Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 44

Rain starts and sanskar was still on his knees looking at the way where ragini went. Watchman came there.

Man: sir. Its time to close gate. Wil u pls?

Sanskar silently goes to car and reached home. Nitya saw him fully drenched.

Nit: sanskar, change clothes fast or else u’ll cathch cold.

Sanskar looks at her. Nitya observed his look was little different this time. Sanskar goes to room and changed. He stands near window and thinks abt ragini.

San: I don’t know whether I shud b happy or sad. May b u came to know abt nitya, so u behaved like this. How fate plays with us, specially me. I never thought I wud have to face situation like this. I can understand wat u r thinking abt me. But after I came here u knew abt nitya. Wat abt these yrs. Y dint u come to me?

Nitya enters with coffee: who dint come?

San: vo.. sanket. I called sanket to give chocolates. He dint come.

Nit: may b he’s busy in playing. How was ur first day at new office?

Sanskars ragini’s flashes.

Nit: sanskar. Where u lost?

San: ya. It was gud.

Nit: u r bit change today. Well I think u r tired. Take rest.

She went.

San: how to tell u that my ragini is alive. My son? Satwik too?

He gets happy with teary eyes.

San: my satwik. How he wud b?


@ragini home

Ragini was sitting in middle. Arjun, sharda, satwik sitting around her and staring.

Rag: wat happen? Y r u staring like this?

Sat(acting like in serious tone): coz u may cry at any time.

Rag: wat?? Y shud I cry?

Sat: coz u lost ur imp file in office. Boss may scold u for this. So u may cry.

Rag looks at arjun. He shrugs.

Rag: nothing like that. U go and do ur home work. I’ve to make dinner. Arjun, u go after having dinner.

Arj: ok.

Rag audible to arj: wat is this?

Arj: I know after wat happened in office, u’ll definitely cry. So till m here u wont. But when I leav u may cry so I told satwik to keep an eye on u. I cant tel him truth na. so lied.

Ragini glare him and goes to kitchen.

Arj and shar hi fi.

In kitchen, ragini was thinking abt sanskar.

Rag: I only know how I managed myself today. I don’t know how can I manage in coming days. After doing this much how can u ask such questions to me sanskar? U got married, u moved on. And asking me that y dint I come back?

Arj: wats special today in dinner.

Rag came out of her thoughts: nothing big. U r not guest to prepare special.

Arj: how cute answer. Come soon to dining table. We trio r hungry.

Rag: idiot. help me in taking this.

Arj: ok

All had dinner. Ragini was sad inside, but infront of them pretend to b normal.


Next mrng sanskar woke up early. He got ready and comes to hall.

San: nitya. Today I’ll drop kids to school. Prepare bf fast.

Nit: y? u don’t have office today?

San: I have. I also want to see their new school.(I also want to meet satwik. May b he’s my satwik only abt whom sank and sans were talking)

Nit: ok. They r getting ready. Let them come.

San: kids come fast.

Nitya laughs: u r behaving like u r getting late to school, and u may get scolding from teacher.

San just smiles.

San in mind: after a long m going to meet my son., its obvious to b happy.


At school.

Sanskar was with his both kids near class. He saw Ragini coming on scooty and leaving satwik at gate. As usual she was telling him to not go anywhere alone, etc. Sanskar was just looking at them with smile. Ragini left. Satwik came and meet both friends. Sanskruti introduce satwik to sanskar.

Sat: hi uncle.

San: m ur…. Uncle. How.r u beta? How’s ur mom and all.?

Sat: all r gud uncle.

Sanskar was happy that he can’t express his feelings.

San: y don’t u come to our home this Sunday? U can play with sanskruti and Sanket.

Sat: hmmmm?. I’ll ask my mom. Without her permission I don’t do anything.

San smiles: ok. Take her permission.

Sat: uncle, can I tell u one thing?

San: of course beta.

Sat: u look like my father.

San gets happy that he remembers him.

San: where’s he now?

Sat: don’t know. I also have a sister named sanskruti. But Don’t know where they’re.

San: ur mom dint tell u?

Sat: if I ask she’ll tell but she’ll get sad if I ask. So I don’t ask. I can’t see her sad. Don’t know y dad left us. I also miss him and my sis. M angry on dad. Whenever he’ll come I’ll get angry on him.
(Bell rang) ok uncle. Bye class starts.

Trio left.

San gets happy and sad.

San: sry beta, I don’t know whether I left u or situation made me accept that u both r no more. I want u both back in my life. Don’t know whether it’s possible or not.

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