Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 28th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer eager to know the reason of Mishti’s breakup

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 28th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Veer thinks Mishti and Rohan can’t be together. He wonders what happened to him, then calls on Rohan’s number.
There, Rohan tells Mishti he can’t stay away from her any longer. Mishti forbids him. Rohan gets Veer’s call. Veer asks where Rohan is. Rohan tells him he is in market, and came to buy a dress for his award show. Veer congratulates Rohan, then asks if he is all alone. Rohan asks what kind of question is this, he knows I can’t shop all alone. Why is he inquiring? Veer asks why he is irritated, and why didn’t he call him for help in shopping. Rohan asks if Veer had seen his condition last night. He couldn’t have asked for his help. He says he and Mishti are together, Mishti purchased a dress for him. Veer asks Rohan to meet in the evening, take some time for friends.

Mishti asks Rohan why he told the truth. Rohan says he would have to tell hundreds of lies otherwise. What was wrong in telling the truth?

Veer thinks he shouldn’t have doubt Rohan, there can be nothing between them. He gets a call from Arnav and promises he will soon be there in office. He was tensed as he watches them approach the car. He drives away.

Mishti takes a leave from Rohan for a meeting. He asks if she would be there for dinner, Pari will also be there. Mishti agrees to try, but she might get late.

Sukhmani meets an old friend Shanti in the parking lot. She asks about Mishti’s breakup. Sukhmani says breakup after marriage hurts more. Shanti discuss about her daughter Niki’s proposal. Sukhmani thinks about Arnav’s dilemma; and refers her to Rohan. Shanti goes to speak to Radhika. Sukhmani then curses herself for not being considerate about Pari’s love.

In the office, Veer was thinking about Mishti and Veer. Arnav comes to take a leave, as the work is done. Veer says he was unable to thank Arnav for the help yesterday, can they have a drink together.
Shanti comes to speak to Radhika. She asks her about Rohan. Radhika was concerned if Rohan did something. Shanti says they were looking for a proposal for their Niki and Sukhmani discussed about Rohan. Radhika was happy and says Rohan is a very nice guy. Sukhmani reaches Radhika, out of breathe. She tells Radhika the lift was out of order, she came by stairs. Radhika goes inside to get her a glass of water. Sukhmani tells Shanti it’s not necessary to give proposal to Rohan, they will find a number of boys for Niti. Mishti returns home. Radhika happily tells Mishti about a good news, Niti’s mother brought a proposal to their house. Mishti says Ansh is a child now. Radhika says she wants to marry Niti with Rohan. Mishti was startled.

Sukhmani takes Shanti aside, she tells Shanti Rohan’s isn’t the only guy. She must find a rich family, this Rohan is an orphan. Shanti was flattered that her daughter will have no one to serve. She agrees to the proposal at once.
Radhika tells Shanti to relax, they must first speak to Rohan as well. When Shanti had left, Radhika was cheerful that it’s an interesting matter. Mishti wasn’t happy, and goes to get ready for dinner. Radhika thanks Sukhmani for taking care of Rohan along with them. Sukhmani fakes a smile, and apologizes to Pari silently.
In the room, Mishti was angry at Sukhmani for becoming a match maker. Couldn’t she suggest Arnav for Niki, or Sukhmani could also have said they should marry Mishti to Rohan. She and Rohan are ready to marry each other. She ruins her makeup, and tries on heels. Radhika comes to the room and mocks her makeup. She tells Mishti not to discuss anything about Niki with Rohan. They must first let each other meet. Mishti corrects her makeup and nods at whatever Radhika had planned.

Rohan and Pari were in the restaurant. Pari notices Rohan was restless. She asks why he is tensed. Rohan says he isn’t tensed at all, in fact he is happy for her. He complements that Pari looks gorgeous today. Pari was in a disbelief, then gives all the credits to Rohan. She says Rohan has raised her confidence a lot. She must have been useless in life otherwise. She is no more afraid of commitment. She claps for Rohan. Rohan forwards his hand to hold Pari’s. Pari was at once taken aback. Rohan says I am so happy and proud of you. Pari tries to say something to Rohan… and with much difficulty she says I… knowww…. You! Rohan laughs. He says there was nothing special, he only tried to see the good in her that already existed.

There, Veer asks Arnav if Mishti wanted to marry someone else.

PRECAP: Veer discuss with Arnav that there was nothing bad between him and Mishti, then why she broke up. Mishti was angry with Rohan. Rohan holds her hand in the garden and asks why she is behaving so weird with him. Mishti pushes Rohan away.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Writers are still repeating history but this time they are dragging too much, if misty doesn’t want to behave like her father, Kunal, why can’t she tell truth about Ruhan to everyone, indirectly even Misty and Ruhan are also doing same thing…
    Anyway anyone like it or not, but S1 cast acting use to look more realistic, full on emotions and proper expressions, but in S2 may be cast is others fvt but their acting doesn’t seem real even after soo many episode, their expressions more looked forced…

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      Lol… I think the actors are just tryna get thru the days becuz it’s almost time for close-off… n these actors r probably getting so much abuse on the net that they must only be hoping for the last shoot ? these promiscuous leads ?

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