Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 13th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Rohan furious over Veer’s ill behaviour

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 13th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mishti slaps Veer and says she always regretted their breakup because she thought he was a good man. She was hurt watching him in pain. Today she is happy that she broke her marriage with him. Before Veer could reply, Pari now stops Veer and warns him to stay where he had been. She tears his cheque in front of him, throws the pieces over him and tells him to keep his money to himself. It’s sad he is extremely rich, but he can keep this party arrangement as alms. She stuffs some money into his pocket, as gift from all of them. After all he nailed it by replacing the wine. Arnav now stops Veer, resigns from his job and warns Veer not to be seen around these girls anymore. He takes Pari and Mishti from the party.

Outside, Veer’s words echo in Mishti’s mind. Pari gets a call from Rohan, he was worried and asks if everything is fine. Pari replies now it’s all fine. They have left for home now. Mishti didn’t move towards the car. She requests them to let her stay alone for some time. Pari insists she must stay with her. Mishti was annoyed and says she isn’t a child, she can’t go to Dadi in this situation. Pari was tensed and discusses with Arnav what Mishti must do all alone. Arnav says she is Mishti, the strongest amongst them all; she can take care of herself. Rohan was still on call with Pari and hears all this.

Mishti sat alone. Rohan comes to her and says he knew he will find her here. Rohan asks what did Veer say. Mishti says its fine, whatever he said but it’s over with. Rohan shouts at her to tell him what he said. Mishti hugs Rohan. Mishti says she was going to talk to him but he insulted her…. she repeats the whole incident in front of Rohan.
Rohan was furious and turns to leave in his car. Mishti tries to stop Rohan. Rohan asks how dare Veer spoke to her like this, today either he would live or Veer would. Mishti steps in front of his car and doesn’t let him go. Rohan comes out of the car. Mishti says this isn’t the right way. Veer insulted her, but they can’t reciprocate it. Rohan says he won’t be able to live with himself if he stays silent over her insult. Mishti says Veer is her past, its better she digs her past. The difference is, she regretted her breakup initially but from now on Veer has broken up their relationship of humanity as well. It’s not important anymore to speak to Veer about themselves. She won’t have to carry on any baggage. She only deems it important to share it with her family, Rohan and herself. She hugs Rohan. Rohan however clutches his fist. He says it’s not fair that she sweared him on her life. He leaves in his car, then reverses the car and opens the door for her. Mishti stood annoyed. Rohan beeps the horn. Mishti finally gets in the car with him. She shouts at Rohan for this behavior. Rohan was equally angry.

Back at home, Radhika answers the call expecting Pari. It was Mishti and Rohan instead. She had served the dinner. Rohan says he isn’t hungry and goes to his room. Radhika was worried and asks Mishti if she would eat. Mishti asks Dadi to let her get freshen up, she will take the food for herself. Radhika agrees and goes to rest. She walks to Rohan’s room door. Rohan slaps the door over her face.

At Arnav’s place, Pari was furious over Veer’s behavior. She thinks Veer loved Mishit, then how is it justified that Veer insulted Mishti. Mishti handled her commitment in a dignified way, and didn’t insult either Veer or his parents. Arnav agrees to her point, and says they must be happy that Mishti didn’t marry Veer. He as well insulted his love. Love teaches a person to live fully. Pari agrees to Arnav, she was happy to love Rohan; she wonders why Mishti didn’t get such true love. Arnav assures Pari that Mishti will get such a love in life as well. Pari hugs Arnav.

Rohan was drinking beer on the balcony. He cuts Veer’s phone call. Rohan shouts he is cutting his call, he doesn’t understand anything. He complains to Veer that he has misbehaved with Mishti. Veer says they misbehaved with him and ruined his party. He tells Rohan he can no more live with those people. Rohan shuts Veer up, but remembers Mishti’s promise. Veer complains to Rohan for forgetting every time he had been on Rohan’s side. Mishti always takes pleasure in insulting others. Rohan must decide, either Veer or Mishti and her family. Rohan breaks the bottle in his hand. Veer asks if Rohan will be a good friend, or be fooled by a girl.

PRECAP: Mishti says Rohan won’t fall to level of Veer. She demanded her to stay sober and he couldn’t even keep that promise. Rohan shouts at Mishti if anyone can shout and insult her. This isn’t her fight alone, it’s their fight.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I hate all, just a crap this one s1 is far bettter, pathetic writer what they had turned veer into

  2. Mauli is coming back in season2, hope mauli don’t justify mishaan, if she does sorry to say I will hate mauli too, actually writers are making every possible way to justify mishaan

  3. they show has become a complete piece of shit……
    i’m excited that mauli is coming back but i hope she makes misti realise the right path
    in starting i felt mishaan were sweet but now its too much.i know veer shouldn’t have done that he was right but his way was wrong and i way misti said i don’t care anymore we need not give him any explaination so look girl he doesnt even an explaination you have done whatever u wanted to….
    personally tejaswini is one of my fav actresses and she’s the reason why i actually watch this crapp show..but now i wont see it anymore im done with it…..
    the way ruhaan reacted was so irritating im like wth bro just shut up u can’t do anything so stop showing off put ur stupid attitude to urself he doesnt even care about his friend its become so cheap that its even hard to explain and words are not enough can anyone say what’s the reason they fell in love that makes no sence……she’s pretty so he loved her..that girl felt he’s cute she fell in love like wowww what do they know about each other…….what r such shows teaching the society..its total crap now that stupid writers r making veer’s character bad to prove they r right……the overacting which ruhaan was doing was like omggg …….who the hell is misti that she’s telling all such things about veer…..

    1. This show is too much crap now. For everything mishaan is right. Poor veer. His character is making bad. This mishti and ruhaan. I just hate it. Mauli is coming that’s good. Stop this crap as soon as possible

  4. P.S.T

    i stop watching when she broke of with veer and today i read the comment, i find out mauli is back coming back ,what . wait didn’t mauli die , i saw her pic on flowers after the leap. where the familiy was prayer. what hell is going on? i;m happy she would be back but i hope she make the right choice for her daughter. she know the feeling of being betrayed . i’m sure mauli would bring her daughter back on the right up bringing.

    1. SsiyAa

      i guess she will guide her as a soul.. i mean as a spirit… like that movie of jaya prada “maa”… it’s just a guess of my own it can be wrong also…

  5. U guys ae very positive about mauli scene with mishti, but for me its not giving any good vibes I have a gut feeling that she is here to justify something wrong, because here writers are hell bend in justifying mishaan as right and they will use everyone for it as of nw they turn veer as villain.

  6. Is mauli really coming back? Please, i dont want her back. Her story ended satisfactorily and i liked her character. But if she comes back now, i know the stupid writers will tarnish her image too just to justify their tag line ’emotions dont obey any rule, they are just emotions (hence valid)’. They even made ruhaan say that its all right for a mother to abandon child for love. Mauli will come back and say kunal and nandini were right and mishti should go along with ruhaan and forget veer or something like that. The whole point is to hammer into the audience ‘kunal and nandini were right’. I dont follow this crap show anymore. But mauli will always be my fav. Dont spoil her too

  7. Woow this show is a whole drama bro smh

  8. One thing i can’t understand is that under which situations misthi has to say yes to ruhaan though we know she is like her mum means she raises her voice against bad then she should have taken some time to realise that whether she was in love with veer or not but i don’t think she has done any kind of thinking ? she had just said yes to veer
    And now she is regretting at the same time she is spending time with ruhaan and that’s making veer exaggerate
    But cv’s are totally set to ruin his character
    And to show misthi and ruhaam are right
    What will be veer reaction be like when he will know that his own friend cheated him
    That too childhood friend?
    The show is lacking story
    Or either to give significance to some characters or justify their actions they are depicting other characters as worst
    Worst show ever
    Mauli my suggestion to u
    Don’t come back
    You have given hundred percent justification to u r role and your were far far different than daily soaps heroine
    Your actions, decisions have proven it all
    And don’t waste u r time in such type of silly script

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