Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Naira’s birthday is celebrated

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayu and Vansh asking Kartik to come and have food. Kartik says I m not hungry, have food, I had mango milkshake some time back. He goes. Manish asks Suwarna did he really drink mango milkshake. She says no. Samarth asks shall I call him. Akhilesh says no, its Naira’s birthday and you know how he becomes at this time. Samarth says I know. Gayu says this distance will never end. Vedika sees them and says trust me, I don’t feel bad, I know its tough for Kartik. Surekha says his courage breaks on this day, we don’t know where he goes on Naira’s birthday. Samarth says we didn’t ask him, we know he wants to be alone with Naira’s memories.

Kairav says I don’t know about her likes. Liza says even I don’t know. He says you are a bad friend. He sees some people partying. He sees a bag. He gets a passport and runs to give it. Naira also helped someone in Rishikesh before. Kairav says stop, its your passport. She thanks him. He says welcome. She gives him money. She goes. Liza says wow kiddo, you got a passport fallen there and returned it, you got money, how did you get this smartness. He says don’t know, I got this idea. She says now you can get anything you want for Tina’s birthday. Kartik sees Naira’s pics. Kairav sees the time, clock ticks at 12. Kartik says happy birthday Naira. Kairav says happy birthday Tina. Kartik cries. Naira hugs Kairav and kisses.

She recalls Kartik. He says very happy birthday, you know I love you, I know you can hear me. Naira says thanks. Kartik says I know you love surprises, you will like it a lot. Kairav asks her to open eyes and come to see the surprise. Kartik lights and decorates Happy birthday Naira…. on the grass. Kairav puts some lights and writes Happy birthday Tina on the grass. Naira cries seeing this. She says its really beautiful. She hugs him. He says I have another surprise. He gets a gift and says you are super special. Kartik says you are very special, there can’t be anyone like you, I love you. Kairav says I love you 1,2,3,….. She laughs. Yahan wahan….plays…. Kartik lies down on the grass and sees the sky. Naira and Kairav lie down and see the sky. They see a shooting star and make a wish.

Suwarna puts garlands on Naira’s pic. Gayu says its Naira’s birthday today. Vansh says she is with God, he would be celebrating her birthday. Suwarna says we love her, she is special to us. Samarth says that’s why Kartik loves her so much even today. The ashram manager and kids come. The kids sing happy birthday. Dadi says you all here. Kartik says I got you here, I used to go to Rishikesh to celebrate her birthday with them. Vedika says I will do arrangements of your stay. Manager says I didn’t see you before. Vansh says you don’t know her, Kartik is going to marry Vedika, he got her here some years back. Kartik introduces Vansh to the kids. Kairav asks Naira to come fast. Naira sees the breakfast. She sees smiley made on muffins and recalls Kartik. Kairav says have it, I have made this for you. She says sure and eats the sandwich. He says no yoga, no work today, I have messaged everyone by help of Liza, no one is upset, they are happy, they won’t do yoga today. She makes him drink juice. She asks who called you to wish, like Liza, Mary and Father wishes me. She says Liza, Maria, that’s all. He asks don’t you have friends. She recalls her friends and Kartik.

She asks him to get sugar. She cries and says why are you putting me in this problem, I m living in guilt, how would I go to them and tell them that the relation I trusted the most broke up, I didn’t return since love can’t stay without trust, I love you a lot Kartik, can we ever meet, can Kairav meet his dad. Kairav comes to her. She says he is asking about you now, how will I face his questions. Liza calls her to wish. Naira says Kairav made the breakfast, come over. Liza says fine, have a good day. Naira turns and sees Kairav. She asks why did you take much time to get water. She makes him drink the juice. Kartik makes a cake. Liza makes a cake. Kairav says its my mum’s birthday, I will make the cake, everyone has dad in her life, Tina’s life has just me, so I have to do everything.

He says Naira got tears having the fruit cake, she said she is happy. Liza says she has some link with fruit cake, which we aren’t able to understand. Kartik sees the fruits and recalls Naira. She says everything was perfect, next time don’t make a fruit cake. He asks why, didn’t you like it. She says I would have liked it if I was ill, does anyone eat fruit cake on birthday. He says its healthy. She jokes and says promise me. He says fine, promise, I will never make fruit cake. He says I didn’t even add fruit essence, its like you like.

Everyone sits for the puja. Kartik does the rituals before Vedika helps. He stops Vedika. He gives money from his wallet. He gives prasad to everyone. Dadi says come with me. She takes Kartik. Naira makes Kaira with flowers. The name flies off with the wind. She questions the Lord. She says if he didn’t ask that question, this would have not happened, Lord kept me alive for Kairav. She cries on her fate. She says I couldn’t tell you about Kairav, our son, Kaira’s Kairav, he is just like you, he troubles me, he is very naughty and loves me a lot.

Dadi says either break the promise or keep it, stop for Naira’s sake, everyone knows that Vedika loves you, accept her. Kartik looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Crying like pehli baar seperation horahi he. Chi…. poor boy kairav. Tumari maturity level ko reach karne keliye tumari parents so called perfect couples ko infinity jaise years chahiye. Asusual kartik shows his immaturity level and naira mahan baag gayi. bakwaas

    1. True .. this whole series is total bakwaas… Manish looks very stupid with his so called love for bikes… Naira is always crying and crying… She don’t even have more then two expressions on her face… Nd that Kartik and family all are very very stupid… Stupid series

  2. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Baby Kartik is sooo adorable ? I cannot wait till you meet ur papa, he will adore you ?

  3. I don’t want to offend anybody…and i totally okay with the ban on pakistani artists…”country comes first”
    But…if i compare…pakistani dramas are way better than our daily soaps..kaash dono countries k beech situation achhi hoti nd zindagi channel aaj bhi aarha hota.

    1. Kash humare jawan unke desh me panap rahe atankwad se na Mar rhe hote… Kash roz border pe cease-fire kar k wo humare jawan na maar rhe hote… Kash to bohot sare hai… Entertainment to fr bhi kisi tarah ho jayega… Jis maa ne apna beta khoya jis bache ne baap khoya… Jis aurat me shadi k 2 mahino me apna pati khoya usko kaha se wapas layenge

  4. Meera1

    i feel sorry for the actors… what an idiotic track, how can they show the female lead (who we are meant to believe is kind, caring & selfless) be so selfish that she has denied her son of a father for the last 5 years…. did this girl not learn anything from the last 2 year separation track?? Majority of ‘kaira’s’ life has been spent in separation…. it’s just so frustrating that the cvs recycle misunderstandings between them over & over again. It’s like they’ve ran out of ideas.

    1. Meera I agreed with you!!

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