A Twinj OS ~ by Sapphire

Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai…

Jo tu mera humdard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Suhaana har dard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai

Kunj sand slowly, looking at the mesmerizing view in front of him. The sea shined like glitters with the orange hue of the sun, making it look ethereal. The sun kisses the edge of the water, as both slowly merged into one. A cool zephyr blew, kissing his hair and cheeks, tickling his handsome face. He closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath, before finally opening them. A small, almost non-existent smile adorned those pink lips, his chocolate orbs shining with contentment.

” Kunj! Let’s go. ” A man interrupted his silent stupor, as he nodded with that little smile still intact.

” Okay Bhai, let’s go. ” Kunj’s elder brother, Vihaan Sarna, made his way towards his younger brother, who was silently sitting in a wheelchair, and sighed sadly. Both moved towards the car, as Vihaan made Kunj sit inside the car with the help of the driver.

” Kunj, why don’t you start with your treatment ? ” And there started the everyday discussion!

Vihaan was looking at Kunj expectantly, with anger and frustration clearly visible in his eyes. But Kunj was least affected. He continued to stare out of the window. It was like daily routine for him. Vihaan would bring up the same topic everyday and Kunj would not utter a word, signalling the end of their one-sided conversation.

” Kunj, it’s enough now! Stop behaving like a stubborn kid. You don’t know how much Mom and Dad are affected by this! Everyday when I enter the house, I see that sadness in their eyes, I sense that helplessness in their voice. Why are you punishing them ?! ”

Vihaan had had enough. He was tired of the constant ignorance of his brother towards everyone and everything around him. It pained him as well to see his brother like that. But not for once did he say that out loud. He wanted to cry sometimes, but he couldn’t. Why ? Because Boys Don’t Cry!!

” Bhai, if you guys are so tired of me then just tell me! I’d leave. I’ll go back to London, at least I’ll get some peace. And you all will be happy too, if I won’t be there.”

Even though Kunj was talking to him, his face was turned away from Vihaan. His eyes were fixed at the clouds outside, looking at the different shades of pink, orange and blue. He was trying to avoid this discussion, but more than that, he was trying not to break in front of his brother.

” Kunj, it’s not like that. But, just…. think about us as well, Kunj. ”

” That’s why I’m saying Bhai, let me go back. I’m capable enough of taking care of myself. I know I am completely useless without this wheelchair, but don’t worry, I won’t die- ”

” Kunj!! Stop talking shit!!! ” Vihaan tried his best to glare at him, but he could sense the inner turmoil which Kunj was going through.

” No, Bhai. That’s the truth. Accept it! But yeah, don’t forget that still THE KUNJ SARNA! I can still shake the business world overnight. I can take care of myself. ”

Finally, Kunj raised his eyes to look at Vihaan. And for a moment, he could see the old Kunj in him. That arrogant, self-obsessed business tycoon, who used to make people shiver just by the look of him. Just for a fraction of second, he could see that his chhote was back! But it went as soon as it came, making Vihaan’s heart cry in agony.

” Kunj, it’s been two years. Stop doing this to yourself, to all of us. ”

As soon as those words left his mouth, Kunj looked away sharply, his face schooled into a mask of indifference.

” Bhai, we’ve reached. ” And before Vihaan could say something, Kunj was already sitting in his wheelchair with the help of the driver and a servant. Vihaan sighed sadly, before moving towards Kunj to help him. But Kunj had already left with the servant, making his eyes turn glassy.

” I’m sorry, chhote.. ”

Kunj dragged his wheelchair in a room, his eyebrows furrowed together in worry and anticipation. His eyes darted towards the bed, to see a motionless body lying there. His face saddened, looking that person attached to so many tubes and machines. The only sound in the room came from the machines, the beeping confirming that the person was still alive.

” Sir ? You need anything ? ” His attention was diverted towards the nurse, who had entered just then to check on  the patient.

” No. Can you… please leave me alone for some time ? ”

” Sure sir. ” And the nurse left with a small smile, closing the door behind her.

Kunj sighed, before moving himself towards the bed. He stopped near the bed, staring at the serene face of that person. If he didn’t know better, he’d say that person was in a peaceful sleep.

” Twinkle… ”

Taking her hand into both of his, he gave it a little, delicate squeeze, fearing that he may disturb her.

” Twinkle, you know, today also Bhai asked me when I’ll start my treatment. And as always, I ignored him. ” He let out a dry chuckle, as if laughing on his own fate.

” Why doesn’t he get it that I don’t want to get treated ?! Why doesn’t he understand that this conversation will only lead to one of us getting hurt. And today, I hurt him bad. So bad that I feel like killing myself. But, kya karoon main ? You know, I failed. I failed at everything. I could never become a good person. I failed at being a good husband, good brother, good son, everything… And it just hurts, hurts too much.. But I feel like I deserve it all, for not being able to save you, our… our kids.. ” Kunj himself didn’t know when he had started crying. All he knew was that the pain was too much to handle. He closed his eyes tight, begging the pain to go away. But pain doesn’t go away just like that. Pain demands to be felt.

” I still regret that day Twinkle, I regret not listening to you. I… I want to go back in time and just stop all that from happening. ” Only if he could.


Kunj Sarna was getting ready, all excited like a kid to finally introduce his baby girl, his princess to the whole world, on the occasion of her very first birthday. To proudly tell the whole damn world, that she was his daughter, Trisha Kunj Sarna!

He looked up at his wife, Twinkle Kunj Sarna, to find her making their 3 and a half year-old son get ready. She looked so cute while trying to stay at her son, who was giving her a tough time, by trying to wear his clothes on his own.

” Champ, that’s a pant. You don’t wear that on your head. ” Both parents burst out laughing as Kunj said those words, making the Junior Sarna puff out his cheeks in annoyance. Baby Trisha also giggled, looking at her parents laughing.

” Mumma… don’t laugh. ” Both were trying to stop laughing, and were failing miserably.

” Okay okay, were won’t laugh now. Happy ? ” Twinkle smiled affectionately at her baby, elbowing Kunj to make him stop, which resulted in even more giggles.

Soon they were ready, all set to leave for the grand party organised by the Sarna brother for their dear princess.

” Kunj, let’s leave. We’re already very late for our own party. ”

” Noo.. ” Kunj shook his head in a big, fat NO, making Twinkle glare at him murderously.

” And why is that, Mr. Sarna ? Mind explaining ? ”

” Well, it’s my baby doll’s first birthday. ”

” And your point is ? ”

” My point is- ” H spun Twinkle around, making her collide with him. ” that it’s time for some family selfies. ” Kunj grinned, taking Trisha in his arms, while Twinkle held their son, as the four posed for a family photo.

Kunj Sarna

Twinkle Kunj Sarna

Kavish Kunj Sarna

Trisha Kunj Sarna

A perfect family it was!

Kunj smiled, pecking his kids’ forehead, before placing a lingering kiss on Twinkle’s forehead.

” Kunj ? ”

” Hmm.. ? ”

” I love you. ”

” I know! ”

” Kunj Sarna! Get back here!!! ” But who cares! Kunj had already left for the car with his kids, leaving a raging Twinkle behind. His laughter echoed in the mansion, making Twinkle sigh in annoyance.

” Kunj! Do you think it’s really safe ? We have kids with us. ” Twinkle looked at him from the passenger seat, voicing out her opinion.

” Chill out, Mrs. Sarna. There is very heavy traffic on the main road, so I took a shortcut. No big deal! ”

” But- ”

” No IFs and BUTs Twinkle. Okay wait, lemme turn on the music. ” He smiled at her in assurance, making her sigh.

But before his hand could even reach the console, a big truck rammed into their car from the left side. Everything happened too fast for him to comprehend. They were talking normally a second ago, excited for the party. And the next second, his world had come crashing down.

Flashback Ends

At the end, Kunj was crying like a baby. The pain, the guilt. It was just too much. That’s the reason he didn’t want the treatment. He was just too guilty to have his own self treated. That accident had snatched his Princess from him, his little baby girl even before celebrating her first birthday. His son, his Champ, was too much hurt. He was in so much pain that the doctors had to give him poison, they had to kill him, so that that poor soul didn’t have to die a painful death. Twinkle had got hurt too, and a lot more. She had slipped into coma, and had not woken up since. Doctors had long since given up on her, saying that now only a miracle could work. Kunj was the one who was the least affected, as he was in the driver’s seat. Only his legs were damaged, and they could be cured by treatment. He had woken up a week after the accident, only to be given the responsibility to make the decision in Kavish’s case. When he signed those papers, he felt like he was killing his son with his own hands. He was the least injured, but the truth was that he was the most hurt. Every day, every night, he was tormented, his soul was killed over and over again.

” Twinkle, I’m sorry.. I’m sorry for not being able to save our kids. I’m… sorry.. Please get up Twinkle, please. It’s been two years now.. The guilt is killing me. Please, Twinkle… You remember, you said ‘I love you’ to me that day and I didn’t reply ? I’m sorry yaar.. Forgive me… I… I love you… ” His cries were heard by his brother and his wife, who were standing at the door. Both had tears rolling down their eyes, looking at Kunj in such a broken state.

” But you know what Twinkle, I’ll live through this pain.. Wanna know why ? Because you are there by my side.. ” He smiled through the tears, leaning forward to plant a kiss on her head. And he could swear to God, he saw her lips twitch upwards in a smile.

Jo tu mera humdard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Suhaana har dard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai…

Hey my lovely readers! I’m back, but this time with an OS. ?

So how was it ? Hope it was not that bad..

Well, I have some other one-shots ready too. But, for that I need some comments on this one.

So don’t forget to comment!!!!!!! ?

See ya soonish!

Lots of love

Sapphire ❤️

  1. loved it ??it was rally amazing but sad for twinj .

    1. Amethyst

      Thank you ❤️

  2. Meharin

    Oyee meri cupcake!!!!!!!!!!Awesome story yar…..Really amazing.Just loved it dost………….So much………..A small sweet painful 1…With my dosts touch…….Well i toh waiting for next 1 let’s wait when my dost posts….Bt do that soon…Coz it’s awesome..And today ali too asked me to tell u that vidhu di writes awesome…….Toh u got extra comment now post the next 1 soon…..Ok..?Take care sweetie,love u…….

    1. Amethyst

      Awww.. I’m so happy you liked it, butterscotch! ?❤️ (Hope you like the nickname ?) Oh wow! Ali reads my posts too ? ? Tell her I’ll post soon, but only for her and not for her sis mehr! ?? You both too take care..
      Lots of love ??

    2. Meharin

      Yap my nick names r always welcomed and i love this 1 specially coz my dost gave it to me…So wow i sooo happy with my name….Yes dost i like it.Well ali doesn’t read coz she’s not allowed bt last night when i was reading she did cheak on it and said di is awesome…..Love u cupcake simran ji…

  3. Vibhu

    Oh my god … What a beautiful thing is this!
    It brought tears to my eyes.
    I wish it wasn’t an os but a short story. ??
    Can you actually turn it into a short story dear?
    I mean twinkle would wake up & then both of them live together trying to cope up with this pain.
    Something like that.
    Just an idea ( only if you like)
    But truly it’s amazing. It’s fantastic!! ???
    I absolutely loved it.

    1. Amethyst

      Thank you so much di! Glad you liked it that much! ?❤️
      Hmm.. A short story haan ? ? Well, honestly I don’t know what I can write further. ? I had planned to end this here. But, let’s see.. If you guys want, I can extend it a bit and turn it into a threeshot maybe ? ? I did not imagine their lives after this, so I left it upto you guys on how you see it, if Twinkle will wake up or not! But, okay I’ll think of it. Give me some time. ?
      Thanks for the comment! ❤️
      Lots of love ?

    2. Vibhu

      All I want is a happy ending! ?
      Think about it

  4. amazing epi
    post next sooon

    1. Amethyst

      Thank you ❤️

  5. Sameera

    Amazing yaar tears filled up in my eyes ..
    Poor sarna family poor Kunj …
    His world crash down in a minute ??
    He lost his kids his wife was in coma he himself lost his legs …
    Emotional and Amazing os yaar …
    Acha hua you end it there ? twinkle pain after she come back from coma will be very much to show ?..
    Lovely loveddd it ?????

    1. Amethyst

      Thanks a lot di! I’m glad you liked it! ❤️
      But my readers want me to turn this into a short story, which means more pain and suffering for Twinj, especially Kunj. ? Anyways, let’s see what happens.
      Thanks for the comment!
      Lots of love ?

    2. Meharin

      Dost some stories r small and incomplete better…It makes them more beautiful i guess…..So do what u feel about story.That’s always welcomed..

    3. Amethyst

      Hmm.. Thanks dost! This one is really close to my heart so I don’t want to make any mistake that it looses the original essence. ❤️

  6. Very emotional..post next one soon.

    1. Amethyst

      Thanks dear ❤️

  7. Too emotional os …
    Tears filled up in my eyes….
    Poor kunj ..he lost his family in just one second …he must be going through so much pain …
    Hey i do agree with vibhu why don’t you convert this os into ss ..& show more scenes….
    Just a suggestion…
    Post soon next one too …

    1. Amethyst

      Hmm.. I’m thinking about that. If my heart agrees, I’ll convert it into a short story. This one is close to my heart, so let’s see.. I need some time for that.. ❤️
      Thanks for your comment!
      Lots of love ?

  8. Shalu02

    Amazing post soon

    1. Amethyst

      Thanks dear ❤️

  9. Fabulous OS dear…???☺️
    Very emotional and heart touching…
    Feeling sad for twinj that in seconds their world came crashing down…
    Loved it
    Please post soon
    And please post your FF also soon …☺️☺️☺️

    1. Amethyst

      Thanks a lot dear! Ya sure will post soon ! ❤️?

  10. TSY

    I went in a deep shock after reading this
    It took me atlest 10 min to come out from my thoughts
    Sorry for the late comment
    But this os was so painful
    Plz turn it into ss if you want
    Bcz if the suffer pain they should also get the happiness
    I was really shattared after reading this
    Such an amazing os dear
    Kunj pain is so unbearable
    His kids death just hold my breath
    Post another episode if you want
    Coz his family is also suffering
    Make our twinki wake up from coma
    Bcz i cant see kunj crying

    1. Amethyst

      Oh my God! I can’t believe you enjoyed it that much.. ❤️ I need some time to think about that. Let’s see what happens! ? Thank you so much!
      Lots of love ?

    2. TSY


  11. Fabulous OS dear ?
    Feeling sad for twinj…
    Even I would like if you give an extension to the story …
    Very emotional and heart touching OS …
    Please post soon ??
    And please post your FF also soon ?☺️

  12. Me_rp_27

    Such a heart touching os ??

    1. Amethyst

      Thank you ❤️

  13. Very very nice os di and really emotional one …
    But it is really awesome one?

    1. Amethyst

      Thanks a lot dear ❤️

  14. Please its a request don’t change it into short story I like long stories.

  15. What you did yaar!!!!
    You made me cry.????
    This was highly emotional and Awesome.
    No need of words to describe the beauty of your work.
    This was a heart touching os.
    I know it was an os but I want it as a ff with a happy ending.
    Post soon

    1. Amethyst

      Oops… Sorry for making you cry..
      Thanks a lot dear!!
      I need time for that. Let’s see what happens..
      Thanks for the comment! ❤️

  16. Oh my God, Vi!!! This was so beautiful and emotional.. I’m in shock!! U can’t do this yaar… U have to extend it into 3 shots or ss.. Kunj and twinkle deserves to be happy after going through so much.. Especially kunj.. I hope u would do this.. And u have written it beautifully.. Words fall short to describe it.. Keep writing and please u have to send me links whenever u post something.. After reading this I don’t want to miss anything, okay?? Sending lots of love to u❤❤❤

    1. Amethyst

      Awwww.. Thank you so much di!! Your words mean a lot to me! ❤️ I’m still working on it! Let’s see..
      Sure I’ll let you know..
      Lots of love ?

  17. AryanBhattacharya

    Amazing and heart touching os?beautiful? and I love this song? but maine abhi tumhara ff para,aur waha se jana ki tumhe chot lagi hai,kaise?? aur ab kaisi ho? pehle bataya nahi Vidhu

    1. Amethyst

      Hi Bhai!! ? I’m glad you liked it so much.. ❤️ Bhai ab main bilkul theek hoon.. Woh Batana bhool gayi thi.. ?
      Lots of love ?

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