Kumkum Bhagya 30th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Tanu meets Nikhal

Kumkum Bhagya 30th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mitali says that she feels that there must have been two people involved in this plan as one would be cutting the rope and the other must have been telling the first person of Pragya’s whereabouts, she then speculates that there must have been three people as the third one was either keeping an eye as to who was coming up or that person was spying on the other two, Aaliya I left stunned at some distance and says that why is Mitali seeing her like this, she says that she really wants a coffee and Mitali must bring it to her quickly.
Abhi is driving and thinks of what king said to him that Pragya likes his songs, he remembers all the moments spent with her, he gets tensed while remembering them, he then wonders of when he asked here why she did not have any photo her room, she said that the room belongs to King and she will keep it the way he likes it.
He then prays to god that he promised that he will never meet Pragya but he cannot keep that promise and he must meet her, that is the only way he can protect her and so he must go to meet her as he wants to find the person who is trying to kill Pragya.
Nikhil opens the door and is amazed to see Tanu, he asks her to come in saying that she must have come to reward him for his work, she comes and slaps him, he gets angry saying that if he hits her then she will die, Tanu says that it is easy to kill someone but very hard to keep it hidden, she says that someone saw him kill John, she starts to yell but he says that she is joking, she says that she is not and there e is an eye witness to his murder, she says that she wanted him to erase the witness but he left the police on her trail.
Nikhil turns away and starts to talk to himself saying that she is the biggest mistake of his life and he must not have listened to her, she gets frustrated and asks him to turn back, he turns saying that whenever he tries to move forward she comes to pull him back and this is what she did, he opened his own business and everything was going well but when she came then again his life is going to be hell, he then turns after which Tanu starts top say that he is the one who is cursed and not her, she must niot have called him at first as he is very bad and her mistake, he gets angry and turning asks her to leave his house, he doesnot listen to what she has to say and throws her out of his house.
Pragya is dressing Kiara for her friend’s birthday party, she does everything that Kiara needs and also makes cookies from her, she then asks Pragya to make her a coffee as her coffee makes her mind fresh, she thinks that this was what Abhi always wanted and she is just like her father, she hugs her very tightly as she missed Abhi, Kiara gets worried and then starts to tease her, she again demands but Pragya denies saying that she is very young but when she demands Pragya also agrees saying that she will make it for her at night.
Kiara is running and sits in the car, Abhi also arrives thinking if it is the house, Kiara asks the driver to help her take out the bag and they both step out, and he also comes out and goes into the house without noticing her, Kiara runs back saying that she forget her mobile but then remembers that she has it. Abhi is standing when he feels that there is someone behind hi who is his own, Pragya is in the kitchen making something when the bell rings she thinks that it is Kiara but does not know that it is Abhi and starts to scold her saying that she knows that it is her daily routine as she forgets something and then comes back but this time she will not open the door and she will not listen to anything she says, Abhi gets depressed as he thinks that she only talked like this with him and now she even shared it with someone else.
Abhi tells Pragya that it is him who is at the door and she must have looked before talking, he says that she must not have said anything, he asks if she will open the door or he must apologize, she asks if he had some work but he says that he will come back, she opens the door.

Precap: Abhi asks Pragya the reason she let someone else call her Jaan, she gets confused but then when he is about to leave he again asks her why she gave someone the chance to call her Jaan, she is left confused.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Someone needs to listen and respect the viewers input. In America here, we take critics willingly, it helps businesses to expand. Each business place has an inbox with a pen and an e-mail address to get back to them with reviews. these reviews make a big difference to Business. Seems like you people at ZEE whoever you are, that run these shows are like robots. Our reviews and feed back goes to deaf ears. no one replies to us. No one cares whilst you make your living through us the ones who pay monthly fees for International Channels just to get our kids in touch with their culture away from home. My kids laugh when they see how comical / childish / boring / unrealistic the show looks.

    1. Although i agree with you on the fans not getting the respect they deserve, production values will always differ in different countries, America has made it’s business in movies and television and has invested billions in scripts location shooting and the technical aspects, not all countries can achieve this including mine…but having said that, when you don’t have a budget for that kind of production then what you do is make sure you have a stable of talented cohesive writing talent that is devoted to that one show, it becomes their baby if you will, i don’t pretend to know how the writers are hired or treated by the production houses in India but it sounds like they write for many shows hence the repeat story lines from show to show and station to station..my only real complaint is the cohesion of plots and being faithful to the timeline of the story..for instance Abhi and family not remembering that Pragya’s sister was also injured by a chandaleir…and Purab especially not remembering…and also the shows not taking into account that we the viewers remember. crazy.

    2. I do not know much about filmy business and what goes on inside of these Serials. I am a mere viewer and spectator of TV. When it starts to snow and get cold I depend on my TV for company and entertainment. I love to look at my Indian Serials and I will continue to pest ZEE TV hoping to make a change. Love to read the other comments too!

    3. This is so true. 45/ monthly is not easy.

  2. Test: Am I being blocked?
    Reply to yesterdays comment:
    Your On! Cathy. It would be great if you were a part of the production team! I think that Alka and Naz would be a good candidates for the writers, Maria as publicist. Kalika, do you want in? Anyone else? As well, I have been informed that using caps is like YELLING on the internet. O.k. I can deal with that. How would a username indicate your ‘troll-ness’?

    1. No your here Akituster…i answered you on yesterdays kkb forum. LOL

    2. Sure I’m game. Everyone drinks poison and dies because their lives suck so badly except King and Kaira who he continues to love and raise – the end.

    3. LOL Good one Kalika! Actually, it was you not Naz who ‘our friend’ was claiming is actually me. Maybe I am schizophrenic and not aware of it. Not even the long list of doctors I have had, figured it out! Maybe I am everybody on this site and I have 50 homes all over the planet so just magically teleport myself here and there and stop long enough to make comments. Can we include someone like me in the script?! No poison for me please.

    4. I saw… no one has that much time… unlike Danny boy who is sitting and stewing in comments. Why would you want to be part of that horrible KKB world. I’d rather go to Westeros and get killed by white walkers… I question the actors who take on the role of Pragya and Abhi – is this the kind of thinking you want the rest of the world to have about India?

    5. what/where is Westeros and who /what are the white-walkers?

  3. Hey friends… I’m now back here since yesterday so I’m now reading comments… Let me reply a bit later, I’m swamped with a few errands to complete…

  4. o.k. I’ve confirmed that I am not being blocked.

    Cathy and Naz is there any way to indicate to Dannycomments that we are not one and the same person? I didn’t realise that was allowed or even done. I have no idea. When I couldn’t post I assumed that Dannycomments might have something to do with it. This is again my naivete regarding all things internet. Notice I said assumed. When you make an assumption that should mean that you are also looking for more information to confirm or deny the current status of information… before you make any rash or mistaken choices or become silly reactive. p.s. Cathy…thank-you for the teaching. I am always first a student and always learning.

    Dear Dannycomments: Why and how would I comment on shows I do not watch. Were you too much in anger to read my reply? I have a new very busy life at the birthing level and there is a reason I am watching this serial. As well, Ekta is the producer/creator. She is the one responsible and handling the direction of the show. I have a suspicion that Ekta pays everyone under her, not the other way around. My focus is on Tanu and Aliyah as they are the stars of this show. I would rather report/comment on Indu Dasi, Mithali and Purab/Disha and Pragya and Abhi. I would love to see more of Robin. But these characters/actors have been sidelined. You comment on what you see presented. Dannycomments, you are reacting like a client/patient who is angry because that is easier than seeing some personal truth within yourself. You know, attacking the messenger and ignoring the message because it might expose some hidden truth? And really Danny, I am not the only voice that sees this truth. I thank you for helping me experience the internet communication and the wildness of it’s terrain.

    Comments on todays show: I took note of the Aliyah’s dialogue to Mithali. It was perfect in showing her belief in her supposed superiority as she meted out orders. As Tanu Toy did her temper tantrum, the anger didn’t always show in her eyes. Do I have to add on the comment “Decent effort, I guess” to satisfy Dannycomments? No. A star of a show is usually chosen for their superior ability. But the stars are not the main feature anymore. Why? So far, the new Nikhil seems like the best Nikhil but more screen time will let us know. I always felt sorry for the first Nikhil as he did have an ugly dangerous role to play. But he did come across as dangerous.
    Abhi and Kiara play the hit and miss thing. ‘Teasing time’ as I have labelled it. This screen time filler has been so overused that it is not carrying the original punch/tension created by a device like this. And of course at the end we get to see the ‘romance’ with the two leads separated by a door. How perfectly illustrative of what this serial did to the original main leads. Nice touch, I guess.

    1. I highly suspect that Dannycomments is a forum troll, please don’t waste your valuable time and energy on this person…i just laughed when i was accused of being three other people too!! The admins know how many accounts here i have and that is just 1 and they can confirm if this accusation becomes an issue. Oh and being a troll is really not allowed on any forum i’ve ever been on and they usually get deleted if they cause to many problems…the only thing that irritates a forum troll is being ignored.

    2. Akituster… The color coded ? next to our names are given by the TU team when we joined the forum, no two people have the same color. I LMAO when you thought that you were blocked from posting your comments, that DannyComments had a hand in that… You know something Akituster, you are right, you are being attacked personally and your message is being sidestepped and misconstrued by the viewer. You, myself and everyone are entitled to their own opinions and this forum is here for us to praise when it’s deserved and criticize when we see wrong messages being portrayed. Every year at the Zeetv awards ceremony, KKB wins hands down, how this crazy ass script could win so big, is a mystery. Families can no longer sit together and watch this serial without pulling teeth. One has to ask, where is the positivity in this serial. Since day one of marriage for Pragya, she been subjected to abuse from Aliya and her spineless brother and not forgetting the shameless whore of a character, Tanu. I have never come across another character like Tanu before…never!! She’s a toxic character. The brainchild of the serial is Ekta’s….and I believe 100% that she has to give the green light for this character to take shape, oftentimes, a writer can fashion this type of individual from someone’s mould and for this character to survive, there must be some inspiration, you and I know who’s the inspiration!! Back then when I used to complain, I did it somewhat like you because that’s how I saw things here. How satisfying it would be if our concerns could be addressed as Patricia has said but that’s not going to happen at all. Cathy and I were on the ETRETR forum together and we gave the writers hell, imagine we the viewers had to remind them of missing details and loose ends and we could actually see the script going downhill afterwards, so much so, the serial was chopped chopped and the end came, it’s better that than the crap we were seeing taking place. Trust me when I tell you that there are those behind the scenes who read our comments, those who are relevant to addressing our concerns but they won’t change anything because of viewers like our friend who defend the script. On the ISA forum, we had a representative from the creative team interacting with the viewers a couple months ago and he was interested in our feedback concerning the direction of the serial. He gave us hope and took our suggestions and promised to address our concerns and they did, Cathy is my witness. … So, what is Ekta’s problem here? She’s responsible for this crap and for unknown reasons, she just loves seeing Pragya being taken advantage of, it’s as if she is orgasmic seeing Tanu and Aliya beat Pragya to the point of wanting to kill her. No female character on this serial portrays female empowerment… I would still add my two pieces of criticisms when it’s called for and if I see something is worth being praised, I’ll do so, right now, King is the only credible character in this serial, everyone else just SUCKS!! Big time!!!… Of course there’s hope for the future… Kiara and Sunny sparkle and shine in an otherwise dreary landscape.

    3. Thank-you Naz for your reassuring words. There have been 3 separate instances where my commentary seemed to result in replies through the gossip/spoiler videos. The first time regarding Tanu, I saw video’s attempting to make her look sweet. Then comments about Ekta being such a normal woman and lastly a seeming reply to my ‘immature Gemini comments’. The third time round it did not appear to be coincidental. But I did not want to feel/think egotistically, about my comments. I absolutely did wonder if the behind the scenes people read these forums. Three times is no longer coincidental. That’s a pattern appearing. I even wondered if the commentator ‘trolling’ me was simply employed to try and shut me up. ‘Our friend’ struck me as one of the viewers caught in a ‘romance addiction’. As well, this is not the place for me to go in detail about why and how that happens. And I wondered that, with only ‘some’ of what I observe rather than the whole story, perhaps I was confusing other commentators and being unclear and thus lacking credibility. I am an adult thus I do self-checks. This is why I am happy with replies and conversation. I can’t be completely ‘out to lunch’. Today, I am thankful that this forum is supporting me in learning and getting my feet wet. As well, it looks like I will have a regular IT person helping me to … well, navigate the web. It’s not the internet I learned today, it is the world-wide web. Slightly intimidating. Also exciting. Professionally, I have spoken to rooms of several hundred people at a time. But they see me, my body language and the smile on my face. Wrapping myself around the idea of speaking to the whole world did make me sit back a bit. My IT buddy also laughed at me when I informed him, “there are less than 50 commentators/visitors on the site”. It’s overwhelming especially when you have had wonderful success in communications (past) to discover how the rules have changed. Not that I will change what I say. Facing this new world is becoming more interesting each day. And this show? I loved it until Aliyah morphed into a worse Demon Queen, than she already had been. I used to fast forward through her long boring bullshit hatred. The actress was not very good. I laughed and laughed as I learned about the producer. Once I learned her birthdate all the manipulative anger/hatred made absolute sense. She truly is a classic manipulator. And yes, this woman likes to watch and create suffering, that she controls. It helps her feel safe and powerful. We should all be thankful that her playground is fictional. As far as we know. I suspect there are many more stories where the general public has no access. Really, it’s not suspicion, her basic, public energetic profile ‘indicates’ this. I have a long proven track record for accuracy. Having known many Gemini’s both mature (great fun to be around) and immature, professionally and personally, I feel very confident in my assessments. Whew! Life just gets better and better doesn’t it! ; )

    4. Think, jealousy, regarding Ekta. Destruction of ‘good’. Think Malice. And orgasmic is the perfect word. Think, of Tanu’s facial expressions when Pragya is suffering. Tanu’s need to witness it. The actress does manage to get that expression on her face much better than most expressions. With Tanu… the lack of emotion in her eyes sort of spells out her acting ‘style’. She’s doing her job. Aliya’s trouble with getting the ugly anger ‘real’ I kind of admired. I felt, oh good this actress doesn’t have it in her to be that stupidly ridiculous. And as her efforts to improve her skill became visible I felt that this actress has a form of nobility on the personal level. As well, she behaves like a ‘lady’ in response to complaints. She doesn’t whine like other actresses. The whining was a publicity stunt as far as I could see. There are times Aliyah loses it momentarily when she is acting alongside Abhi. If she reads this, I bet she will consider the information and act on it if she decides it’s necessary. The actress is intelligent.

  5. Dear ‘KKB’ the commentator. There have been several times that I wanted to reply. But my Hindi is more than questionable and I didn’t want to misunderstand your message. What I do understand, I agree with your comments.
    I look forward to reading all the comments and truly enjoy the discussions. Internet friendships are neat!

    1. Hi Akituster, I don’t need to tell you how I enjoy your comments ( Naz, Cathy, Kalika and others)… I’m more of a silent reader but I want you something. Your comments are not just funny if accurate, they are proof of a healthy mind, yours and mine and others. You know how it’s hard to understand yourself when you’re watching a show which used to be good and turns to trash but still gets good ratings and wins Awards. It messes with your head and you start thinking maybe you’re suffering from a pathological insatisfaction, maybe your heart is turning to stone because you can no longer feel for fictional characters of a love story. That’s me. Yes, I kept asking myself “what’s wrong with me?” Then I joined Social Media (I have to mention kkb is my first indian tv show) and it got worse. Everybody is a die-hard fan of the show, the actors and Abhi & Pragya of course. They even fight and took sides, find excuses for one or the others. I was more lost than before… then I came across comments like yours and I knew I’m not alone, there’s nothing wrong with me. There is nothing wrong if you keep watching a less than average show but still try to find something to talk about, good or bad (best critics do their homework the best they can). It’s about learning and like you I learned alot in the process…
      Ok I got carried away but I wanna say that a show is more that a bunch of beautiful people and romantic scenes. It’s about a story which can challenge your mind. Kkb doesn’t have that but your comments do, your writing does. You’re challenging me everyday, with every comment to think, to pay more attention to details and to try not to get influenced but everything I see ( thanks to you I tried to get a closer look to Ekta’s works and it’s all “copy-paste” scenes, dialogues everything is given a little makeover to look fresh…
      Take care dear, keep writing and if you think of starting a blog or writing anywhere else just tell me (I’m your stalker don’t forget that 🙂 I’m loking forward to read more…

    2. Done Deal Maria! Perhaps for the first time ever… I will say… You are a wonderful stalker! I’m working towards a web-site and I will learn to twitter…I sure. (I don’t understand or ‘get’ the twitter purpose as yet)

  6. Funny… Fail to understand this serial… As rightly said that the same writer is writing scripts for many shows and hence he is running out of ideas and same content is being repeated in all the shows. Now coming to kkb and abhi.. Abhi is still a moron and a fool. Inspite of it being clear that an attempt was made to kill pragya in his house, he still is wondering who could be trying to kill her and all this after the way aliya spoke to him about pragya… Meri baat maan lo pragya get away from this kid abhi ASAP and go back to London with king.. You look more happy and relaxed with king around you and he is the best fouw for you and kiaria.. Abhi is nothing but a stupid wet wimp controlled by his sister and tanu.. No mind of his own, claims to love his family but cant see that they are unhappy and living in a fear of aliya and tanu,

  7. I wish… Ohhh how I wish…that Nikhil and Tanu could just cancel each other out or just like the tapes at the start of Mission Impossible ….go up in smoke!! I’m trying to understand if logic escapes the writers here, how hard is it for someone to furnish King with the fact that Abhi was Pragya’s husband previously? This has to be the most closely guarded secret ever!! Why can’t King see that there’s something more between Pragya and Abhi? BTW… I noticed that both Abhi and King have erased their hatred for each other and are collaborating on Pragya’s well-being… Nice….as Abhi is jealous these days even more, it would be wonderful to see him romancing Pragya under King’s nose…it would heighten the intimacy and keep viewers like myself in a calm mood, I’m starved for some romance here. It would also be satisfying if Abhi could know that Kiara is his daughter, he could ask Pragya to make another child with him, in this way he won’t feel cheated of spending time with the product of their unrequited love, after all his ice queen doesn’t want to spoil her figure….so that’s legit excuse!!…and Pragya better be prepared for turmoil when Kiara’s paternity is revealed….

    1. Didn’t Tanu lose the ability to have children when she had her ‘accident’ trying to murder Pragya? The 4rth, or 5th or 6th time? I’ve lost count. And hey, why bother have a child? She’s got Abhi and his whole family performing like dogs already. She doesn’t need ‘guilt-bait’ any more. It’s bad enough that one evening lasts for three weeks. Can you imagine another pregnancy? Three years?

  8. Akituster… I think I’d do well in an advisory capacity.. Lol…. I’m honored really, that you think I’d do well in writing dept… ??…..yesss, Cathy and I think alike…and since both of us have been around these serials a couple years now, we can recognize when we see stupid illogical scripts…but I’m not moving, even when naysayers think that we don’t have a good contribution to make…its my opinion and I’m entitled to it…

  9. I cannot believe I look forward to the comments these days instead of the actual series. The comments are way more interesting. The show has lost its flavor.

    1. Thank-you Claire, from everyone who comments. There are a few missing voices. I hope they come back soon. And maybe this could be part of a sub-plot on the fantasy production. You know, strangers meeting under stranger circumstances and forming a…

  10. You know i often wonder why i’m drawn back over and over again to watching this show, i have often compared this fascination i have with KKB with an accident that you can’t look away from, despite the weak premise and character building i truly do appreciate the talent of the main leads, i think they genuinely like and respect each other and they both have excellent comedic timing but they are so very wasted on this show, i wish that they had the strength to start demanding that this show get back on track…if this show is a money maker with the sponsor’s and the audiences i have to wonder why this has not happened, i realize things work differently in India..but maybe it’s time for a T.V serial revolution!!! And i’m in favour of Pragya and King falling in love..and Pragya finally realizing that having Kiara any where near the Mehra family is fatally dangerous. I guess i have affection for this show as it was the first INdian serial i started watching along with Johda Akbar..then found ETRETR and Telly Updates and new friends and new shows…I keep hoping for the best.

    1. One of the first things I wish to be explaining on the website is why people get ‘drawn back’ in over and over. And I agree with you, regarding Pragya and Abhi.
      The actress who plays Pragya is a very unusual woman. Her empathy levels are very high. Out of all of them, you would hope that she has the ability to protest.
      Why doesn’t she? She empathises with everyone including Ekta?? She likes to stay out of the fray?

  11. See Danny. This is what your words brought out in the rest of the commentators. ‘Goodness’ can and does come out of ugly situations. Life works that way. And if the behind the scenes people are reading this… Claire said it well.
    So thanks Danny, And to the ‘behind the scenes’ people we all know you are far more capable than you are allowed to be. And I apologise for my rudeness in advance but it would appear sometimes that you people are all ok with being puppets for your producer. Sort of like Pragya, constantly being beaten up and always showing up for even more. Don’t you get it? You are being used. I sure hope your pay is so high that you are happy to serve your dignity on a silver platter so Miss Ekta can get her, oh so necessary ‘play time’. Grow some balls and start challenging the would-be princess.

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