Shakti 30th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman and Suomya kept in hospital until memory recovery

Shakti 30th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the hospital ward, Harman objects that Suomya is staring at him. Suomya asks why he is disturbed by her sides, it’s her bed and her will.
Harak Singh brings Preeto to the room and makes her comfortable in the bed. He was sure that Harman would surely return.
Ravi and Jeet stood upstairs and watch Harak Singh restlessly lay on the couch in hall. She was upset that Harak Singh couldn’t accept Suomya. Jeet was sure this is going to happen one day.
The next mornings, Mr. and Mrs. Kaushal come to the ward for round. After general observation Mr. Kaushal asks if Harman has some trouble here that he attempted to run from the hospital. Harman complains that he can’t even remember his name. Dr. Kaushal takes a color chart and asks Harman to recognize the names of colors. Suomya could recognize the colors but Harman can’t. Dr. Kaushal sends his staff to bring a white board and a marker. They hang it in the ward. Dr. Kaushal divides the board. Mrs Kaushal names Suomya as Khushi while Mr. Kaushal names Harman as Jolly; until they don’t remember their names. Mr. Kaushal asks Suomya what she likes the most, Suomya replies she enjoys doing friendships, studying and going school. Harman replies he likes beating and fighting the most, he wish so right now as well. Dr. Kaushal complements that Harman must surely be from the house of lions. The word lion clicks Harman. A nurse brings some bags for them both and ask them to change. Harman thinks he must only find Gulabo now.
Varun gathers the villagers outside Maninder’s house and says his accusations were right about Surbhi. Maninder says Surbhi even didn’t tell them where she left. The villagers call Surbhi as ill character girl. Maninder shouts at everyone to leave.
Harman had changed clothes and walked across the hospital corridor. He thinks his name can’t be Gulabo, he must find Gulabo. He stops by every passing girl and asks if her name is Gulabo? Does she know any? A staff member stops Jolly and says may be Gulabo is no one’s name.
Suomya sat in the hospital corridor. Two kinners come to the hospital finding a child. Mr and Mrs. Kaushal discuss that Khushi is a kinner she must live in such a group, she doesn’t remember anything and not even realize being a kinner. Dr. Kaushal suggest they will send Khushi with kinners upon her will if she can’t recall her memory.
Everyone requests Chinto to have some milk or eat something. Shanno brings biscuits for Chintoo and offers to Preeto as well. Preeto throws the plate and questions why distributing biscuits when they are so tensed about their children. Harak Singh calms Preeto down and asks her to stay strong. Tears fell off Preeto’s eyes but she forbids Harak Singh to cry at all, they will surely find Harman and Suomya. Shanno enjoys the situation and discuss with Veeran that she wants to celebrate.
Harman stops by a temple, he prays to God and asks about his recognition else he will beat himself. He bangs his head over the wall. The staff and Suomya gather around. Suomya slaps Harman. Harman was offensive, Suomya scolds Harman for behaving childishly. He has put everyone in trouble. In the ward, the doctor does the dressing for Harman’s bleeding head. Suomya sat on her bed. Harman claims everyone in the hospital as crazy. Suomya stood beside his bed, eyeing him intently. She asks where his father is. What’s his address? Harman asks if she can’t understand he can’t remember anything. Suomya says she only thought he was banging his head over the wall, she thought he regained his memory. Harman calls the whole staff and doctor in the wall, complaining she irritates him. Suomya argues and says she would call him ‘Dhakan’ if he continues with his habits. Dr. Kaushal takes Suomya outside to speak to her. Harman was angry with Mrs. Kaushal.
In the corridor, Dr. Kaushal says that Jolly seems to be very aggressive.

PRECAP: Harman turns the lights of the ward on as he can’t sleep in dark. Suomya had an objections and turns to go and sleep outside. Harman wasn’t ready to allow her. Suomya lay down and thinks she will turn the lights off once he is asleep.

Update Credit to: Sona

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