Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Grihapati prays to shiv ling.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the hurt and injured Grihapati still trying to walk to the river to take water in his pot. Indra dev says wait here son, you have no more strength left in you, you cannot complete the prayer and Pooja of mahadev so stop now and give up. I have appeared as I am impressed by your prayers, I shall give you a boon so ask what you want. Grihapati does pranam to indra dev and says indra dev, my prayers are for mahadev and I have still time left till sunrise, so I shall not stop. I will continue praying to my prabhu mahadev and I am sure he will come and give me darshan, I don’t want any boon from you. indra dev says child, agni dev’s curse cannot be stopped so you wont live, when the sunrises and you shall be 13 years old agni dev’s fire shall end your life. Grihapati says whatever it may be indra dev, I wont stop praying to mahadev, I will serve him and meditate in his name until he gives me his holy darshan.
Grihapati turns back and goes to collect water as he prays to mahadev, saying om namaha shivay! Indra dev gets angry and says stop grihapati, stop now. You are insulting devraj indra, you are denying a boon from me and insulting me. Indra dev says I will punish youfor turning your back o devraj indra. Indra dev removes his Vajra astra and summons lightning in it as the clouds thunder and lightning falls.
Grihapati walks in his wretched condition but doesn’t stop, he keeps praying to mahadev and then reaches the bank of the river and collects water. grihapati starts walking back to the shiv ling.
Devi saraswati and laxmi are worried as they say, grihapati has no strength left and why hasn’t mahadev given darshan yet? Mahadev has to save grihapati! Devi parvati watches this and is worried for grihapati.
As grihapati walks towards the shiv ling. Agni dev says I wont let grihapati go to the shiv ling and complete his prayers. Agni dev attacks on the forests surrounding grihapati and burns them with fire. Everything around grihapati starts burning. Grihapati falls down but gets up again and walks towards the shiv ling while the heat of the fire threatens the life of grihapati. As grihapati fights the immense heat and walks towards the shiv ling, indra dev uses his powers of lighting and attacks on the fire. The lighting turns the fire into blue flames and calms it down. Agni dev himself turns blue and says what is happening? What is indra dev doing? He is cooling down everything and has turned the fire cold, he has doused the flames. Indra dev saves grihapati. As indra dev holds the Vajra, it reflects the shape of mahadev’s trishul indicating Indra dev himself is mahadev, disguised as indra dev.
Grihapati comes back to shiv ling and he falls down at the feet of indra dev and says prabhu mahadev, I couldn’t recognize you. forgive me prabhu! I am grateful for your darshan. Agni dev is turned blue and he uses fire to attack but his powers don’t seem to work.

Precap: Mahadev stands behind grihapati as he prays to shiv ling. Agni dev flies towards grihapati to kill him with fire, but he is stopped by a protective shield by mahadev.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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