11. Colors seems to be obsessed with cheating and m repulsed by the concept like anything, like most of the people here. Something I am unable to understand is the sugar-coated words these cheating characters use to justify their justifiable feelings. I’ll admit, I only watch this show to see how Mauli’s life will turn after she comes across her husband’s betrayal. However, I have a feeling that this show is more about justifying extra marital affairs existing in the society, so there goes that hope. Anyways, we’ll get to know soon, post which we can decide whether to continue watching it or not. One thing though, how come these cheaters are able to maintain those guilt free smiles on their faces despite betraying such an important person of their life is beyond me.

    1. Unjustifiable feelings**

  12. I always think how come serials like yrkkh run for such long time even without drop in trp where couples compromise so much try to fix their relationship …whereas in this serial , a girl who selfless and flawless Beauty with brain having some much trust on her husband bf like Mauli striving hard to fix her relationship on the other side a men who can’t control his emotions , couldn’t able to little compromise for her beloved wife , jus becoz she dint have little time for her , cheaply forgetting all d moments , trust she kept on him … Going behind a women who s portrayed as homely , naive , fragile bla bla… Actually not he is behind of her sultry , sensual , body shaming girl .. And justifying d feelings as true one !! Yuck how cheap , disgusting story line …. Drashti with no difference in her activity level came out with same Rona dhona face ….her serials aren’t such good after Madhubala …. Pity true I guess …

  13. i hate nandu so much she s nt a freind but an enemy why she ruins Mauli it cnt b happen why such a drama ??????

  14. Guys it is just a fictional show.some people are saying they are giving wrong message.ok they did.who asked to u follow many serials showing lady villans nd murders and all that does not meant follow all those naa.there are so many movues with this concept like Bajirao mastani ,in this filn also hero loves mastani being married.this film tho super hit hogayi ,all became fans of bajirao one asked to ban that movie..right please watch show as show ,tey wants to show something different not like sas bahu segas.if u dont like then dont watch..

    Whatever drasti shakti adithi doing very well in theor characters.nandini kunal emotional scenes are so good nd their acting

    1. You said lady villain,yes they are showing as lady villain,not as bichari who is the actual villain who is spoiling friend life ,that also a friend who saved her from brutal marriage.a husband who was so loving ,all of a sudden fell in wifes friends s*xy look or beauty. there is lots of difference in showing villain as villain and villains as loving couple. whatever those serial people are crticizing those characters.why people are so offended when people are saying the real truth of this serial which is showing emt as pure love or something special.what is wrong is wrong. you can tell anything but don’t bash at me for calling nandini s*xy bcoz she not against whatever people wearing,just saying some is so sad sad that yesterday some people dragged sridevi in to these.for those people information please read nr comments which is above,she clearly explained well.i really like that comment.

      1. Sridevi became friends with Mona Kapoor (Boney’s first wife). She was staying at Mona and Boney’s house and used to consider Boney as her brother (when Mithun and Sridevi were together, Mithun made Sridevi tie a rakhi to Boney). It was then that the affair started and she was soon pregnant with Boney’s child.

        I m nt a supporter or disliker of the show….u should know dis before saying anything…. i also read yesterday’s comment…though i m a sridevi’s fan bt didnt felt bad…….it’s nt abt dragging anyone bt just an example of real life ema…. hope u enjoyed it

      2. What do you mean by I enjoyed it,I didn’t know that much bcoz I’m not looking in to celbrities personal life that much like you.atleast she is Dead now.people blamed her for breaking boneys life,people liked sreedevi bcoz of her acting not bcoz of her emt. Like nr said lots of emt happening here nandini is cheating a childhood friend who saved her life, that’s what v are saying.i think people were discussing about ban so some got scared and came here.i only read one article about sreedevi at the time of her funeral that boney propose sreedevi before his marriage and she refused and later she went back to his life.i don’t want to discuss more about sreedevi please.its humble request.

        If something doesn’t affect you doesn’t mean that it should not affect me,lol

      3. Sry …. I didn’t mean to hurt u…. I m nt interested in anyone’s personal life…. I wrote watevr known to whole world… it was nt a personal attack on u dear….n sry fr using the word enjoy….

      4. Ok Ashima.thank you for understanding.

  15. Shuru ho gaya silsila faaltu comments ka….

  16. Now I can understand the reasons behind kumkum bhagya, kundali bhagya and naagin getting high trps. … go n watch ur serials which are far from reality….. at least dis serial is showing realities of our society. …
    Nd my question is still d same which serial influenced those 6 bastards to rape nirbhaya…. apna khoon jalaane se achha h ki aise gande aur cheap serials na dekhein apne sanskaari serials dekhein jisse aap relationship fix karna sikhte hain…

  17. U guys are overreacting. …. aap log aise baatein kar rahe ho jaise ki serial dekhte hi log bhaag k apni wife k friend k paas jayenge aur affair shuru kar denge….. there is a vast difference between fiction and reality….. nd I feel I m educated enough to pick up between right and wrong things….. so use ur brain n stop reacting

    1. U r educated enough to pick the good n wrong thing…but some people out dere.. don’t know to pick…n this show is paving way to cheat wit ur partner n this is why people..criticize the show to stop showing EMA…n yeah ofcourse I like the actor n actress acting…but that doesn’t mean, we can promote EMA..n again some people may have these actors as role models n again this may promote EMA

  18. Fiction and all is secondary just who and all support this story just now if u get the same situation will you accept or the same happen to ur sisters or closed one can you reason it. If ur married pls guys don’t tell this infront of your hubby he may thought you gave him permission (hehehe) I know bad joke don’t reason something which should not be reasoned if you like someone just be honest dont be a two minded and cheat the other one.

  19. A husband for whom you work extra hours to fulfil his dreams, love his mom than you own,care for his family more than anything,love him like his your life, trust him blindly and being the most understanding partner ever. And what do you get in return betrayal?
    And Best friend? For whom you fought for, that friend who left you for her fiancee,that friend whom you give shelter, that friend for whom you argue with your mom. But in the end that friend cheats with your husband.
    Hyprocisy? Unfair?
    Mauli is nothing but a great human.
    She’s too good to be cheated on.
    She doesn’t deserve this.

  20. I think truth will come out once nandhini become pregnant with Kunal child, read somewhere those two will consummate their love dono it’s for sure or not… Well after truth comes out deeda and all family members of kunal show throw him out of house and disown him, Kunal should beg for job and should wonder In street along with his so called lady love, karma is b*t*h, u two is answearble for maulis ever cry of pain in Tamil there is proverb saying pen paavam pollathathu, u two will soon suffer so much this is my point of view

    1. Well said…Pen paavam pollathathu.They will face all the consequences of betrayal.Disgusting.

  21. I don’t understand. How can someone even point fingers at mauli?
    Agree she didn’t give enough time to kunal. But how could she? She makes breakfast for everyone, takes care of everyone, then makes her duty as a doctor. That’s why she is a well known reputed doctor today. She is a perfect bahu and perfect doctor and a perfect woman who knows how to balance both work and home.
    And talking about being a wife and giving time to kunal..she is working extra hard because of her husband only. They don’t have any kid because this was their mutual decision to first settle their career. Because of kunal’s so called ethics, principles, morals, he keep quitting his jobs. He has free time because he has no work to do. Inspite of that, mauli never complains, never blamed him. she has always supported him. And she has to manage both her sasural and mayka..and then work too. Can you imagine how stressful it is. How much pressure it gives. But she is strong modern superwoman. So we never see her hardships. She knows today it’s hard for a person like kunal to survive with his morals in a job, that’s why she wants to open his clinic asap. Where he can work as per his own wish and never feel insecure and inferior to mauli. She is fighting alone for everything but yet people are blaming her. Unbelievable!
    Her only mistake is to trust her husband and help her friend. And if that is a mistake, then it means no husband is loyal and no friend is trustworthy.
    And about kunal..worst character. Now where are his so called morals, ethics, principles? Now he doesn’t care about anything. Isn’t this unethical, immoral? Having an illegitimate and illicit relationship. Disgusting!
    And nandini..she is the weakest and most selfish person I have ever seen. No words are enough to comment for her.

    1. Mauli’s biggest mistake is to have blind faith on her husband and friend…. nd I m a registered counsellor n have seen so many ema cases….so just saying on dat ground : communication gap is the biggest mistake committed by us… dis create misunderstandings and loneliness. …kunal always demanded the WE time…. bt she dragged always her best friend nd her work between dem( one should give valuable time to their spouses whether male or female)….now wen she is realising that his hubby is getting away den she has started giving tym n attention despite the workload… so my point is ki woh pehle bhi aisa kar sakti thi…..dis show is an eye opener dear…. I believe more or less everyone did a mistake on their part….
      Sry fr hurting ur sentiments…. I said wat I felt

    2. i agree with you Apoorwa… does Mauli have thirty hours in her day? she is doing the best and that too with a smile on her face. after so many years of marriage, a month or two of extra workload is enough to make husband upset? or fall for another woman? Kunal doesnt have a job right now, is that more important to fix or to go to movies and parties? Mauli obviously thinks they have an entire lifetime together, that their relationship and understanding is strong enough so that ‘lovey-dovey’ moments can take a backseat for sometime.they are not teenagers or college students anymore.

  22. for all those saying their are villains in other serials also, yes there are. even extra marital affair has been portrayed a number of times. in colors own shows – in Shakti Harman’s father brought a mistress home and threw away the legitimate wife out of their house, in Tu Ashiqui, JD kept Pankti as a mistress and Pankti’s own mother forced her into it. Bepannah too had its origin in extra marital affair that wrecked the life of two couples…. these are just a few examples. but their is a difference portraying reality and glorifying what is wrong. think of all the examples i gave above. what if when Harak Singh was romancing with the other woman, romantic music played in the background or, even worse, priest came and told them it is god’s signal that they continue with their relationship?
    the initial days of bepannah had the most realistic portrayal where both the couples had problems that the spouses didnt give importance. Aditya and Zoya were able to move on, but numerous times it was stated that while Aditya and Zoya made mistakes, still what Yash and Pooja did was wrong, they shouldnt have cheated on their partners. was Bepannah’s page full of comments that the serial should be banned or that it is disgusting? so please dont assume that we are repulsed just because EMA is shown. We are disgusted because, EMA is justified, it is shown as true, innocent love, and even as God’s signal to begin a new life. even God doesnt think that Mauli is being wronged, is it now?

    1. I’m sorry but I disagree with your examples.

      This is a show about ema while the others were not, not even bepannah. Bepannah is a story about how two people find love in each other when they find out their spouses cheated on them.

      Shakti and tu aashiqui too are of different plotlines.

      But silsila is and has always been portrayed as a show about ema. The writers have obviously put their own unoriginal cliche twist in it and yes, the God approving of it is wrong.

      I however feel, that you can’t compare this show with ema showed in other shows as they have diff storylines.

      Sorry if I inadvertently hurt you

      1. hi… its okay, i am not hurt or offended. 🙂 and i agree that these shows have different plotlines than Silsila, but i mentioned just to answer those who were saying that negativity has always existed in indian shows, repeatedly bringing up points stating that mother in laws plot again DIL, or there is murder or torture. it is true that there is, but the portrayal is seldom glorification or justification of those negativity. that is all the point i was trying to make

  23. Guys if someone interested to write maulis story ff after knowing truth, pls put it on,

  24. Hello….I just want to put my thought forward…no matter how much mauli has neglected Kunal in terms of love by giving more time to her work and kunal’s clinic, it is not justifiable at all for Kunal to seek love from Nandini. Kunal has a mouth to speak out and hands and legs full in action to bring his wife mauli back to him and make sure that Mauli gives him all the love he needs. Instead Kunal decided conveniently to just do EMA. He could have chosen to bring his wife Mauli back to him…start afresh…tell Mauli to stop all these hard work and instead lets concentrate on us ( Kunal and Mauli). So we cannot blame Mauli at all for neglecting Kunal since neglection happens in all marriage but EMA does not happen in all marriage since a good husband would have communicated to the wife and bring their love back rather than choosing to go for EMA.

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